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Current issue : #45 | Release date : 1994-03-30 | Editor : Erik Bloodaxe
IntroductionErik Bloodaxe
Phrack Loopback Part IPhrack Staff
Phrack Loopback Part II / EditorialPhrack Staff
Line Noise Part IPhrack Staff
Line Noise Part IIPhrack Staff
Line Noise Part IIIPhrack Staff
Phrack Prophile on Control CControl C
Running a BBS on X.25Seven Up
No Time for GoodbyesEmmanuel Goldstein
Security Guidelinesunknown
Ho Ho Con Miscellanyvarious
Quentin Strikes AgainWhite Knight & The Omega
10th Chaos Computer CongressManny E. Farber
Defcon II informationPhrack Staff
VMS Informationvarious
Hollywood-Style Bits & BytesRichard Goodwin
Fraudulent Applications of 900 ServicesCodec
Screwing Over Your Local McDonald'sCharlie X
The Senator Markey Hearing Transcriptsunknown
The Universal Data ConverterMaldoror
BOX.EXE - Box Program for Sound BlasterThe Fixer
Introduction To Octel's ASPENOptik Nerve
Radio Free Berkeley Informationunknown
The MCX7700 PABX SystemDr. Delam
Cellular Debug Mode Commandsvarious
International Scenesvarious
Phrack World NewsDatastream Cowboy
Title : Introduction
Author : Erik Bloodaxe
                              ==Phrack Magazine==

                   Volume Five, Issue Forty-Five, File 1 of 28

                                 Issue 45 Index

                               P H R A C K   4 5

                                 March 30, 1994

                       ~ Dedicated to CRS--(1969-1994) ~

Well kiddies, it's Easter time again.  Easter has got to be one of my
favorite holidays of the bunch.  No, no, no...not for any of that spiritual
rebirth or religious hooey.  Easter brings with it two of the most joyous
items in the world:  Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs and Marshmallow Peeps.

In the past two weeks I have eaten my body weight many times over
in peanut butter eggs.  I don't know what it is about those damn things, but
I just can't stop eating them.  And the Peeps?  Oh man, if you haven't put
a Marshmallow Peep in the microwave, you just haven't lived.  The cute
little yellow duckie takes on whole new dimensions as it becomes superheated
in the nuclear nightmare of a conventional microwave oven.  It becomes
like a scene from Akira as the Peep grows at an alarming rate, almost filling
up the entire oven with its grossly mutated form.  You can almost hear
it squealing with agony.  Go do it right now, and then finish reading this

The net has been more fun the past few months than a barrel full of monkeys,
(or a hottub full of co-eds, pick your own comparison).  In the time since
last issue I have been the subject of a lot of attention.  I've been
pseudo-framed for hacking a handful of sites with fake syslog messages, I've
been spoofed as the source of a pre-release CERT advisory, I've been
mentioned in numerous altered motd files on many systems, and even better,
spoofed messages from "erikb@mindvox.phantom.com" were posted to a
homosexual listserv announcing my supposed "exit from the closet."

Well, unfortunately for everyone, including the hundreds of hopeful gay
respondents to the forged post, I only like women.  But it sure is nice to
know that even men are into me.  What an ego boost.  Seriously though, one
has to wonder how the forgers knew that something called queernet.org
even existed.  I think I get around on the net, but I'd never heard of it.
Have you?  Perhaps the Posse are 'closer' than we thought.

And the abuse continues.  God knows why.  The common thread seems to be:
"Erikb is a nark."  Let's look at that logic, shall we?  If Erikb is a
nark, then he would be on some terms with law enforcement.  If he were
on some terms with law enforcement, then he would have no qualms about
handing over names of people doing bad things.  If had no qualms about
handing over names of people doing bad things, then law enforcement would
open cases based on that information.  If law enforcement opened cases based
on that information, then people would get raided.  If people would get
raided, then people would almost certainly go to jail.

Why on earth would someone want to evoke a chain of events that would
land them in jail?  Or do they not believe their own statements about
me being a nark?  Or are they convinced that they are so good that
they cannot get caught?  Or are they just pathetically stupid?

Personally I choose the latter.  These guys are not good.  And they are
very dumb.  They make more mistakes than I've seen in a long time.  And
they've pissed off very powerful people.  (No, I'm not including myself in
that list of 'Powerful People.')  It's good that much of MOD is getting out
of jail soon.  Now those guys were legitimately GOOD HACKERS.  They were
definitely assholes, but damn good computer hackers.  It will be nice to have
some harassment from dickheads with skills once again.

But I digress.

Phrack's gotten a bit of notice as of late.  In Mondo-2000, in their
"Pirate Media" article, and in Richard Kadrey's "Covert Culture"
sourcebook.  Of course both of these got the subscription information
wrong, but hell, I've learned to expect as much.  Also, the mention
of Phreak Accident's fantastic "Playing Hide & Seek -- Unix Style"
article in Dan Farmer and Weitse Venema's "Improving The Security of
Your Site by Breaking Into It" article brought in hundreds of
new subscribers.  Let's see how many of these security people register.
(How many fingers am I holding up?)

Speaking of such, Phrack has a couple of other registrations now.  One is a
teacher who wanted to use Phrack in her class.  Kudos to her!  The other was
a cool guy who just wanted to register because he felt like it.  Why
can't the rest of you be more like him?

Anyway, the money is going to sponsor a new contest.  (Considering how
well the last one went...not!)  This time, we are serious, so read in
LINE NOISE for more info.

What else?  Phrack has now made the big time in the Federal Penal system.
We're the proud recipients of the Bureau of Prisons form 328(58).  Our
material was considered to be a breach of security of the institution.
This, of course, pissed me off.  But hell, on the same form, they
denote how "Body Hair, Plant Shavings, and Sexually Explicit Personal
Photos" are also inappropriate.  Phrack or Body Hair.  You make the call.

Phrack 45...let's see...

If this issue doesn't cause neck hairs to bristle on everyone within spying
distance of the beltway, I will be very disappointed.  It's amazing what you
find in your mailbox.

We've got a lot of nifty things in this issue.  More source code for
you to play with, uuencoded goodness, cellular info, telco / pbx info,
Ho Ho Con coverage, ancient hack memorabilia, and a plethora of spurious
scatological material.  (translated:  lots of other crap)



                        READ THE FOLLOWING


Corporate/Institutional/Government:  If you are a business,
institution or government agency, or otherwise employed by,
contracted to or providing any consultation relating to computers,
telecommunications or security of any kind to such an entity, this
information pertains to you.

You are instructed to read this agreement and comply with its
terms and immediately destroy any copies of this publication
existing in your possession (electronic or otherwise) until
such a time as you have fulfilled your registration requirements.
A form to request registration agreements is provided
at the end of this file.  Cost is $100.00 US per user for
subscription registration.  Cost of multi-user licenses will be
negotiated on a site-by-site basis.

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is not on behalf of a business, organization or government
agency, you may read and possess copies of Phrack Magazine
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to any other such hobbyist or computer service provided for
similar hobbyists.  If you are unsure of your qualifications
as an individual user, please contact us as we do not wish to
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Phrack Magazine corporate/institutional/government agreement

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Phrack Magazine
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Austin, TX 78701

Enjoy the magazine.  It is for and by the hacking community.  Period.

      Editor-In-Chief : Erik Bloodaxe (aka Chris Goggans)
                3L33t : CERT  (not)
                 News : Datastream Cowboy
         Do Not Taunt : Happy Fun Ball
          Photography : dFx
             Dolomite : Rudy Ray Moore
    Prison Consultant : Co / Dec
     A Hacker's Dream : The L0PHT
            Thanks To : H.B. Reese Candy Co., Control C, Seven Up, Emmanuel
                        Goldstein, The U.S. Government, The Omega, White
                        Knight, Quentin, Manny Farber, Raoul, Video Games
                        Magazine, Co/Dec, Darth Vader, Charlie X, The Fixer,
                        Optik Nerve, Dr. Delam, Data King, Opticon the

"You're not too smart.  I like that in a hacker."
(With apologies to Kathleen Turner)

Phrack Magazine V. 5, #45, March 30, 1994.     ISSN 1068-1035
Contents Copyright (C) 1994 Phrack Magazine, all rights reserved.
Nothing may be reproduced in whole or in part without written
permission of the Editor-In-Chief.  Phrack Magazine is made available
quarterly to the amateur computer hobbyist free of charge.  Any
corporate, government, legal, or otherwise commercial usage or
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prior registration, and is in violation of applicable US Copyright laws.
To subscribe, send email to phrack@well.sf.ca.us and ask to be added to
the list.

                    Phrack Magazine
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                    Austin, TX 78701

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use or anything.  Heavens no.  That would be politically-incorrect.
Maybe someone else is decrypting our mail for us on another machine
that isn't used for Phrack publication.  Yeah, that's it.   :) )

Version: 2.3a


  -= Phrack 45 =-
 Table Of Contents
 1.  Introduction by The Editor                               17 K
 2.  Phrack Loopback Part I                                   31 K
 3.  Phrack Loopback Part II / Editorial                      40 K
 4.  Line Noise Part I                                        49 K
 5.  Line Noise Part II                                       50 K
 6.  Line Noise Part III                                      59 K
 7.  Phrack Prophile on Control C                             22 K
 8.  Running a BBS on X.25 by Seven Up                        15 K
 9.  No Time for Goodbyes by Emmanuel Goldstein               21 K
 10. Security Guidelines                                      55 K
 11. Ho Ho Con Miscellany by Various Sources                  32 K
 12. Quentin Strikes Again by The Omega and White Knight      28 K
 13. 10th Chaos Computer Congress by Manny E. Farber          23 K
 14. Defcon II information                                    26 K
 15. VMS Information by Various Sources                       34 K
 16. DCL BBS PROGRAM by Raoul                                 23 K
 17. Hollywood-Style Bits & Bytes by Richard Goodwin          50 K
 18. Fraudulent Applications of 900 Services by Co/Dec        15 K
 19. Screwing Over Your Local McDonald's by Charlie X         20 K
 20. The Senator Markey Hearing Transcripts                   72 K
 21. The Universal Data Converter by Maldoror                 45 K
 22. BOX.EXE - Box Program for Sound Blaster by The Fixer     13 K
 23. Introduction To Octel's ASPEN by Optik Nerve             12 K
 24. Radio Free Berkeley Information                          35 K
 25. The MCX7700 PABX System by Dr. Delam                     22 K
 26. Cellular Debug Mode Commands by Various Sources          13 K
 27. International Scenes by Various Sources                  63 K
 28. Phrack World News by Datastream Cowboy                   17 K

                                                    Total:   902 K


     "You can't hold a man down without staying down with him."
     (Booker T. Washington)

     "I am not one of those weak-spirited, sappy Americans who want
     to be liked by all the people around them.  I don't care if people
     hate my guts; I assume most of them do.  The important question
     is:  'What are they in a position to do about it?'"
     (William S. Burroughs)
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