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Current issue : #39 | Release date : 1992-06-26 | Editor : Dispater
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Title : Network Miscellany V
Author : Datastream Cowboy
                                ==Phrack Inc.==

                  Volume Four, Issue Thirty-Nine, File 4 of 13

                              Network Miscellany V
                         Compiled from Internet Sources
                              by Datastream Cowboy

                    Network Miscellany created by Taran King

 University of Colorado Netfind Server

Trying ...
Connected to bruno.cs.colorado.edu.
Escape character is '^]'.

SunOS UNIX (bruno)

login: netfind

Welcome to the University of Colorado Netfind server.

I think that your terminal can display 24 lines.
If this is wrong, please enter the "Other" menu and
set the correct number of lines.

Help/Search/Other/Quit [h/s/o/q]: h

Given the name of a person on the Internet and a rough description of where
the person works, Netfind attempts to locate information about the person.
When prompted, enter a name followed by a set of keywords, such as

        schwartz university colorado boulder

The name can be a first, last, or login name.  The keys describe where the
person works, by the name of the institution and/or the city/state/country.

If you know the institution's domain name (e.g., "cs.colorado.edu", where there
are host names like "brazil.cs.colorado.edu") you can specify it as keys
without the dots (e.g., "cs colorado edu").  Keys are case insensitive and may
be specified in any order.  Using more than one key implies the logical AND of
the keys.  Specifying too many keys may cause searches to fail.  If this
happens, try specifying fewer keys, e.g.,

        schwartz boulder

If you specify keys that match many domains, Netfind will list some of the
matching domains/organizations and ask you to form a more specific search.
Note that you can use any of the words in the organization strings (in addition
to the domain components) as keys in future searches.

Organization lines are gathered from imperfect sources.  However, it is usually
easy to tell when they are incorrect or not fully descriptive.  Even if the
organization line is incorrect/vague, the domain name listed will still work
properly for searches.  Often you can "guess" the proper domain.

For example, "cs.<whatever>.edu" is usually the computer science department at
a university, even if the organization line doesn't make this clear.

When Netfind runs, it displays a trace of the parallel search progress, along
with the results of the searches.  Since output can scroll by quickly, you
might want to run it in a window system, or pipe the output through tee(1):

        rlogin <this server name> -l netfind |& tee log

You can also disable trace output from the "Other" menu.

You can get the Netfind software by anonymous FTP from ftp.cs.colorado.edu,
in pub/cs/distribs/netfind.  More complete documentation is also available
in that package.  A paper describing the methodology is available in
(compressed PostScript) or
pub/cs/techreports/schwartz/RD.Papers/ASCII/White.Pages.txt.Z (compressed

Please send comments/questions to schwartz@cs.colorado.edu.  If you would like
to be added to the netfind-users list (for software updates and other
discussions, etc.), send mail to:


Help/Search/Other/Quit [h/s/o/q]: q

Exiting Netfind server...

Connection closed by foreign host.

 Commercial Networks Reachable From The Internet
 By Roman Kanala (kanala@sc2a.unige.ch), CUEPE, University of Geneva

1. Internet to X.400

An X.400 address in form

   First name   : Fffff
   Surname      : Nnnnn
   Organization : Ooooo
   ADMD         : Aaaaa
   Country      : Cc

looks in RFC822 (Internet) addressing like


2. Any X.400 to Internet

My Internet address 


can be written for X.400 services (like arCom400 in Switzerland,
Sprint MAIL or MCI Mail in the USA) as follows:


and in Internet RFC822 form (althrough I don't see any reason to do it
this way for sending messages from Internet to Internet):


3. MCI Mail to Internet (via a gateway)

If you are in the USA and using MCI Mail, then you can write to Internet
addresses as follows: 

   TO:   Roman Kanala (EMS)
   MBX:  kanala@sc2a.unige.ch

The gateway from MCI Mail to Internet is accessed by referencing the user's
name as though he were on an EMS service.  When EMS name of INTERNET is used
for example, in the USA, then it's in order to have NRI (Reston VA) handle the
message for him.  When prompted for mailbox MBX, user enters the Internet
address he is wanting to send a message to.

4. Internet to MCI Mail

The general address form is username@mcimail.com, where the username is in one
of two forms: either full username or the numerical box number in form of
digits only and preceded by three zeros, for ex. 0001234567@mcimail.com
(address 1234567 is ficticious).

5. AppleLink to Internet or Bitnet

Internet address is used with a suffix @INTERNET#, like 

or  kanala@cgeuge52.bitnet@internet#

(here cgeuge52 is the bitnet address of sc2a.unige.ch)

6. Internet or Bitnet to AppleLink

AppleLink address is used as if it were an Internet username on the
AppleLink.Apple.Com node, like:


7. CompuServe to Internet

In the address field from CompuServe, type the symbol >, "greater than", the
word "INTERNET" in uppercase characters, then a space followed by the Internet
address, like:

>INTERNET kanala@sc2a.unige.ch

8. Internet to CompuServe

The CompuServe address is used followed by "@compuserve.com". In the 
CompuServe mailbox number the comma is replaces by a period, example:

12345.678@compuserve.com            (address 12345.678 is ficticious)

 Inter-Network Mail Guide
This document is Copyright 1990 by John J. Chew.  All rights reserved.
Permission for non-commercial distribution is hereby granted, provided
that this file is distributed intact, including this copyright notice
and the version information above.  Permission for commercial
distribution can be obtained by contacting the author as described


This file documents methods of sending mail from one network to another.  It
represents the aggregate knowledge of the readers of comp.mail.misc and many
contributors elsewhere.  If you know of any corrections or additions to this
file, please read the file format documentation below and then mail to me:

John J. Chew <poslfit@gpu.utcs.utoronto.ca>


(news) This list is posted monthly to Usenet newsgroups comp.mail.misc and
(mail) I maintain a growing list of subscribers who receive each monthly 
  issue by electronic mail, and recommend this to anyone planning to 
  redistribute the list on a regular basis.  
(FTP) Internet users can fetch this guide by anonymous FTP as ~ftp/pub/docs/
  internetwork-mail-guide on Ra.MsState.Edu ( or
  [Courtesy of Frank W. Peters]
(Listserv) Bitnet users can fetch this guide from the Listserv at UNMVM.
  Send mail to LISTSERV@UNMVM with blank subject and body consisting of
  the line "GET NETWORK GUIDE".  [Courtesy of Art St. George]


Each entry in this file describes how to get from one network to another.  To
keep this file at a reasonable size, methods that can be generated by
transitivity (A->B and B->C gives A->B->C) are omitted.  Entries are sorted
first by source network and then by destination network.  This is what a
typical entry looks like:

   #F mynet
   #T yournet
   #R youraddress
   #C contact address if any
   #I send to "youraddress@thegateway"
For parsing purposes, entries are separated by at least one blank line, and
each line of an entry begins with a "#" followed by a letter.  Lines beginning
with "#" are comments and need not be parsed.  Lines which do not start with a
"#" at all should be ignored as they are probably mail or news headers.

#F (from) and #T (to) lines specify source and destination networks.  If you're
sending me information about a new network, please give me a brief description
of the network so that I can add it to the list below.  The abbreviated network
names used in #F and #T lines should consist only of the characters a-z, 0-9
and "-" unless someone can make a very convincing case for their favourite pi

These are the currently known networks with abbreviated names:

   applelink     AppleLink (Apple Computer, Inc.'s in-house network)
   bitnet        international academic network
   bix           Byte Information eXchange: Byte magazine's commercial BBS
   bmug          Berkeley Macintosh Users Group
   compuserve    commercial time-sharing service
   connect       Connect Professional Information Network (commercial)
   easynet       Easynet (DEC's in-house mail system)
   envoy         Envoy-100 (Canadian commercial mail service)
   fax           Facsimile document transmission
   fidonet       PC-based BBS network
   geonet        GeoNet Mailbox Systems (commercial)
   internet      the Internet
   mci           MCI's commercial electronic mail service
   mfenet        Magnetic Fusion Energy Network
   nasamail      NASA internal electronic mail
   peacenet      non-profit mail service
   sinet         Schlumberger Information NETwork
   span          Space Physics Analysis Network (includes HEPnet)
   sprintmail    Sprint's commercial mail service (formerly Telemail)
   thenet        Texas Higher Education Network

#R (recipient) gives an example of an address on the destination network, to
make it clear in subsequent lines what text requires subsitution.

#C (contact) gives an address for inquiries concerning the gateway, expressed
as an address reachable from the source (#F) network.  Presumably, if you can't
get the gateway to work at all, then knowing an unreachable address on another
network will not be of great help.

#I (instructions) lines, of which there may be several, give verbal
instructions to a user of the source network to let them send mail to a user on
the destination network.  Text that needs to be typed will appear in double
quotes, with C-style escapes if necessary.

#F applelink
#T internet
#R user@domain
#I send to "user@domain@internet#"
#I   domain can be be of the form "site.bitnet", address must be <35

#F bitnet
#T internet
#R user@domain
#I Methods for sending mail from Bitnet to the Internet vary depending on
#I what mail software is running at the Bitnet site in question.  In the
#I best case, users should simply be able to send mail to "user@domain".
#I If this doesn't work, try "user%domain@gateway" where "gateway" is a 
#I regional Bitnet-Internet gateway site.  Finally, if neither of these
#I works, you may have to try hand-coding an SMTP envelope for your mail.
#I If you have questions concerning this rather terse note, please try
#I contacting your local postmaster or system administrator first before
#I you send me mail -- John Chew <poslfit@gpu.utcs.utoronto.ca>

#F compuserve
#T fax
#R +1 415 555 1212
#I send to "FAX 14155551212" (only to U.S.A.)

#F compuserve
#T internet
#R user@domain
#I send to ">INTERNET:user@domain"

#F compuserve
#T mci
#R 123-4567
#I send to ">MCIMAIL:123-4567"

#F connect
#T internet
#R user@domain
#I send to CONNECT id "DASNET"
#I first line of message: "\"user@domain\"@DASNET"

#F easynet
#T bitnet
#R user@site
#I from VMS use NMAIL to send to "nm%DECWRL::\"user@site.bitnet\""
#I from Ultrix
#I   send to "user@site.bitnet" or if that fails
#I     (via IP) send to "\"user%site.bitnet\"@decwrl.dec.com"
#I     (via DECNET) send to "DECWRL::\"user@site.bitnet\""

#F easynet
#T fidonet
#R john smith at 1:2/3.4
#I from VMS use NMAIL to send to 
#I   "nm%DECWRL::\"john.smith@p4.f3.n2.z1.fidonet.org\""
#I from Ultrix
#I   send to "john.smith@p4.f3.n2.z1.fidonet.org" or if that fails
#I     (via IP) send to
#I     (via DECNET) send to "DECWRL::\"john.smith@p4.f3.n2.z1.fidonet.org\""

#F easynet
#T internet
#R user@domain
#I from VMS use NMAIL to send to "nm%DECWRL::\"user@domain\""
#I from Ultrix
#I   send to "user@domain" or if that fails
#I     (via IP) send to "\"user%domain\"@decwrl.dec.com"
#I     (via DECNET) send to "DECWRL::\"user@domain\""

#F envoy
#T internet
#R user@domain
#I send to "[RFC-822=\"user(a)domain\"]INTERNET/TELEMAIL/US
#I for special characters, use @=(a), !=(b), _=(u), any=(three octal digits)

#F fidonet
#T internet
#R user@domain
#I send to "uucp" at nearest gateway site
#I first line of message: "To: user@domain"

#F geonet
#T internet
#R user@domain
#I send to "DASNET"
#I subject line: "user@domain!subject"

#F internet
#T applelink
#R user
#I send to "user@applelink.apple.com"

#F internet
#T bitnet
#R user@site
#I send to "user%site.bitnet@gateway" where "gateway" is a gateway host that
#I   is on both the internet and bitnet.  Some examples of gateways are:
#I   cunyvm.cuny.edu mitvma.mit.edu.  Check first to see what local policies
#I   are concerning inter-network forwarding.

#F internet
#T bix
#R user
#I send to "user@dcibix.das.net"

#F internet
#T bmug
#R John Smith
#I send to "John.Smith@bmug.fidonet.org"

#F internet
#T compuserve
#R 71234,567
#I send to "71234.567@compuserve.com"
#I   note: Compuserve account IDs are pairs of octal numbers.  Ordinary
#I     consumer CIS user IDs begin with a `7' as shown.

#F internet
#T connect
#I send to "NAME@dcjcon.das.net"

#F internet
#T easynet
#C admin@decwrl.dec.com
#I send to "user@host.enet.dec.com" or "user%host.enet@decwrl.dec.com"

#F internet
#T easynet
#R John Smith @ABC
#C admin@decwrl.dec.com
#I send to "John.Smith@ABC.MTS.DEC.COM"
#I (This syntax is for All-In-1 users.)

#F internet
#T envoy
#R John Smith (ID=userid)
#C   for second method only
#I send to "uunet.uu.net!att!attmail!mhs!envoy!userid"
#I   or to "/C=CA/ADMD=TELECOM.CANADA/DD.ID=userid/PN=John_Smith/@Sprint.COM"

#F internet
#T fidonet
#R john smith at 1:2/3.4
#I send to "john.smith@p4.f3.n2.z1.fidonet.org" 

#F internet
#T geonet
#R user at host
#I send to "user:host@map.das.net"
#I American host is geo4, European host is geo1.

#F internet
#T mci
#R John Smith (123-4567)
#I send to "1234567@mcimail.com"
#I or send to "JSMITH@mcimail.com" if "JSMITH" is unique
#I or send to "John_Smith@mcimail.com" if "John Smith" is unique - note the
#I    underscore!
#I or send to "John_Smith/1234567@mcimail.com" if "John Smith" is NOT unique

#F internet
#T mfenet
#R user@mfenode
#I send to "user%mfenode.mfenet@nmfecc.arpa"

#F internet
#T nasamail
#R user
#C <postmaster@ames.arc.nasa.gov>
#I send to "user@nasamail.nasa.gov"

#F internet
#T peacenet
#R user
#C <support%cdp@arisia.xerox.com>
#I send to "user%cdp@arisia.xerox.com"

#F internet
#T sinet
#R node::user or node1::node::user
#I send to "user@node.SINet.SLB.COM" or "user%node@node1.SINet.SLB.COM"

#F internet
#T span
#R user@host
#C <NETMGR@nssdca.gsfc.nasa.gov>
#I send to "user@host.span.NASA.gov"
#I   or to "user%host.span@ames.arc.nasa.gov"

#F internet
#T sprintmail
#R [userid "John Smith"/organization]system/country
#I send to

#F internet
#T thenet
#R user@host
#I send to "user%host.decnet@utadnx.cc.utexas.edu"

#F mci
#T internet
#R John Smith <user@domain>
#I at the "To:" prompt type "John Smith (EMS)"
#I at the "EMS:" prompt type "internet"
#I at the "Mbx:" prompt type "user@domain"

#F nasamail
#T internet
#R user@domain
#I at the "To:" prompt type "POSTMAN"
#I at the "Subject:" prompt enter the subject of your message
#I at the "Text:" prompt, i.e. as the first line of your message,
#I    enter "To: user@domain"

#F sinet
#T internet
#R user@domain
#I send to "M_MAILNOW::M_INTERNET::\"user@domain\""
#I      or "M_MAILNOW::M_INTERNET::domain::user"

#F span
#T internet
#R user@domain
#I send to "AMES::\"user@domain\""

#F sprintmail
#T internet
#R user@domain
#I send to "[RFC-822=user(a)domain @GATEWAY]INTERNET/TELEMAIL/US"

#F thenet
#T internet
#R user@domain
#I send to UTADNX::WINS%" user@domain "


 By Frosty of CyberSpace Project

                 MUDWHO servers (5)
Name             Address                  Numeric Address Port  Status   Notes
Amber            amber.ecst.csuchico.edu    6889  up           1
DEC              decuac.dec.com      6889  up           5
Littlewood       littlewood.math.okstate.     6889  up           4
Nova             nova.tat.physik.    6889  up           3
PernWHO          milo.mit.edu        6889  up           2
                 AberMUDs (11)
Name             Address                  Numeric Address Port  Status   Notes
Aber5@FSU        loligo.cc.fsu.edu    5000  R*
DIRT             ulrik.uio.no        6715  up          32
Dragon           messua.informatik.   6715  up
Eddie aber       eddie.ee.vt.edu   5000  TO
EnchantedMud     neptune.calstatela.edu   6715  up          22
Longhorn         lisboa.cs.utexas.edu   6715  up
Mustang MUD      mustang.dell.com  6715  up
SpudMud          stjoe.cs.uidaho.edu   6715  up
Temple           bigboy.cis.temple.edu    6715  up
The Underground  hal.gnu.ai.mit.edu    6715  R*
Wolf             b.cs.wvu.wvnet.edu     6715  R*
                 DikuMUDs (17)
Name             Address                  Numeric Address Port  Status   Notes
Albanian         judy.indstate.edu   4000  R
AlexMUD          alex.stacken.kth.se   4000  up
*Alfa Diku       alfa.me.chalmers.se    4000  up
Austin MUD       austin.daimi.aau.dk  4000  R           29
Caltech DIKU     eltanin.caltech.edu  4000  R
Copper Diku      copper.denver.colorado.    4000  up          33
Davis Diku       fajita.ucdavis.edu  3000  up          28
DikuMUD I        bigboy.cis.temple.edu    4000  up
Elof DikuMUD     elof.iit.edu      4000  up
Epic             hal.gnu.ai.mit.edu    9000  R
Grimne Diku      flipper.pvv.unit.no  4000  R
HypeNet          ????                4000  TO
Matsci1 Diku     matsci1.uncwil.edu  4000  up
Mudde            hawk.svl.cdc.com    4000  up
Sejnet Diku      sejnet.sunet.se    4000  up
Waterdeep        shine.princeton.edu  4000  up
Wayne Diku       venus.eng.wayne.edu    4000  R
                 DUMs (2)
Name             Address                  Numeric Address Port  Status   Notes
CanDUM II        cheetah.vlsi.waterloo.  2001  up
DUM II           legolas.cs.umu.se    2001  R           23
                 LPmuds (58)
Name             Address                  Numeric Address Port  Status   Notes
Aegolius         vyonous.kennesaw.edu   2000  up
After Hours      janice.cc.wwu.edu  2000  up          30
Akropolis        ????               6666  up
Allinite         ????             2222  up
BatMUD           palikka.jyu.fi      2001  up
*CyberWorld      newview.etsu.edu   3000  up          34
*Darkemud        dunix.drake.edu     4040  up          26
Darker Realms    worf.tamu.edu    2000  up
Dartmouth LPMud  lusty.tamu.edu   2000  up
Deeper Trouble   alk.iesd.auc.dk   4242  up
DevMUD           huey.cc.utexas.edu    9300  R
DiscWorld II     peregrin.resmel.bhp.com.     2000  up
Dragon's Den     ????               2222  up
End Of The Line  mud.stanford.edu      2010  up          35
Finnegan's Wake  maxheadroom.agps.lanl.   2112  up
Frontier         blish.cc.umanitoba.ca  9165  up
GateWay          secum.cs.dal.ca   6969  up
*Genesis         milou.cd.chalmers.se    2000  up          36
*Igor            epsilon.me.chalmers.se    1701  up
ImperialMUD      aix.rpi.edu       2000  up          37
Ivory Tower      brown-swiss.macc.wisc.  2000  R           27
Kobra            duteca4.et.tudelft.nl  8888  up
LPSwat           aviator.cc.iastate.edu   2020  up
Marches of       chema.ucsd.edu     3000  up
Middle-Earth     oba.dcs.gla.ac.uk  3000  up          38
Muddog Mud       phaedrus.math.ufl.edu   2000  up
Mystic           ohm.gmu.edu        4000  up
NANVAENT         saddle.ccsun.strath.ac.  3000  up          24
Nameless         complex.is      2000  up
Nanny            lysator.liu.se    2000  up
NeXT             ????                 2000  up
Nemesis          dszenger9.informatik.    2000  up
*Nightfall       nova.tat.physik.    4242  up
Nightmare        orlith.bates.edu    2666  R
Nirvana 4        elof.iit.edu      3500  up
Nuage            fifi.univ-lyon1.fr  2000  R
*Overdrive       im1.lcs.mit.edu     5195  up
PaderMUD         athene.uni-paderborn.de    4242  up
PixieMud         elof.iit.edu      6969  up
QUOVADIS         disun29.epfl.ch   2345  up
Realmsmud        hammerhead.cs.indiana.    2000  up
Ringworld        ????              3469  R*          34
Round Table      engr71.scu.edu    2222  up
Sky Realms       maxheadroom.agps.lanl.   2000  R*
SmileyMud        elof.iit.edu      5150  up
StickMUD         palikka.jyu.fi      7680  up
SvenskMUD        lysator.liu.se    2043  up          39
*The Mud         dogstar.colorado.edu  5555  up
Top Mud          lonestar.utsa.edu   2001  up
Tsunami II       gonzo.cc.wwu.edu  2777  R*          20
TubMUD           morgen.cs.tu-berlin.de   7680  up
Valhalla         wiretap.spies.com      2444  up
Valkyrie Prime   fozzie.cc.wwu.edu  2777  up
VikingMUD        swix.ifi.unit.no  2001  up
Vincent's        aviator.cc.iastate.edu   1991  up          31
World of Mizar   delial.docs.uu.se    9000  R
                 mage (1)
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SynthMAGE        synth.erc.clarkson.edu   4242  TO
                 MOOs (1)
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Lambda MOO       lambda.parc.xerox.com     8888  up
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AfterFive        pa.itd.com        9999  up          31
Burning Metal    amber.ecst.csuchico.edu    8088  up
Crossroads       coyote.cs.wmich.edu   5823  R*
FurryMUCK        highlandpark.rest.ri.cmu     2323  up           8
High Seas        opus.calstatela.edu   4301  up
Lawries MUD      cserve.cs.adfa.oz.au    4201  R            7
PythonMUCK       zeus.calpoly.edu    4201  up          18
QWest            glia.biostr.washington.   9999  up
Quartz Paradise  quartz.rutgers.edu      9999  up          40
Time Traveller   betz.biostr.washington.   4096  up
TinyMUD Classic  winner.itd.com    2000  R           41
Visions          l_cae05.icaen.uiowa.edu   2001  R           16
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UglyMUG          ????               4201  up
                 TinyMUSEs (5)
Name             Address                  Numeric Address Port  Status   Notes
Fantasia         betz.biostr.washington.   4201  up          13
FantasyMuse      case2.cs.usu.edu    1701  up          42
MicroMUSE        chezmoto.ai.mit.edu     4201  up           6
Rhostshyl        stealth.cit.cornell.edu  4201  up          42
TrekMUSE         ecsgate.uncecs.edu   1701  R           42
                 TinyMUSHes (15)
Name             Address                  Numeric Address Port  Status   Notes
Dungeon          ra.info.sunyit.edu      8888  up
Global MUSH      workstation5.colby.edu  4201  up
ImageCastle      wizard.etsu.edu   4201  up
Narnia           nimitz.mit.edu      2555  R*
PernMUSH         milo.mit.edu        4201  up          42
SouthCon         utpapa.ph.utexas.edu   4201  up          42
Spellbound       thumper.cc.utexas.edu   4201  up
SqueaMUSH        ultimo.socs.uts.edu.au      6699  R**
StingMUSH        newview.etsu.edu   1701  up          42
TinyCWRU         caisr2.caisr.cwru.edu    4201  R*
TinyHORNS        louie.cc.utexas.edu    4201  up
TinyTIM II       cheetah.ece.clarkson.   5440  up
VisionMUSH       tramp.cc.utexas.edu   4567  TO
                 TeenyMUDs (3)
Name             Address                  Numeric Address Port  Status   Notes
ApexMUD          apex.yorku.ca        4201  up
Evil!MUD         fido.econ.arizona.edu   4201  up
MetroMUT         uokmax.ecn.uoknor.edu     5000  R
                 TinyMUDs (2)
Name             Address                  Numeric Address Port  Status   Notes
DragonMUD        ghost.cse.nau.edu    4201  up          14
TinyWORLD        rillonia.ssc.gov   6250  up
                 UnterMUDs (9)
Name             Address                  Numeric Address Port  Status   Notes
ChrisMUD         hawkwind.utcs.utoronto.  6600  up          10
DECmud           decuac.dec.com      6565  up          15
DreamScape       moebius.math.okstate.     6250  up          11
Islandia         hawkwind.utcs.utoronto.  2323  up
RealWorld        cook.brunel.ac.uk  4201  up          17
Sludge           unix1.cc.ysu.edu   6565  up          19
Sunmark          moebius.math.okstate.     6543  up
WanderLand       sun.ca              6666  up           9
WireHED          amber.ecst.csuchico.edu    6565  up          12
                 YAMUDs (1)
Name             Address                  Numeric Address Port  Status   Notes
GooLand          toby.cis.uoguelph.ca  6715  up
Asterisk (*) before the name indicates that this sites entry was modified in
the last 7 days.

Status field:
*  = last successful connection was more than 7 days ago
** = last successful connection was more than 30 days ago
#  = no successful connection on record
R  = connection refused
TO = connection timed out
HD = host down or unreachable
ND = network down or unreachable
NA = insufficient address information available

  1. administrator is warlock@ecst.csuchico.edu
  2. administrator is jt1o@andrew.cmu.edu
  3. administrator is gamesmgr@taurus.tat.physik.uni-tuebingen.de
  4. administrator is jds@math.okstate.edu
  5. administrator is mjr@decuac.dec.com
  6. send mail to micromuse-registration@michael.ai.mit.edu to register
  7. send mail to Lawrie.Brown@adfa.oz.au to register
  8. send mail to ss7m@andrew.cmu.edu to register
  9. send mail to wanderland@lilith.ebay.sun.com to register
 10. send mail to cks@hawkwind.utcs.toronto.edu to register
 11. send mail to jds@math.okstate.edu to register
 12. send mail to warlock@ecst.csuchico.edu to register
 13. send mail to fantasia@betz.biostr.washington.edu to register
 14. send mail to {jjt,jopsy}@naucse.cse.nau.edu to register
 15. send mail to mjr@decuac.dec.com to register
 16. send mail to schlake@minos.nmt.edu to register
 17. send mail to ee89psw@brunel.ac.uk to register
 18. send mail to {awozniak,claudius}@zeus.calpoly.edu to register
 19. send mail to mud@cc.ysu.edu to register
 20. hours are 0000-1600(M) 0100-1700(TWRF) 0100-2400(S) 0000-2400(U) GMT
 21. hours are 1700-0800(MTWRF) 0000-2400(SU) CST
 22. hours are 1900-0600(MTWRF) 0000-2400(SU) PDT
 23. hours are 1900-0700(MTWRF) 0000-2400(SU)
 24. hours are 1700-0900(MTWRF) 0000-2400(SU) GMT
 25. hours are 1700-0700(MTWRF) 0000-2400(SU) PST
 26. hours are 2100-0900(MTWRF) 0000-2400(SU)
 27. hours are 1630-0800(MTWRF) 0000-2400(SU) CST
 28. hours are 2000-0800(MTWRF) 0000-2400(S) 0000-1200,1700-2400(U) PST
 29. hours are 1800-0800(MTWRF) 0000-2400(SU) CET
 30. hours are 1700-0700(MTWRF) 0000-2400(SU) PST
 31. hours are 1700-0800(MTWRF) 0000-2400(SU) CST
 32. hours are 2000-0800(MTWRF) 0000-2400(SU) CET
 33. hours are 1700-0800(MTWRF) 0000-2400(SU) MST
 34. down until further notice
 35. closed for repairs
 36. the original LP; closed to public
 37. closed to public
 38. closed to players
 39. Swedish-language mud
 40. no pennies
 41. mail agri@pa.itd.com to recover old characters
 42. restricted theme
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