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Current issue : #46 | Release date : 1994-09-20 | Editor : Erik Bloodaxe
IntroductionErik Bloodaxe
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Line NoisePhrack Staff
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Title : Introduction
Author : Erik Bloodaxe
                              ==Phrack Magazine==

                   Volume Five, Issue Forty-Six, File 1 of 28

                                 Issue 46 Index

                               P H R A C K   4 6

                               September 20, 1994

                        "La cotorra que chi, no canta"

Honey, I'm home!  Anyway, like the little proverb above indicates, I've
been a very busy man since the last issue.  I've been denied entry to
a federal prison in North Carolina (imagine the irony of THAT); I've
been whoring in the Red-Light District of Amsterdam with military
intelligence officers from England, Spain and the US; estuve chicaito en
Nuevo Lardeo; I've tested wireless networks in Canada; and I've been
on TV a few more times.  (No, nimrod, Phrack is not my job...I WORK
for a living.)

Needless to say, it has been a chore for me to get Phrack out at all,
much less only a month or so past my self-imposed quarterly deadline.
But hell, I love doing this magazine, so here it is.  Phrack is the only
way I can completely thrill and simultaneously piss off so many people
at once, so I don't think I'll stop any time soon.

Pissing people off.  It's what I like to do, and it would appear that
I'm quite good at it.  I realize that there are several extremely
vocal erikb-bashers out there.  And to them I say, "smooches!"
Let's face it, sour grapes make bad whiners.  But hey, "As long as they're
talking about Erikb, let 'em talk."  (Sorry Mr. Ford)

Besides piecing together this issue, I've been working on getting
the WWW pages together.  They still aren't 100%, but they are getting
there.  By the time I finally get them together, the Phrack
Web Site should be the ultimate underground resource on the net.
Check it out:  http://freeside.com/phrack.html

You may be interested in the federal prison remark from the first
paragraph.  I had a meeting at IBM out in Research Triangle Park.  I
figured that this would be an ideal time to go see Co/Dec who still has
several years of federal time left to serve.  Co/Dec is in
the Federal Correctional Institute at Butner, North Carolina, a short
30 or so minutes from where I was staying in RTP.

Anyway, I receive the necessary forms from Co/Dec to get on the approved
visitors list, and sent them back in.  After several weeks, Co/Dec said
that I still had not been added.  My trip was slated for a week away, so
I called his counselor, Wilbert LeMay.  Mr. LeMay told me that he never got
my forms.  I then fed-ex'ed a copy (that I luckily had kept).  It arrived
on Friday morning, and I was to arrive on Monday.  Mr. LeMay had assured me
that it would be no problem to get me added to Co/Dec's list.

When I arrived on Monday, I called the prison to make sure the visit had
been cleared.  Mr. LeMay would not return my calls.  In fact, not only
would he not return any of the 5 or so calls I made, but he didn't even
bother to enter my name on the visitor list until the Wednesday after I
had already left North Carolina.

I'm sorry, but this man must be a real prick.

A bit of background on LeMay.  First off, according to those on the inside,
LeMay dislikes white people.  He supposedly keeps a picture of slaves
picking cotton on his desk as a constant reminder of the oppression his
people were subjected to.  But perhaps working in the prison system where
you have constant view of the Aryan Brotherhood in action, I'm sure many
would begin to feel likewise.  (Can't we all just get along?)  Secondly,
LeMay dislikes Co/Dec.  He put Co/Dec in solitary confinement for weeks
because Co/Dec had a DOS MANUAL!  A fucking DOS MANUAL!  You do not
put someone in the fucking hole for brushing up on the syntax for xcopy!
You put them in the hole for inciting a fucking shank war, or for stealing
food, or for punching a guard.  Later, Co/Dec found himself in solitary
confinement AGAIN because he traded some smokes for telephone parts he was
going to use to fix a radio.  The hole again.  Not for weapons and drugs,
NO!  Much worse:  wires and a speaker!

The prison now considers Co/Dec a security risk, and read all OUTGOING
mail he sends.  Not just the regular reading of all incoming mail
that any inmate would expect.  He can't take any clases, he's had
several more days added to his sentence for "bad time served,"
and in addition, all of his phone calls are live monitored and recorded.
(A funny note, during one conversation I found that my touchtones would
control the equipment they were using to record the call.  The equipment
they were using was improperly connected and gave off a terrible hum
when activated.  I kept turning off the recording, and the security
officer kept having to turn it back on.)

All of this, due to Counselor Wilbert LeMay.  Thanks guy.

If someone can so grossly abuse their power to completely remove the
dignity of another human being, inmate or otherwise, that person needs
to face severe disciplinary action.  I'm writing the warden.  Directory
Assistance says that Wilbert can be reached at:

Wilbert LeMay
701 East E St.
Butner, NC 27509

Fun fact:  Butner is serviced by GTE.

You know, its pretty odd that as hackers, we probably know a larger number
of ex-cons and current inmates than most people.

But anyway, on to Phrack.

This issue is pretty odd in that "The Man" has consented to write
a few syllables for us to distribute.  Yes, Winn Schwartau submitted
his unique perspectives of Defcon and HOPE.  It's funny how many people
left Defcon this year and ran home to find information on HIRF weapons
after hearing Winn speak.  (If you've actually built one by now, email

What else?  GS1, Pagers, Voice Mail, VisaNet, Area 51, Programs,
Conferences, and an incomplete university dialup list.  (Putting out
an incomplete list really irritates me, but hell, its taking a LOT
longer than I expected to get some 1300 dialups without more help.

Can you dig it?  I knew that you could.


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      Editor-In-Chief : Erik Bloodaxe (aka Chris Goggans)
                3L33t : Ice-9 (for helping me get this done!)
             Rad Band : Green Day
                 News : Datastream Cowboy
          Photography : The Man
    Prison Consultant : Co / Dec
       The Young Girl : Jane March
    Motor Trend's Car
          of the Year : The 2600 Van
Dickhead of the Month : Wilbert LeMay at FCI Butner
            Thanks To : Szechuan Death, Carl Corey, The Shining, Dcypher
                        Hitman Italy, Herd Beast, Dr. Delam, Maldoror,
                        The Red Skull, PsychoSpy, Seven Up, Erudite, Ice Jey
    Special Thanks To : Winn Schwartau

Phrack Magazine V. 5, #46, September 20, 1994.     ISSN 1068-1035
Contents Copyright (C) 1994 Phrack Magazine, all rights reserved.
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Phrack goes out plaintext...you certainly can subscribe in plaintext.

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  -= Phrack 46 =-
 Table Of Contents
 1.  Introduction by The Editor                                   17 K
 2.  Phrack Loopback / Editorial                                  52 K
 3.  Line Noise                                                   61 K
 4.  Line Noise                                                   56 K
 5.  Phrack Prophile on Minor Threat                              12 K
 6.  Paid Advertisement                                           62 K
 7.  Paid Advertisement (cont)                                    45 K
 8.  The Wonderful World of Pagers by Erik Bloodaxe               24 K
 9.  Legal Info by Szechuan Death                                 13 K
 10. A Guide to Porno Boxes by Carl Corey                         13 K
 11. Unix Hacking - Tools of the Trade by The Shining             42 K
 12. The fingerd Trojan Horse by Hitman Italy                     32 K
 13. The Phrack University Dialup List                            12 K
 14. A Little About Dialcom by Herd Beast                         29 K
 15. VisaNet Operations Part I by Ice Jey                         50 K
 16. VisaNet Operations Part II by Ice Jey                        44 K
 17. Gettin' Down 'N Dirty Wit Da GS/1 by Maldoror & Dr. Delam    25 K
 18. Startalk by The Red Skull                                    21 K
 19. Cyber Christ Meets Lady Luck Part I by Winn Schwartau        45 K
 20. Cyber Christ Meets Lady Luck Part II by Winn Schwartau       42 K
 21. The Groom Lake Desert Rat by PsychoSpy                       44 K
 22. HOPE by Erik Bloodaxe                                        51 K
 23. Cyber Christ Bites the Big Apple by Winn Schwartau           60 K
 24. The ABCs of Better Hotel Staying by Seven Up                 12 K
 25. AT&T Definity System 75/85 by Erudite                        13 K
 26. Keytrap v1.0 Keyboard Key Logger by Dcypher                  35 K
 27. International Scenes by Various Sources                      44 K
 28. Phrack World News by Datastream Cowboy                       38 K

                                                    Total:       996 K


"Most hackers would have sold out their mother."
         Justin Tanner Peterson

"Treason is loved of many but the traitor hated of all."
        Robert Greene (1552-1592)

"They smile in your face, but all the while they want to take your place."
        The O'Jays
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