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Current issue : #66 | Release date : 2009-11-06 | Editor : The Circle of Lost Hackers
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Title : How close are they of hacking your brain
Author : dahut
                              ==Phrack Inc.==

               Volume 0x0d, Issue 0x42, Phile #0x11 of 0x11

|=-----------=[ How close are they of hacking your brain? ]=-------------=|
|=----------------------=[     by dahut    ]=----------------------------=|
|=----------------------=[  dahut@skynet.be]=----------------------------=|

Since the invention of the EEG, S-F writers produced many books with
stories about pumping out the content of your brain and putting it in
another brain, or taking the control of your soul or willingness and
driving you as a robot. We wil not talk about the well known MK-ULTRA
project that never ended up on any real functioning device approaching
this result. What they did reach is well described in the still suspicious
book "Trance formation of America" (www.trance-formation.com).

Our recent researched demonstrate however that it is possible that 
something is happening or close to.

We will explain two different technologies, that can provide some 
breakthrough in the mind control.

--[ 1. MRI

By enhancing the resolution of Magnetic Resonance Imagery device, we
should be able to do nice things such putting ideas or remembering in the
brain of someone. 

There are today multiples ways to measure brain activity. Brain activity 
is also brain content, to some extent, depending what you are measuring 
and what you are looking for.

The most advanced works achieved around what's in the brain is the
BlueBrain project, invented by Henry Markram at EPFL in Switzerland. His
lab is using a 10.000 CPU Blue Gene type IBM supercomputer, and a super
Silicon Graphic computer with 16 graphic cards and 64 Itanium 2 CPU to
display processing results. He did start by making the inventory of all
neurons types and response type, sorting out few tens types of each. Next
he built devices to digitize the geometry of each type of neuron,
following the path of dendrites and axons, branch by branch, stroke by
stroke, change in diameter, etc. A typical neuron ends up with about
10.000 XYZ 3D coordinates. Next, he packed 10.000 neurons of multiple
types in a very narrow space; 5mm by 1mm. This is what scientists name a
microcolumn of the neocortex. Then he put electrical input at the entry of
the "network" and did a simulation, using the few tens of responses found
in these neurons. The result is a modified electrical state of all these
branches: 100 millions branches! Each one with a different electrical
level. This density  of neurons produces short circuits between each of
them, the synapse. Such micro column can contains up to a trillion

From a mechanical point of view, this is not anymore a network, this is a 
dense matter with different electrical level at each cubic 5 micron. You 
should see the neuronal network as the processing device of the I/O, when 
the remaining electrical levels are the memory of the 

Now, let's say that a lab can produce a MRI device with such resolution.
It will measure the electrical level each 5 micron, and do it for a
specific area, let's say to start easy, the area of both hands. Ok, we
have to store few terabytes of data, a quite easy job today.

Now, let's take somebody, and put his head in another device, a three
dimensional phased array radar, or more precisely, a micro wave transducer
(only the emitting part of the radar). This device can browse space
without movement. By putting two perpendicular transducers next to the
brain, they can send two beams in it, and where they cross, create an
electrical pulse with an intensity equal to the sum of both beams, also
equal to the original.

Doing so, it's possible with a super high resolution system, to pinpoint 
each cell that was acquired (peeked) in the "donor", and poke its value 
in the other brain.

If the donor is a good violin player, the receiver, when waking up, will 
feel as if he has new hands, and be surprised how easy he can play violin 
(but maybe not Mozart yet).

A step further, we can peek and poke other areas of the brain, like the 
one containing experience, skills, visual scenes. With this last example, 
a criminal or a suspect refusing to talk, can be peeked from the visual 
cortex, and the result can be poked in another brain. The receiver will 
"see" new scenes, and maybe the one of the crime.

The better the resolution, the higher the resolution of the remembering.

It's not mandatory to match neuron by neuron, from the donor to the
receiver, or stroke by stroke, or synapse by synapse. The density is so
high that we can really see the memory inside the neocortex as being
stored in a three dimensional matrix. Whatever the network, as soon as it
is the area used to do a specific operation (see Broca's areas)  like
hands, speech, vision, etc. the "knowledge" stored during years is stored
as electrical levels in a matrix. The neuronal network will find back it's
way through the different channels of higher voltage poked in the matrix,
reconnect instantaneously synapses to recreate missing bridges.

--[ 2. Total Recall and Arnold Schwarzenegger are not so far!

Here is a metaphor to better understand the concept:

Think about a country: villages and inhabitants are there, connected with 
road networks.

Move houses and inhabitants in another place, keeping topology. Wherever
they end up, they will immediately recreate roads and path to reconnects
all houses and building. Houses and inhabitants are our memory and skills,
materialized by electrical levels. They don't care about having to
recreate roads and paths. They know where they want to go and which
connections they need to do their work. The synaptic plasticity is even
more wonderful than what you can imagine. Indeed, axons and dendrite can
move as snakes to approach other neurons structure, and pop up synaptic
connections everywhere they wan, and all of that in seconds!

Basically, think about your brain being a computer. First neurons met by
an external input are acting as your computer I/O unit; and A/D converter.
These neurons are mostly in the internal side of the neocortex (inside the
brain).The neurons the are receiving the converted measures are the
processing units, and the neurons receiving the results, have to send it
to the muscles or some other parts of your body. In parallel, all neurons
are storing what's happening all the time, recording everything crossing
them: this is our memory, a matrix parallel to our neuronal network, used
for data storage an dnot directly related to our processing unit.

The system described here above will not work to inject ideas in the
brain, but just knowledge, remembering and skills. Producing ideas is
something else, produced by consciousness, and this is a complete other
story involving quantum physic.

--[ 3. Quantum Physic

We are now entering in leading edge researches made by visionary
scientists that are not always belonging to what we name the "scientific
paradigm", meaning that if they want to keep their annual funding, they
should not investigate further these areas or stop to talk about what they
are doing.  We will present you some of their work and how they can hack
your brain to the perfection.

If you take a neuron, or even any living cell, you can find in all of 
them centriols and micro tubules. All are made of bi-state monomers 
molecules, able to take two states, alpha and beta, depending the quantum 
state of on of their component. Each molecule has a state but can switch 
to the other one for some still unknown reason. When all the molecules of 
one micro-tubule switch their state to the same one, the micro tubule 
becomes super conductive for light and some other waves. The change of 
state is due to one spinning particle that will collide the molecule and 
change the position of one its atom. These molecules have a size of 15nm.
We need therefore a device able to send spinning particle in a brain with 
a resolution of  maximum 15 nm to have a chance to make the atom turning 
the righ way. Hopefully, making an particle spinning left handed will 
make the molecule swapping to it's L-associated state, or let's say the 
alpha state. 

There are already labs device able to adjust and measure particle's spin
direction. Let's imagine we make them in such a way that they can work on
the brain a little bit like the MRI hacking machine. It will not be a
device as with the 3D phased array system,  but more a wave canon,
adjusting the wave origin to match exactly the distance needed to act on a
specific electron. The device will have to be highly accurate, and fast.
We can think about minimum one million antennas in the device (don't
worry, they are used with such complexity). The device will process
millimeter by millimeter of the neo cortex, and required about one minute
to read or patch a square centimeter. Because its entire surface is 2.000
square cm, the device will need about two days to hack a complete brain.
Being not able to have an exact matching between both brains geometry is
not a matter, for the same reason as with the MRI system. We can use, only
here, the term of holographic memory, because what's important is the
spatial content, not the topological content. The brain network is so
dense that it's not a network anymore when you speak about storing
information in it. It's like house that are so dense that you can jump
from one roof to the other, without going through the roads. So roads are
used to process date coming from outside the village, and going outside
the village, but if you stay in the village you don't need roads at all. 

Now, let's explain what's the outcome of such blast in your brain.

When you will wake up, after the long stay in the device, you will feel
nothing new, because you are not yourself anymore, and you can't remember
your first life. The guy standing in front of you, coming from the other
machine, the "donor", si now YOU, but with another body. You feel now as
twins, you have the same rembering of your life, you think the same, you
have exactly the same knowledge and intelligence. If he s sad, you are
sad, if he is good, you are good, if he likes men, you will like men too.

If he is a terrorist, you will behave like a terrorist. Nothing to learn
anymore, everything is already in your brain. You know how to build a
bomb, how to pilot an air plane, how to fights, etc. but if was peanut to
train you, to convince you, to enroll you. Well, there is the cost of the
brain device, not cheap at all, but they have the cash!

You can also decide to copy only part of the brain, but it's more risky
because that's a research area were we are not far, and it could be
dangerous to outcome with overlapping memory,  like, let's say, the top of
you wife, and the bottom of your "loved boyfriend"!

Next day, think twice when waking up: are you still yourself?


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