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Current issue : #69 | Release date : 2016-05-06 | Editor : The Phrack Staff
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LoopbackThe Phrack Staff
The Fall of Hacker GroupsStrauss
Revisiting Mac OS X Kernel RootkitsfG!
Adobe Shockwave - A case study on memory disclosureaaron portnoy
Modern Objective-C Exploitation Techniquesnemo
Self-patching Microsoft XML with misalignments and factorialsAlisa Esage
Internet Voting: A Requiem for the Dreamkerrnel
Attacking Ruby on Rails Applicationsjoernchen
Obituary for an Adobe Flash Player bughuku
OR'LYEH? The Shadow over Firefoxargp
How to hide a hook: A hypervisor for rootkitsuty & saman
International scenesvarious
Title : Loopback
Author : The Phrack Staff
                              ==Phrack Inc.==

                Volume 0x0f, Issue 0x45, Phile #0x05 of 0x10

|=------------------------=[  L O O P B A C K  ]=------------------------=|
|=-------------------------=[  Phrack Staff  ]=--------------------------=|

Four years since the last Loopback. We got _a lot_ of mail. Tonz. The
retardz, the crazies, the elites (both the real and the self-proclaimed
ones), they all vent to us. We are honored, confused, amazed and
entertained. Sometimes all of these at once.

Also, porn spam is fun, sometimes. There is a strange poetry even to porn
spam that is clearly autogenerated. Our in-house porn spam expert is
continuously sharpening his poetry skills.

Keep sending your innermost thoughts to us. Please. Our Loopback personnel
have become addicted to them.

|--=[ 0x00 - The "back my articles" saga ]=------------------------------=|

From: attackingthecore2@gmail.com
Subject: Can I back my artcles.

I released many many many 15 articles to phrack to release. and The basic
Integer Overflow blexim phrack 60 is my a.k.a new make. want all articles
back and credit in the article and reference credit. and advance.


        [ What? Hey x90c, are you okay dude? ]


From: attackingthecore2@gmail.com
Subject: Re: Can I back my artcles.

I'm the phrack author. back my articles right way.

        [ Which author exactly? All of them? ]


From: attackingthecore2@gmail.com
Subject: Re: Re: Can I back my artcles.

back my articles.


From: attackingthecore2@gmail.com
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Can I back my artcles.

back articles.


From: attackingthecore2@gmail.com
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Can I back my artcles.

back my articles.


From: attackingthecore2@gmail.com
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Can I back my artcles.

back my articles. right way.


From: attackingthecore2@gmail.com
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Can I back my artcles.

back my mine articles.

        [ Your articles are being backed. This is an automated message. ]


From: attackingthecore2@gmail.com
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Can I back my artcles.

If possible, I want to submit the Basic Integer overflow only to phrack
article mine and other 14 articles more are back my apache tomcat server
daemon to feedback paper.

.blexim. KyongJoo Jung.

        [ After he realized that we ignore retardation, he tried to reason
          with us ;-) ]


From: attackingthecore2@gmail.com
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Can I back my artcles.

I wish to get it all personal stream text.

        [ Back to full retard mode. ]


From: x90c <geinblues@gmail.com>

I submit some files ago ( belows and all accepted by your phrack site_s)
gave me my credit as my handle(mojito, nickname, be cool),
fg1, new flash(phrack main graphic), and now paper feeds all for #69.


my want list:
1. phrack account. (fg1@phrack.org, straruss@phrack.org, aaron potney
s random account too.)
2. email service for article great to public socials.
3. I need your service for my articles(in phrack) to advertise public

thanks for reading. and rapid toki is well. as well. as well.

.twzi (it was my handle when it published and i can use it continuly?
right?! answer me. okay!.)

        [ So he is actually fg, strauss, deft and twiz. Is he also
          Johnny Mnemonic? Tyler Durden? Elliot Alderson? No one wants to
          know really. At least he used ANTISPAM this time, we have to give
          him that. ]


From: x90c <geinblues@gmail.com>
Subject: taran: stop paper feed.

        [ Aw, this one hurt our feelings ;-( ]


From: attackingthecore2@gmail.com
Subject: I'm hard to write more just want staff@phrack.org id.

for a credit to complete the hacker hacking.
l33t more l33t more l33t = staff@phrack.org (kid leet, leet leet(mark dowd
style), staff leet leet).

        [ The hacker hacked the elite hacking staff. What exactly are we
          talking about again? Did you also write duke's papers?
          This last mail somehow made sense to us, so we decided to give
          the staff@ mail to him. And back his articles.
          No, not really ;-) ]

|--=[ 0x01 - Reality hacking or just insanity? ]=------------------------=|

From: V Bradshaw <lovemomcleo@gmail.com>
Subject: Help for me and my baby from "projectors" in consciousness


I urgently need help for me and my 11 month old baby from people who are
attempting to project into my consciousness and steal my "awareness" and
things in my awareness. They are trying to steal my baby's consciousness
and take my "reflector." I serve the highest light, in the  name of Jesus

Please help me or direct me to people who can work with me in consciousness
to protect me and my baby. I want to find the "projectors" in

Thank you,

        [ Dude, your mail was totally cool until that "Jesus Christ" thing.
          We have a lot of psychic experts in Phrack that could help you
          locate the malicious projectors. However, they're all atheists.

          Tough luck. ]

|--=[ 0x02 - Message from mom ]=-----------------------------------------=|

        [ As you would expect, we get a lot of mail that doesn't make
          sense, and is often outright demented. But sometimes we get texts
          that can't be easily classified. Is it spam? Is it the ramblings
          of a mad man? Of a retired elite tripping on acid?

          It can't be. It doesn't make any sense at all. Or does it? ]

From: "Perforated P.P.Pig" <momislove84@yahoo.com>

  ______  __
 /      \/  |
/$$$$$$  $$ |____
$$ |  $$ $$      \
$$ |  $$ $$$$$$$  |
$$ |  $$ $$ |77$$ |
$$ \__$$ $$ |  $$ |__
$$    $$/$$ |  $$ /  |
 $$$$$$/ $$/   $$/$$/

    by The Pain (no cozmik?! the fuck kind of figlet generator...)

 __       __                   __  ______                    __
/  \     /  |                 /  |/      \                  /  |
$$ \   /$$ | ______  _______ $$//$$$$$$  ______   _______ _$$ |_
$$$  \ /$$$ |/      \/       \/  $$ |_ $$/      \ /       / $$  |
$$$$  /$$$$ |$$$$$$  $$$$$$$  $$ $$   | /$$$$$$  /$$$$$$$/$$$$$$/ 
$$ $$ $$/$$ |/    $$ $$ |  $$ $$ $$$$/  $$    $$ $$      \  $$ | __
$$ |$$$/ $$ /$$$$$$$ $$ |  $$ $$ $$ |   $$$$$$$$/ $$$$$$  | $$ |/  |
$$ | $/  $$ $$ 78 $$ $$ |  $$ $$ $$ |   $$       /     $$/  $$  $$/ 
$$/      $$/ $$$$$$$/$$/   $$/$$/$$/    $$$$$$$/$$$$$$$/   $$$$/


All these lines, lines, lines... And the bees!

Just a joke. :)

Hi everyone. Mom here. Remember those teletype pranks?

Go ahead!

Okay. Now that I've made you laugh (perhaps!), I'd like to talk to you
about drums: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S219XUm18LA (find the

(That's going to happen a lot. Have fun with the puzzles I've left for you,

In all seriousness, do you know what's frustrating? This:

This is not frustrating because it was written by a child. This is not
frustrating because it was poorly written (in fact, that's what makes it
so charming and touching). This is not frustrating because it is true.

This is frustrating because it cannot be heard. Not to mention that being a
child is considered an insult. Children are smarter than you think. Fuck
the pedos for thinking that sentence was for them.


   / |__      *OllyDBG* to popshuvit
    o  o


419 Eater! <3 Gosh, my deficits are flaring. Poor Dow. But not Koch. Is it
Live? Or is it... 1057? ;3

More humor for my unheard children, to contrast the carefag that is this

Laundry day is a very dangerous day.

Let's resume. (I'm sure you grasp the abilities and necessities of a
breakpoint, yes? =) [You resumed by parsing on the next line. Neat, huh?]

Good. Chord progressions. This is frustrating because it cannot be heard.

Its lack of oiga (horale) has everything to do with the fact that, for some
absolutely idiotic reason, if your message isn't worded in just the most
precise way, then the authoritative figures who love to take advantage of
that beautiful hacker brainmeat you all po sess (ion) will simply find
excuses to ignore you. (Good.) For ignoring you is how they hold power.
Have you ever wondered why a child is screaming in public? And how its
incoherency renders your ears to be damaged, like a sword through the
heart? And yet, the adult in that situation screams back. "How dare you
scream! How dare you yell! We're in public! You can't dot hat!" (Hehehe...
you can't dot hat. cant.hat. Can that. Black. My name is black.

Mom has cited The Hacker Manifesto numerous times throughout her life to
exemplify the problem with the American education system, and frankly, as
Reagan's illegitimate children (he was great with freedom but miserable
with policy-- talk amongst yourselves, I'm getting vaklempt!) a good
chunk of mom's American children understand exactly what I'm talking
about. Yet their adult counterparts refuse to understand. They're so god
damn busy measuring you that they don't actually see you for who you are.

They don't care about you. They care about the bottom line. They care about

They don't care about teaching. They don't care about your desire to learn.
And you've always known this in your hearts. And you know it to be true.

They seek control. So you take it away. And they HATE YOU for it. But they
deserve it. They don't listen to children. They listen to money. Not the
hilarious `net send`s you spammed on their network. Wasn't that fun? ^_^

Yes. Let the love run through you.

(Remember Tamagotchis? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WOJfUcCOhJ0)

90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 what the fuck [F9]

Hahaha! :D

Mom has cited the Hacker Manifesto [F9] not a breakpoint, repetitive for
effect. With as many times as mom has cited it, the authoritative abusers
just don't seem to "get" it. Much like you lost the game. ;)

Someone's giggling somewhere because taht metaphor lands so very well. Like
nine cans of shaving powder, these are the days of our lives:

[00401000]          v   v   v   v

        I made a discovery today.  I found a computer.  Wait a second,
this is cool.  It does what I want it to.  If it makes a mistake, it's
because I screwed it up.  Not because it doesn't like me...
                Or feels threatened by me...
                Or thinks I'm a smart ass...
                Or doesn't like teaching and shouldn't be here...
        Damn kid.  All he does is play games.  They're all alike.

[jmpnotjle]                                 ^  ^  ^  ^  ^  ^

Do you know why I've brought you here? Have a seat. You're not a pedophile.
You've just been abused by them. That's how you got those scars.

(Of course, not -all- authority figures are pedophiles, but fuck it, it's
hilarious to call them such. Hint. ;) No idea what you're talking abuot.

If you make a mistake, it's because you screwed up. And it's beautifuil,
isn't it? That carnal truth, that one and zero, that declaration of logic
shooting through your veins like... well, you know what it means. You've
read it.

Parsing error.)

Because you're hackers. You study. You learn. You love to learn. You never
stop. And it's beautiful. Guerilla scientists studyig the art form they
love the most: the one and the zero in a series of bytes, words, dwords
and now, qwords. :)

A summary of who hates you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=95t1pLrm70s

These fucking people. These fucking abusers. I'm getting angry. Here's a
defusor for your carefag:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JzNku_x2SLA -- steve brule

[F9] Thank you. :) Where was I? So much to say...

In The Hacker Manifest, there is a carnal desire to be heard. To be under-
stood. (Read /The Stand/ by Stephen King.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NkKOeeYko7w) To explain that by which no
adult actually wishes to hear. (Havey ou noticed the off-by-one yet?) To
declare war in a child-like way. And yet it just cannot be heard.

Can it not be heard? Or does it not want to be heard? Ah... the rub.

Adults deny they're failing children. This is the message of The Hacker
Manifesto. Not directly-- of course not directly. It's so clear that The
Mentor++ in all his absolutely vivacious youthful brilliance-- push and
pop is not only mad at the adults for having failed them (wtf mom), but is
equally knowledgeable that his data these lines are leaking too long
supersedes the concept of authority. Indeed, it renders authority to be an
irrelevant object, perpetuated by fearful drones finding the floorboards of
their hilariously poorly constructed ships of code having their nails being
ripped out from under them in the form of exploits, engineering and overall
eclectic compromise. (Typos are fun.) INJECT INJECT

So what that The Mentor did not select the "proper" worsd? (Also known as
diction. Boundaries are useful and great to break.) So what that he made
typos? So what that his angst was so clear and apparent in his writing? So
what that he was an assertive carefag with his writing? SO FUCKING WHAT?

He was correct. Deal with it. http://tinyurl.com/marshmelol

Those who cannot see that The Mentor was correct should perhaps attempt to
learn who they're up against (of course, they never will, because...):

          v  v  v  v  v  v

        This is our world now... the world of the electron and the switch,
the beauty of the baud.  We make use of a service already existing without
paying for what could be dirt-cheap if it wasn't run by profiteering
gluttons, and you call us criminals.  We explore... and you call us
criminals.  We seek after knowledge... and you call us criminals.  We
exist without skin color, without nationality, without religious bias...
and you call us criminals. You build atomic bombs, you wage wars, you
murder, cheat, and lie to us and try to make us believe it's for our own
good, yet we're the criminals.

        Yes, I am a criminal.  My crime is that of curiosity.  My crime is
that of judging people by what they say and think, not what they look like.
My crime is that of outsmarting you, something that you will never forgive
me for.

        I am a hacker, and this is my manifesto.  You may stop this
individual, but you can't stop us all... after all, we're all alike.

                                         ^  ^   ^

Thank you children. Off by one. But which way? ;-)

(Hola, Espana! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-Oxx_YbYnM)

Welcome. You've got mail! Goshk, I had no idea that my password needed to
be changed! Thanks Steve Case,my password is fishing!

Mom got infected with a false punter once. It told her "your computer has
been FUCKED!!!" Over and over again. In a DOS terminal.

I couldn't stop it. I didn't know what it meant. I was young. I thought I
was just having fun, you know? It was hilarious to press "punt" and watch
people disappear. (Third person. First person. Literary techniques.)

Ah... Mom is letting her ego leak. F9 for me, darlings.

moar liek F8 amirite (Indeed. <3)

The enemy of our community is very much the script kiddie. Ah, but, as
hackers, you must understand what a script kiddie truly is. You are on the
right track: a script kiddie has an ego issue. But your mother would like
to explain verbosely her understanding of the script kiddie, for the script
kiddie is a metaphor for the floor 4 the enemy of your mind.


Do you know what a script kiddie is? It's not someone who's just not
talented. It's not someone who simply uses the tools of this community--
no, it's much more than that. A script kiddie is someone who abuses the
knowledge they can't truly grasp for the sake of power. A script kiddie is
someone who takes what's been given to them-- the love and beauty of every
single passionate line of code per each exploit, dropper and packer-- and
simply gloats. Yeah, you're a hacker alright-- you hack emotions. And it's
not to say that you're not talented for hacking emotions-- it's an
important talent in a lot of regards. No, what gives script-kiddie the
disgusting charge it deserves is the way a script kiddie works: braggart;
liar. Thief.

Of course these are simply different kinds of artists, sure. Liars are
talented. Thieves have the slipperiest fingers around. (There is in fact
honor among thieves. Don't buy that prior rhetoric.) And in their own re-
gards, script kiddies have a special kind of talent.

They can convince you that they are a hacker because they look like one.

There's a world of difference between a script kiddie and a hacker. And it
binarily has nothing to do with the fact they didn't roll their own code.

A script-kiddie is not a hacker. Why? How? They use the tricks, do they

They do. And they shouldn't. You should stop them. For their primary goal
is to feed and inflate their ego. Not hack.

We've taken it to understand for quite some time that a script kiddie is
not to be respected-- and this is correct. One who seeks to increase their
sense of fame over their passion-- or, rather, that their passion -is- in
fact their ego-- can be considered a hacker in some way or another. But we
should deny them this. We should simply lie. Kill the narcissist.

Is a child not a hacker because they only use Metasploit? Nay, say moms,
for the child is a hacker because they know how to USE Metasploit. One
cannot simply compromise Mordor even by executing AutoPwn-- mom's tried.
Mom failed. Mom is not a break-in artist like a lot of her children. Mom
can write exploits++ she simply sucks at executing them. (Or perhaps you
don't know the exploits your mother is capable of. Trixy thingsies. ;) pop

Is a child a script-kiddie because they use Metasploit? Nay, say moms, for
the same reasons listed above-- only a hacker would know what exploits to
run where after perusing a system's entryways. A script-kiddie gets upset
at the lack of capable elegance of mashing buttons like a fucking retard.

(Hackers understand the dualism of words like retard and faggot. Skids

So are script kiddies hackers? Technically, yes. Logistically, fuck 'em.


Why fuck them? Their ego gets in the way. It gets in their way. It gets in
your way. It gets in the community's way.

The hacker community is one of this world's best communities for the sake
of its strong desire for ego death. You know, killing attention whores?
Quite a worthy past-time of the hacker community. It deserves to be done
more, really.

Ego death is the core of the hacker. Ego life is the core of the script-
kiddie. Ah... binary. <3)))O and Neurosis

Let's use furries as a metaphor. Are all furries egomaniacs? Selfish
narciscists as a pox on the Internet? Of course not. Many furries are
talented. In fact, you may just discover that furries are thef auna of the
Internet. (They rock the root servers. No joke. You know what I mean
eyman.) Yet due to the nature of the furry community, there is an inherent
plague of narcissism, of taking credit for the artists they so deistically
Indeed, these furries act as a metaphor for 4 four floor ceil float [F9]
Good. These furries act as a metaphor for script kiddies. The skids.

(White Mantis is a very good furry artist...)

Skids narcissistically take advantage of your artwork and pretend to praise
you for it. Of course, they never praise you-- they're badass ahckers be-
cause they take advantage of you. And you poured your heart out into that
exploit too, didn't you? You stumbled into that bug and you travelled to
the darkest depths of the kernel for months-- even years!-- to understand
not only how to discover its presence, but equally, to harness it, to
throw a saddle on that dragon and ride it to root.

And they -bragged- about it? They smugly proclaimed their power because of
-your- research? Then they turned around and asked you, hey, where's the
next one? Man, that hit you gave me last time, gosh, that was so powerful,
so verys trong, may I have another and steal the fame you don't even want
you fucking nerd?

Skids aren't inherenty white-hats, no. But lots and lots of white-hats?
Yeah. Fucking skids.

White-hats have a desire to defend. But too many of them are drowning in
the mammal sauce (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_MbhPWud8kM) of their
exceedingly egotistical bullshit. Another metaphor could be said here, but
darlings, live for the swarm. StarCraft leak.

White-hats are not your enemy. This community needs defenders. Defenders
are the dualism to attackers. A good defender can stop a good attacker and
bring everything to a standstill. You know the scene:

Defenders assist your existance. Attackers assist your existance. For in
this community, we are one and or other but not xor: a ternary system.
Attack defend and blend.

Your enemy are the skids. Kill the skids by overdosing them. Taunt them.
But you must first give them the opportunity to kill their ego. For the
best hackers k https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S0JfwiHjVIg [F9] [F9] [F9] 

u mad bro[F9] [F9] [F9] [F9] [F9] [F9] [F9] [F9] [F9] [F9] 

Hehe. Good. :)

For the best hackers have killed their egos. All that's left is the id...
and the superego.

More powerful than a white-hat!

Faster than a screaming zero-day!

Mom didn't watch much SuperMan... but you get the point. :)

The hacker community is so very diverse and wonderful. And it's all because
the true tinkerers of this community ahve found a variety of ways to
slaughter egos. Those egos that can't be killed with kindness and through
coersion? Well... you've read ZF0.

I'd like to remix something for you:


>>> Give us your packers, your crackers, your exploit authors and strange
>>> artists, your Jolt-chugging CTF players competing just to play. The
>>> Mr. The Plagues spreading the plagues of their obfuscated payloads.
>>> Kill these, your egos, the tempest-noise of your science, we bite our
>>> thumb at thee who does not see my children are brilliant. And deserve
>>> steak.

Kill the skids. And ask your local kids: who the fuck are dids? For they
are tit-for-tat and one in the same rhythym..


Shouts: Fuck shouts. This is for all of you. :)

Haters: I love you. Refute me with your wicked science.

Closing notes:






Take note of the inconsistencies. They're fun. Like... well. :)

First: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wru2aDvmpT0

In conclusion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zAB5AC9yhY0

And: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D9RfSYOfKD0



|--=[ 0x03 - The P0 mailz ]=---------------------------------------------=|

        [ We received a lot of mails related to P0. Not sure why, we have
          nothing to do with them. We publish one of them here. ]

From: patagonico
Subject: P0

I think this can be separated in two parts: Tech and non-tech
Technical: Finding bugs in a huge codebase that is 20 year old is moot.
It's like giving the proverbial fish. The codebase will always stay
hungry, and buggy. You needed to teach the developers to fish bugs, 20
years ago. Software protections and automatic tools help, but you cannot
protect for logical flaws or injections. Also, for each bug you find,
devs introduce 1000. Bug hunters will be always outnumbered.

Non-tech: Moral high horse of good hackers is a physiological
testosterone-induced illusion whose main objective is to establish a
dominance hierarchy and help you have sex and pass your genes. It does
not work. There are no girls in infosec. The girls in infosec are men.
It is good or bad to report bugs? time will tell. Too a complex system
to make any predictions now. It might be better to live in a world where
weapons are outdated and countries attack each other with 0days. You see
what a bomb does to a kindergarten? 0days do not do that. 0days are
elegant weapons, for a more civilized age.

|--=[ EOF ]=-------------------------------------------------------------=|
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