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Current issue : #47 | Release date : 1995-04-15 | Editor : Erik Bloodaxe
IntroductionErik Bloodaxe
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Title : Introduction
Author : Erik Bloodaxe
                              ==Phrack Magazine==

                   Volume Six, Issue Forty-Seven, File 1 of 22

                                 Issue 47 Index

                               P H R A C K   4 7

                                 April 15, 1995

                                 "Mind The Gap"

This issue is late, so is my tax return, but I have a lot of excuses for

Lots of things have happened since last issue.  I've been hassled by the
police for publishing Phrack.  I've been to the Pyramids at Giza and
the tombs in the Valley of the Kings.  I've been to London several times
and met spies from MI5 and GCHQ.  I watched almost everyone I know get busted.
I went to check out NORAD and then skiied Breckenridge.  And I quit my job
at Dell Computers after almost 3 years.

Unemployment is great.  One of the best things about it is sleeping till noon.
On the other hand, one of the worst things about it is that you sleep until
noon.  It's been interesting anyway.  I've been doing a lot of reading:  price
evaluation of the forensic chemistry section of the Sigma Chemicals catalog,
the rantings of Hunter S. Thompson, the amazing cosmetic similarities between
International Design Magazine and Wired, Victor Ostrovsky's Mossad books, every
UNIX book ever written, every book on satellite communications ever written,
and hundreds of magazines ranging from Film Threat to Sys Admin to Monitoring
Times to Seventeen.  Lord knows what I'll do with this newfound wealth of

Anyway, amongst all this, I've been trying to get things organized for
Summercon this June 2,3,4 in Atlanta Georgia.  One of the other factors in
the delay of Phrack was the hotel contract, so I could include full conference
details in this issue.  By the way, you are all invited.

Wait a minute, someone said something about busts?  Yes.  There were busts.
Lots of them.  Raids upon raids upon raids.  Some local, some federal.  Some
Justice, some Treasury.  You probably haven't read of any of these raids,
nor will you, but they happened.  It has always been my policy not to
report on any busts that have not gained media coverage elsewhere, so
I'm not going to go into any details.  Just rest somewhat assured that
if you haven't been raided by now, then you probably won't be.  (At least
not due to these particular investigations.)

People, if we all just followed one simple rule none of us would ever
have any problems:  DO NOT HACK ANYTHING IN YOUR OWN COUNTRY.  If you are
German, don't hack Germany!  If you are Danish, don't hack Denmark!  If you
are Australian, don't hack Australia!  IF YOU ARE AMERICAN, DON'T HACK

The last controversy surrounding this issue came at the last possible
second.  In the several years that I've been publishing Phrack, we've
revieved all kinds of files, but remarkably, I've never really recieved
any "anarchy" files.  However, in the last several months I've been inundated
with files about making bombs.  There were so many coming in, that I really
couldn't ignore them.  Some of them were pretty damn good too.  So I figured,
I'll put several of them together and put in ONE anarchy file as a kind of
tongue-in-cheek look at the kind of stupidity we have floating around
in the underground.

Then the bomb went off in Oklahoma City.

Then Unabomb struck again.

Then the politicos of the world started spouting off about giving the
federal law enforcement types carte blanche to surveil and detain people
who do things that they don't like, especially with regards to terrorist
like activites.

Normally, I don't really give a damn about possible reprocussions of my
writing, but given the political climate of the day, I decided that
it would really be stupid for me to print these files.  I mean,
one was REAL good, and obviously written by someone who learned "British"
English in a non English-speaking country.  I mentioned my concerns to
an individual who works with the FBI's counter-terrorism group, and was
told that printing the file would probably be the stupidest thing I could
possibly do in my entire life...PERIOD.

So the file is nixed.  I really feel like I'm betraying myself and my
readership, for giving into the underlying political climate of the day, and
falling prey to a kind of prior-restraint, but I really don't need the grief.
I'm on enough lists as it is, so I really don't need to be the focus of
some multi-jurisdictional task-force on terrorism because I published
a file on how to make a pipe bomb over the Internet.  (Hell, I'm now even
on the Customs Department's list of ne'er-do-wells since someone from Europe
thought it would be funny to send me some kind of bestiality magazine
which was siezed.  Thanks a lot, asshole, whoever you are.)  Obviously, the
media think the net is some kind of hotbed for bomb-making info, so I'm
usually the first to satisfy their most warped yellow-journalistic
fantasies, but not this time.

I really hate what I see coming because of the mess in Oklahoma.  If
the American government does what I suspect, we will be seeing
a major conservative backlash, a resurgence of Hoover-esque power in the
FBI, constitutional amendments to limit free speech, and a bad time
for everyone, especially known-dissenters and suspicious folk like
yours truly.  Be very afraid.  I am.

But anyway, enough of my rambling, here is Issue 47.


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      Editor-In-Chief : Erik Bloodaxe (aka Chris Goggans)
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                        Onkel Ditmeyer, Treason, Armitage, Substance,
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                        Dr. B0B, Xxxx Xxxxxxxx
    Special Thanks To : Everyone for being patient
  Kiss My Ass Goodbye : Dell Computer Corporation

Phrack Magazine V. 6, #47, April, 15 1995.   ISSN 1068-1035
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  -= Phrack 47 =-
 Table Of Contents
 1. Introduction by The Editor                                         16 K
 2. Phrack Loopback / Editorial                                        52 K
 3. Line Noise                                                         59 K
 4. Line Noise                                                         65 K
 5. The #hack FAQ (Part 1) by Voyager                                  39 K
 6. The #hack FAQ (Part 2) by Voyager                                  38 K
 7. The #hack FAQ (Part 3) by Voyager                                  51 K
 8. The #hack FAQ (Part 4) by Voyager                                  47 K
 9. DEFCon Information                                                 28 K
10. HoHoCon by Netta Gilboa                                            30 K
11. HoHoCon by Count Zero                                              33 K
12. HoHo Miscellany by Various Sources                                 33 K
13. An Overview of Prepaid Calling Cards by Treason                    29 K
14. The Glenayre GL3000 Paging and Voice Retrieval System by Armitage  25 K
15. Complete Guide to Hacking Meridian Voice Mail by Substance         10 K
16. DBS Primer from American Hacker Magazine                           45 K
17. Your New Windows Background (Part 1) by The Man                    39 K
18. Your New Windows Background (Part 2) by The Man                    46 K
19. A Guide To British Telecom's Caller ID Service by Dr. B0B          31 K
20. A Day in The Life of a Warez Broker by Xxxx Xxxxxxxx               13 K
21. International Scenes by Various Sources                            39 K
22. Phrack World News by Datastream Cowboy                             38 K

                                                    Total:            807 K


"Raving changed my life.  I've learned how to release my energy blockages.
 I've been up for forty-eight hours!"
         John Draper (Capn' Crunch) in High Times, February 1995

"You never know, out in California, all them Cuckoo-heads."
         Brad Pitt as Early in "Kalifornia"

"On the Internet you can have the experience of being jostled by a 
 urine-smelling bum."
        Bill Maher - Politically Incorrect
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