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Current issue : #20 | Release date : 1988-10-12 | Editor : Taran King
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Title : Phrack Inc./Gossip
Author : various
                                ==Phrack Inc.==

                      Volume Two, Issue 20, File 6 of 12

                  Metal Shop Private's -- Phrack Inc./Gossip
The Phrack Inc./Gossip subboard included mostly conversation involving gossip
in the phreak/hack world as well as the discussion of files for and the
organization of the Phrack Inc. newsletter.

1/100: well...
Name: Sir Francis Drake 56
Date: 6:26 pm  Wed Apr 29, 1987

Yet another version...


St. Louis - Well, the SummerCon has come and gone and nothing has changed.
It started off well, with almost 80 people arriving.  We knew something was
wrong when people wouldn't put nametags on becuase they were embarresed. And
then when they all drank large amounts of beer, it was realised "Hey! These
phreaks arn't any differnt!  There just typical teenagers who beli eve being
drunk is fun 'cause the rest of the time they feel so shitty.  No one was
busted, the police just felt sorry for the weak attempt at Dyonisiun excess.
Oh well, maby someday people will realise that false bravado and bragging of
inebriation is simply stupid.

"Hey, that wasn't even funny."


2/100: Umm...
Name: Knight Lightning 2
Date: 11:24 pm  Wed Apr 29, 1987

Hey SFD, you need to title those articles remember?  But seriously, SummerCon
will undoubtably be a quite fun activity but lets face it, no one is going to
learn much about phreaking or hacking that weekend, not with all the excitement
of meeting new people and partying, which kinda relates that you'll forget
everything anyway.


Phreak World Crippled; SummerCon Causes Despair            June 22, 1987
Today the phreak world was astounded and dealt a horrifying blow as all the
phreaks who attended summercon, left with their entire phreak knowledge
literally erased from their minds due to an excess of drinking and other
unknown mind altering substances.  it is unknown as to if these effects are
temporary or a lifetime destruction.


Anarchy World Takes Charge               June 23, 1987
MetaliBashers Inc, have become the new "LOD" of the modem worl since all of the
LOD members no longer can even remember what LOD stands for (in fact no one
can).  With MBI taking charge, the new wave of the modem world has turned
strictly anarchy although there are rumors of various pirating organizations
beginning to unload new wares soon.


Investigators Lose Jobs!
John Maxfield reportedly lost ALL contracts today when it was discovered that
the phreak/hack community was completely destroyed thus no one needed
protection from them.  He has now taken a job with the local sanitation
management firm to help figure out what to do with all the garbage now that the
phreak community wasn't stealing 1/3 of it anymore.

Hey this is getting fun huh?

:Knight Lightning

3/100: I heard
Name: Evil Jay 26
Date: 11:56 pm  Wed Apr 29, 1987

    straight from the horses mouth that The Rebel and some other people from
that crowd are going to show. I actually got to hear the entire Howie episode.
According to Rebel, Howie was busted, went to court and when his mother found
out what he was doing (again) she completely and foreverly (bros?) took away
his phone privelidges. I dont know about that...but oh well. I also heard from
quite a few people who have met Exy, Delta-Master and Bill from RNOC in person
and the comments I receved were ...interesting.


Suicidal Nitemare - History
   Suidical Nitemare met death head on when Evil Jay knocked on his door
pretending to be a lineman checking on his line. Once inside, Jay prceeded
to swing a hand set at Suicidal with amazing acurracy (sp). Once dragged
outside, Jay then proceeded to tie Suicidal naked to a tree and call the
ever-lovin' Broadway Hacker over to do his stuff. Jay was last heard pleading
insanity. Suicidal Nitemare remains in intensive care, and Broadway Hacker is


4/100: Michigan
Name: Control C 8
Date: 2:10 pm  Thu Apr 30, 1987


   Bad Subscript. LoneWolf, and I are all planning on going. Maby we could work
something out. I think Ax Murdere, and Sir William will be going too.
Call me and we'll talk about it.


5/100: ROOMS
Name: Lucifer 666 43
Date: 4:07 pm  Thu Apr 30, 1987

If broadway decides the stay in the public rooms then I'm not in that one...

also will it be like nametags?

|  hello I am            |
|   TARAN KING- randy    |
__________________________    and so on....

also, I was wondering about the bust scene cause if I get busted in st louis,
there is no way in fuck I could get bail money...

liquor, drugs,... driving with craig etc...


6/100: Community rooms
Name: Knight Lightning 2
Date: 7:02 pm  Thu Apr 30, 1987

Broadway is being banned from using the community rooms.  If he goes, he will
have to get his own, and I heard that this is what he claimed he would do if he
went.  I really don't think there is going to be any busts as long as no one
brings anything real illegal, like a blue box or is standing down at the pay
fones with a page and a half of codes in front of a cop or something.

L6  What do you mean driving with me?

:Knight Lightning

7/100: I do.
Name: Evil Jay 26
Date: 12:05 am  Fri May 01, 1987

    Because of the large amount of drinking and other crap, I'll bet my ass
that more than 1 minor gets busted. I think we should all find some park or
something. Actually, the better thing to do (which wont and probably cant be
done now) is to rent some building for the night. Ive been to a few partys
where they did that. No cops, outrageously loud music...it was great... wasnt
cheap, but if everyone pitched in....


8/100: Hotel Parties
Name: Mad Hatter 51
Date: 6:57 am  Fri May 01, 1987

i'm not very fond of them.  I went to two of 'em and they both got busted.
What are we(you) going to do if someone gets busted?  I'm sure as hell that I
don't want my parents getting a call from St. Louie PD saying, "Ahh, yes, Mr.
xxxxxxx, you son was picked up at a hotel party for underage drinking. Can you
please come pick him up?"  Also, what about bail money?  Jez, your screwed if
you get picked up.


KL, since BH is NOT allowed in the public rooms,(and if I go with him) does
that mean I can't stay there?  Any other k-rad d00dzz coming?

9/100: Heh
Name: Taran King 1
Date: 7:06 am  Fri May 01, 1987

No, you can stay in the room with the rest of the people, Hatter.  I haven't
even heard about this banning Bway from the room, so maybe KL's making
decisions for Forest Ranger, but I'm not getting involved in the personal
schtuff.  A LOT of people are getting their own rooms so that they won't be
stranded in the middle of nowhere if they get kicked out.  We will just have to
keep it moderated (not the drinking, just the noise).  If you (you) know that
you're getting down here by some manner, please leave feedback saying what form
of transportation you're using so that I can get an idea of how many trips to
each station will be made, carpools can possibly be created, etc.

10/100: Drinking
Name: The Scanner 20
Date: 8:24 am  Fri May 01, 1987

 Whats the drinking age in St. Louis anyways? Please tell me they havent hit 21

11/100: SFD
Name: Doom Prophet 21
Date: 4:26 pm  Fri May 01, 1987

I'm glad that someone has a dissenting opinion on the drinking scene. While I
do like to drink (on an average of about maybe 1 or 2 times a month, unless
parents are gone or something), I also think that bragging about drugs and
alky takes/shows no intelligence, and the person who refrains from doing that
is a non-conformist. A bunch of people at my school call me 'the Anti-Pot
Crusader' and similar names because I dislike hearing about how fucking drunk
and stoned, etc, everyone got over the weekend for 2 hours straight. But tht
doesn't mean I think it's wrong (unless someone is abusing, etc, selling shitt
to buy drugs). You could take myy messsage as being a 'conformist' drinking/etc
post since I stated some things about TK being drunk and pu king, but I don't
consider it that myself.


12/100: well...
Name: Sir Francis Drake 56
Date: 8:07 pm  Fri May 01, 1987

yup, glad to see you understand my position.  Of course it is equaly lame to
brag about how you never dring/take drugs.  The key of course is to do what you
actualy want to do, not what you have vbeen conditioned (by society and of
course the dreaded 'p-pressure') to do.


13/100: Drinking Age
Name: The Spectre 82
Date: 8:25 am  Sat May 02, 1987

<I'm sure you are all wondering "who the hell is The Spectre?"  Don't worry
about it.> The drinking age in St. Louis, and all of Missouri, for that matter,
is 21. Has been for a long time.  And since most people on here are under 21,
that could pose some problems.

14/100: Broadway
Name: Knight Lightning 2
Date: 10:13 am  Sat May 02, 1987

Oh, ok Randy, you can sleep in the same room with Broadway.  Don't bend over
for the soap.

Forest Ranger did make some comments and so did Taran on Atlantis.  We have to
remember the saftey of the people going and without sounding crude, the
question of Broadway's sexual preference has never been answered conclusively.
There are several people who plan to attend that would be very concerned about
their personal well-being if they were forced to room with Broadway and I think
that it would just make things simpler if B-way grabbed his own room.

:Knight Lightning

15/100: I still.....
Name: The Disk Jockey 13
Date: 12:54 pm  Sat May 02, 1987

think that Broadway won't show.....

16/100: Retraction
Name: Phantom Phreaker 46
Date: 10:51 pm  Sat May 02, 1987

 I must 'apologize' (for lack of a better word) for my using of Broadway
Hacker's name in that post, I feel that it is red, and weak for someone to rag
on the ragee-of-the-month, behind their back. I personally have only one thing
against him, and that is his bullshit story about a year ago when he to ok
Radio Station down, and I believed him like a fool and took my board down and
panicked. That just showed me that I can't really trust what he says. In all
honesty, he did run a good BBS for a while, you can all give that much credit
to him.


17/100: Bragging???
Name: Evil Jay 26
Date: 1:19 am  Sun May 03, 1987

    Somehow I feel some of these comments are directed towards me. Well,
hell... I have a good time, why shouldnt I say so? I dont think I brag.. .I uh.

(lame, lame LAME post...)

18/100: B-Way
Name: Jester Sluggo 31
Date: 12:13 pm  Sun May 03, 1987

If the guy shows up, then he shows up.  You can't make plans around him.

As for partying, if you wanna get smashed drunk and make a fool out of
yourself, go ahead.  I'll drink, but drink moderately (about 6 beers/Hour).
As for trading info, or getting busted; DON'T bring anything REAL illegeal.
Others have said this, and I hope that nobody blows it for the rest of us.

About the drinking age: as long as you stay in the damn room and drink, and
keep somewhat quiet, there should be very little of a problem.  For buying
booze, I should be able to buy (even though) I'm not old enough,  because
I'm big enough..   I think TK is a witness to that.    Moosehead!

 / luggo !!

19/100: S-Con stuff
Name: Knight Lightning 2
Date: 4:13 pm  Sun May 03, 1987

Ok ok, Forest Ranger says that until Broadway has actually been proven to be a
homosexual that he shall be innocent until proven guilty.  In other words well
he met Cap N Crax who met Broadway and Cao said he was ok, but I remember many
others like Monty Python who met him and told us all about how Broadway just
wanted to wrestle him in people's lawns and get him drunk. Will SummerCon
finally answer the question?

As I have stated before, DO NOT bring BLUE BOXes or anything else.  DO NOT
bring a 125 page list of SPC, MCI, MEtro, and TMC codes, DO NOT bring firearms
or knives (Scan man will have that part covered), DO NOT bring your mom, DO NOT
bring the police, DO bring your toothbrush.

:Knight Lightning

20/100: Broadway Hacker
Name: The Prophet 23
Date: 5:34 pm  Sun May 03, 1987

A person by the name of S. K. Ericson once told me that this guy would card
airplane tickets for very young hackers to New York to attend the TAP meetings,
then refuse to card them the tickets home unless they gave in to his
advances... SICKHe offered no proof of his accusations, though.


21/100: Hack-A-Trip
Name: Knight Lightning 2
Date: 7:10 pm  Sun May 03, 1987

Well, he is always inviting people to New York and asking them if they would
like to stay at his place.  He also likes to get people's addresses and make
plans to visit them.  BH was also the founder of  Hack-A-Trip, so this theory
could have some tangibility.

:Knight Lightning

22/100: Nametags?
Name: Thomas Covenant 84
Date: 8:37 pm  Sun May 03, 1987

Well, I may wear a skating cap that says "urLord", but aside from that, forget
about it. I hate walking in into some place and some lady leaps out from behind
a pillar and slaps a nametag on my tit saying "Hi! My name is Ian !" That
happened to me once, and I used an old Erma Bombeck line: "Now, what shall we
name the other one?" And Kip may wear his k00l vanity plate reading 616 HAK.

23/100: Nametags
Name: Knight Lightning 2
Date: 11:06 pm  Sun May 03, 1987

Well they are optional of course but remeber you are gonna have a hard enough
time trying to learn everyone else's name without having to worry about them
forgeting who you are (er whatever).  Wear em if you want em.

"Hi...My Name Is Knight Lightning...Unless Your Name Is Scan Man."


:Knight Lightning

24/100: innocent
Name: Lucifer 666 43
Date: 11:51 pm  Sun May 03, 1987

till proven guilty??? so when we find some guy hopefully someone not liked in
the middle of the hall with a bloody swelling anus, crying, screaming "all I
wanted was a US sprint code... I didnt know he'd do that....sob hes aid sob
he would give my an account sob| on the Radio.... well now....fucking russian
roulette... who will be the one to be butt-s macked?


25/100: hahahahah
Name: Phantom Phreaker 46
Date: 1:02 am  Mon May 04, 1987

 'butt-smacked' hahahah that was funnny Luke. Oh well, fuck it we(ll see what
happens there. I personally don't think there will be any real problems, just a
few hostilities between people who have been 'enemies' for a while.


26/100: B'way "anus smacker" Hacker
Name: Icarus 15
Date: 2:55 am  Mon May 04, 1987

I am saying this, in regret, behind his back.  BUT I will also say it to his
ugly face.  I was on his board and he got my number and would not stop his
annoying calls, hours on end (maybe an hour).  He wanted to meet me and after
bluntly refusing many times, to no avail, I said to myself, "To get this fuck
off my back I will meet him somewhere in the city."  He never showed up. And
stopped calling. But frankly, I believe every negative rumor about him.  I am
convinced h e is an utter fag of the worst kind.  You would too if you heard
the kind of shit he was saying.  He asked questions his gynecologist wouldn't
have the an swers to. (getting a bit crude..) Who was there when he was taking
snapshots at the TAP conferences?


27/100: More on BH
Name: Evil Jay 26
Date: 4:14 am  Mon May 04, 1987

   Thats funny you should mention that. Broadway was also pretty insistent that
I come up to visit him after the CES and some other shit. He also talked about
getting "kicked in the balls" and shaving pubic hair. There is definately
something wrong with him. I remember about 3 years ago when some friends of
mine used to talk about some "crazy bastard who also talks about getting kicked
in the balls"...this must be Broadway. Crax, lets go...


28/100: HAHAHAHA
Name: Slave Driver 58
Date: 10:02 am  Mon May 04, 1987

  I am on the floor laughing about that.  I was at the TAP con telepub and I
wil NEVER EVER forget this pear-shaped man taking out a camera and start
snapping pictures.  I have never seen dirtier looks in my life.  They
practically threw him out the window.

  It is also true that BWH likes to talk about guys balls and shit on the
phone, but Jesus Christ guys, its simplel  If he makes a move on you, be at the
shit out of him.  What is so hard about that??  You all seem so scared of him,
like if someone screamed out 'Oh no, its Broadway!!' hundreds would being
running out of the hotel...

  BWH is about 5-11 250lbs maybe, -all- in the gut, ass and hips.  He really
does look like a pear...

Steve Driver

29/100: also..
Name: Slave Driver 58
Date: 10:07 am  Mon May 04, 1987

If you were going there from a long way away, Id be SURE to get a room. Think
about it, 30 40, 50, 1000, whatever| teenagers, drinking profusely, with no
supervision.  90% wont be able to handle it and will just run around the hotel
fucking things up.  I had experience with this once and we totally fucked up
the hotel.  We took apart most of the insides of the elevator, broke all the
screens and threw them down 10 floors etc.  And this was just a piece of shit
hotel.  You guys are going to be in a mostly business man type of place. .. and
they wont wait 1 sec to complain.  All in all I would be VERY careful... I also
wouldnt sign my name to the room. At the place I was stay it was a school trip
to Six Flags, Great Adventure| staying the school got a bill for $4000 and that
damage was done by about 15 people.  So whoevers name is on the room
registration better watch his ass...  I think the person is insane ...
especially since most places want a credit card copy to insure against the

Steve Driver

30/100: Ba hahahahahahahahah
Name: Knight Lightning 2
Date: 3:10 pm  Mon May 04, 1987

Holy shit, I have just flown back and forth across my room laughing so hard
after those posts.  I remember him asking me some similar questions in the he
past and rambling on about his balls etc.  I ignored him and "had to go, its
time for dinner."  "But its 3:45 PM."  "Er yeah see I'm late...<click."

:Knight Lightning

31/100: Help
Name: Knight Lightning 2
Date: 3:15 pm  Mon May 04, 1987

Can someone please get in touch with Sherlock Holmes on P-80 or leave me his
phone number or something.  He is supposed to have some information or article
for PWN.  Thanks.

:Knight Lightning

32/100: BH
Name: Mad Hatter 51
Date: 3:48 pm  Mon May 04, 1987

He does seem to want to talk about balls alot.  Jay, he asked me that too (Have
you ever been kicked in the balls before?).  He also kept on telling me about
pranks he pulled(literally) in high school like tieing people nude against
lockers and stuff..... Sounds like real fun, eh?

And I'm going to the Con with him?  Maybe ahh! we'll see... I like my anal
quarter the way it is... We shall see...


33/100: Say that again...?
Name: Knight Lightning 2
Date: 10:34 pm  Mon May 04, 1987

Why are all of these peolle supposedly going with Broadway?  I doubt he is even
going to show up himself, so don't count on a carpool.  Originally he said he
was going, but then left me mail on Atlantis saying that he wasn't.

Even if he does go, you want to find out what it feels like to have a 2 50 lbs
pear shaped orangatang grab your balls and squeeze?

:Knight Lightning

34/100: Ouch
Name: The Scanner 20
Date: 11:28 pm  Mon May 04, 1987

 It hurts to even think about it so I wont. Anyways,

 Is this convention just for selected poeple from certian boards or can just
about any Hacker attend?

 Also, what is the name of the hotel and the exact dates this will be going on?
                      _-The Scanner

35/100: bh & guns
Name: The Mentor 74
Date: 12:27 am  Tue May 05, 1987

Nuff said.

36/100: Friends..
Name: Mad Hatter 51
Date: 2:54 pm  Tue May 05, 1987

I don't recall specifically who he said, probally some 'friends' of his (or
shall I say bedmates?).  Well, I'll call him and crossexamine this topic with

Gang Bang?  Please.........!


37/100: SummerCon dates
Name: Knight Lightning 2
Date: 5:06 pm  Tue May 05, 1987

June 19-21 (Fri-Sun), 1987.  The Executive International Best Western Hotel
(Airport).  For all phreakers and hackers that feel so inclined as to attend.
Its like an open party.

:Knight Lightning

38/100: Advanced Carding Series
Name: The Disk Jockey 13
Date: 12:33 am  Wed May 06, 1987

Most of my advanced carding series and some other fraud files I have written
in ARCed and on the AE line.  Look for ADVCARD.ARC.

                                                 -The Disk Jockey

39/100: WELL...
Name: Sir Francis Drake 56
Date: 1:14 am  Wed May 06, 1987




40/100: Adv Carding files
Name: Taran King 1
Date: 7:50 pm  Wed May 06, 1987

They are now integrated in the anarchy subdirectory (because they're hardly
phreak/hack but not really "general").  They include ADVCARD*.TXT,
CHECKFRD.TXT, ATMFRAUD.TXT and maybe one or two I forgot, but Jockey can fill
you in.  Snort the wave...

41/100: Anyone
Name: Knight Lightning 2
Date: 12:28 am  Thu May 07, 1987

Did anyone ever get in touch with Sherlock Holmes on P-80?

:Knight Lightning

42/100: well...
Name: Sir Francis Drake 56
Date: 6:07 pm  Thu May 07, 1987

Hmm, one thing I found trashing quite awhile ago was a report by Pac-Bell on
problems they were having with their new DMS-100's...One thing was the "coin
problems"...Ill quote the letter as its fairly interesting:

Four coin problems have been discovered with the introduction of the DMS-100
in Pacific Bell.  These are:
 1. Applied +48 Volts for Coin Presence Test
 2. Coin Return Voltage
 3. Paramater - Per call ground loop detection test
 4. Overheating of GX18AB cards Real clever name there..(Did ya get the pun?)

+48 Volts associated with coin service is used for Coin Overtime, Coin Presence
Tests and Automatic Coin Toll Service (ACTS).  +48V is used in ACTS to reset
the totalizer so that coin counting can be acomplished.  NT has developed a
workaround for interfacing to ACTS.  Therefore the main problem is the coin
presence test.  In normal situations, battery is applied to Tip side with the
ring side opened.  +48V is applied to the ring sing of the line which detects
the presence of a coin or no coin.  If no ground condition exists, no coin is
present.  If a coin is stuck (ground condition) a line 112 report will print in
the CO.

Without +48V this cannout be done.

In a situation where a customer deposits .20 cents on a call requiring a .50
cent deposit, the .20 cent deposit is not being returned.  The TSPS machine,
handling all call processing, will instruct the End Office to sent out voltage
(Normal +110 Volts for collect and -110 for return) that will return the inital
deposit.  ACTS then resets the totalizer which enables coin counting to begin
on the initiation of the required .50 cent deposit.  Presently, the DMS is not
doing this.

well whatever.


43/100: well...
Name: Sir Francis Drake 56
Date: 6:08 pm  Thu May 07, 1987

Aurgh, so I posted that on the wrong sub.  sue me.

And now I compounded my lameness by posting two messages in a row.

Will It ever change?  Will I ever become truly ELITE?


44/100: Hello Floor
Name: Lotus 38
Date: 3:39 am  Fri May 08, 1987

I have been away for a while and I would like to also say that after reading
all the broadway posts I was on the floor from laughter....

45/100: B-Way....
Name: The Disk Jockey 13
Date: 6:48 am  Fri May 08, 1987

I just wrote a code hacker in Pascal, and it's pretty gay, I'm gonna call it
"Broadway Hacker".

                                                 -The Disk Jockey

46/100: Bah Ha
Name: Knight Lightning 2
Date: 7:54 am  Fri May 08, 1987

Who cares about Broadway?  He is most likely not going to SummerCon and we
don't want him too anyway.  Oh yeah, if he does show I heard something to
watch out for...  If you see a large, fat, pear shaped "person" (describing
him as either sex would be insulting) with a bulge in its pants...KICK IT! as
hard as you can.  Because it mmost likely is going to be a camera or tape
recorder and if its not one of those, it means the he is feeling turned on
about seeing you and you are seconds away from being sotomized.

:Knight Lightning

47/100: Thanks...
Name: Mad Hatter 51
Date: 2:25 pm  Fri May 08, 1987

Thanks KL and I thought you cared.  Well, I thought that he was going. He
better or I'll UNLEASH  THE FULL FORCE!  Hehe..  Excuse the similarities...
Also, KL, can I have a copy of that term?  I need one and I'm a lazy ass...


48/100: Broadway Fudge-Packer......
Name: The Disk Jockey 13
Date: 7:25 pm  Fri May 08, 1987

Check out his posts on Atlantis.....real gay...somethings REALLY wrong with
that dude.

                                                 -The Disk Jockey

49/100: Term Papers
Name: Knight Lightning 2
Date: 12:16 am  Sat May 09, 1987

Should I put em up on ye ole MSP?

Anyway, the fact that something is really wrong or different or strange about
Broadway is not a unique idea.  I've held it since I met him and especially
since he started to talk about his balls.  Who cares, so any new developments
with people coming to SummerCon?

:Knight Lightning

50/100: well...
Name: Sir Francis Drake 56
Date: 6:12 pm  Sat May 09, 1987

I talked to Stan yesterday (not something a wise person admits to on this
board but who ever said I was wise) and he is still claiming that he will
'definetly be there'. Id be awfully carefull people...he might beat you up ya



51/100: Yeah right
Name: Knight Lightning 2
Date: 9:41 am  Sun May 10, 1987

As far as I am concerned, Stan has about as much chance of coming to SummerCon
as TWCB Inc., to TelePub '86.

:Knight Lightning

52/100: East Coast
Name: Mad Hatter 51
Date: 2:57 pm  Sun May 10, 1987

Is anyone on here going to Con '87 that is from the East Coast(Preferably
North East)?  I would like to know, just in case BH decides not to go.


I just got home from a nice party.. 20 half kegs(genesee), over $300 worth of
pot, and a case of JD. Under the circumstances, I naturally felt it upon myself
to fuck... So I did... Did you notice how my 'extra' text is longer
than my 'actual' post?  Well, fuck....

53/100: Story Idea
Name: Knight Lightning 2
Date: 6:46 pm  Mon May 11, 1987

I was wondering, would any of you (being a sample of the whole) appreciate
seeing a sort of documentery file on the controversy and problems surrounding
Phantom Access?  It would have a great finish that would sufficently burn one
of the greatest geeks in our community.

:Knight Lightning

54/100: BH(again..)
Name: Mad Hatter 51
Date: 6:00 pm  Tue May 12, 1987

Just talked to him last night, to find out definitly if he is going, and
(according to him at least), you will be meeting me there(in other words, he's
going)... He was talking about my girlfriend touching my balls last night...


55/100: Tough Call
Name: Knight Lightning 2
Date: 8:18 pm  Tue May 12, 1987

Well its hard to second guess Broadway's sincerity about appearing at
SummerCon.  For the moment, I still hold that I'll believe it when I see it.
Still, he did show up (rather rudely) at TelePub '86, but then this took place
in New York anyway.

Whats the latest word about Scon from Solid State or OQ?  Sfd?

:Knight Lightning

56/100: B.H./Scon
Name: Evil Jay 26
Date: 8:43 am  Wed May 13, 1987

    Well my patience has worn thin with Broadway. He is practically begging me
to call him, so I left him a nasty reply that generally told him to stop
"bugging" me (no pun intended). About him going to Summercon, I say...tell him
no. After all, you guys have the final say so dont you. If you have any doubts,
just read the last posts. Hell, its obvious that he's happy as a fucking lark.
And if you still have any qualms, think about it like this :

Would you invite a fagg to YOUR party?

    As I said, there are alot more non-elitist going to the party then you all
think. I could count out at least 20 off hand that non of you have probably
ever heard of. All I can say is, good luck. If I were you I would print up a
big article in Phrack and say its cancelled, then only invite selected people.
If you have doubts, just remember this..(DAMN IT, REMEMBER IT),

-   "Dont say I didnt tell you so" Quote, Evil Jay


57/100: Well...
Name: Sir Francis Drake 56
Date: 4:27 pm  Wed May 13, 1987

  Looking through this travel agent trade journal, and it had a list of major
conventions in St. Louis during the next 6 months...And guess who will be in
St. Louis on the 19th?  30,000 Southern Baptists.  Yup its the southern
baptist convention, the biggest convention in St. Louis all year.

Its from the 12-19th.  I can allready imagine arriving at the airport to see
thousands & thousands of these people getting ready to leave.

should be keenish.

and YES i would invite a gay to a party...


58/100: C'mon guys
Name: Knight Lightning 2
Date: 5:39 pm  Wed May 13, 1987

This is an OPEN party.  And as far as a bucnh of no names going, we can use the
cash not to mention that this could bring some new future talent into the
phreak world.  Meeting people and spreading your influence is what life is all
about in the phreak world (heh!).

Sfd, you would invite a flamming, homosexual, ball squeezing, ass licking, 250
lbs, faggot to your party?  Well you and B0way can share a room.


:Knight Lightning

59/100: Southern Baptists...
Name: The Mad Hacker 47
Date: 7:18 pm  Wed May 13, 1987

I agree with the idea that we should let all people attend no matter what
their qualifications show. I mean, if they're assholes, Take some people aside
and coduct what business should be more private. Also, I think it would be
great if We could get some of the Southern Baptist Women REALLY Medicated and
Leave them at the doorstep of the Minister.

Everyone Get Out Your "Disco Sucks, Long Live Rock 'n' Roll" Tee Shirts and
Let's Get Weird.. heh.

                             The Mad Hacker

60/100: D00DZ!
Name: The Disk Jockey 13
Date: 7:52 pm  Wed May 13, 1987

I say who the hell cares if a bunch of guys come that are unknowns, I can see
your point Jay, but look at what this is, it's not going to be something that
we will be able to realistally get anything done at, so I agree that the more
money and more people, the better.  I would say that 100 people, wasted, would
make a better party than 15 wasted people, shit what would we do?  Discuss
wire centers?

                                            -The Disk Jockey

61/100: Good
Name: Knight Lightning 2
Date: 10:48 pm  Wed May 13, 1987

I'm glad we are in agreement.  You see although all of us StL people are
helping to supply dough, we expect to break even or make a small profit for our
time, effort, and preliminary investment, not to mention the risks.  I really
don't car so long as I break even but whatever.  The extra cash after that will
probably go to alcohol etc.

Oh yeah... and BAIL

:Knight Lightning

62/100: Hehe
Name: Phantom Phreaker 46
Date: 8:59 pm  Thu May 14, 1987

 Yeah, 100 people, right, that would never be noticed, loud, or out of the
ordinary. Still, it would be nice.

 Discussing Wire Centers with 15 people with everyone intoxicated would be fun,
I think.


63/100: Discussions
Name: Knight Lightning 2
Date: 9:27 pm  Thu May 14, 1987

Phantom - But aren't you the one who had a discussion about new forms of BOXES
at Six Flags Over Mid-America with about 6 people?  (Heh!)

Hey now that I mentioned it, maybe we could all go to Six Flags at S.Con (Idea
Idea, Idea, nah never work)

:Knight Lightning

64/100: NONONONON!
Name: <<< Doom Prophet 21 >>>
Date: 4:26 pm  Fri May 15, 1987


Here is what we shall discuss:

First, we shall discuss distortion, static, and its causes in T1 digital cable
and in T1 ORBs. Then we shall examine the line and trunk link network, with
maps,  lectures, and sketches on behalf of all of us. Then it will be a
question and anwser session, with Remreeds, Reed Relays, Serving Area
Interfaces, F1 layout, interoffice trunk maintenance, toll office reports, and
ferrite sticks abounding. Then we will discuss WC's and MDF's and the duties
of the MCC in all ESS levels.

Actually, it sounds inttersting to me (just about everything above) but there's
a time and place for technical discussion, and also a time for fun. So nyah.


November 1986 'I did not autthorize a secret fund to the Contras'

January 1987 'I may have autthorized the shipmentt butt don't remember cause
       my colon or prostrate got operated on and I was stoned off the medicine'

April 1987- 'The tower reports indicate that it was my advisors.'

65/100: well...
Name: Sir Francis Drake 56
Date: 11:22 pm  Fri May 15, 1987

May 1987 - 'I donated the money to the contas with the best interests of the
            nation in mind'

June 1987 - 'There was a small connection between by donations and the
             contra's promise to keep Nancy's affair with Fawn Hall secret'.

as for the Con, I think we should have a sign:


real cool...


66/100: Summer
Name: Knight Lightning 2
Date: 9:50 am  Sat May 16, 1987

We are getting closer and closer to SummerCon folks.  I can't wait.

Anyway, I was speaking with Taran aboutg this yesterday, but now I'd like to
ask you (the general public).  I'm sure you all remember Phrack 13 (the joke
isse), I felt that if people wanted to write the files, in times of need (we
being low on files for Phrack) we would make a file or two a special feature
like Phrack Work News or Phrack Pro-file, but with anyone contributing or
writing it. I was think of datacapturing that stuff on sub 4 or maybe some of
the bogus news stories on here for the first file.  What do you think? Oh yeah,
SFD, the idea you mentioned on the genral board sounds good, do it.

:Knight Lightning

67/100: say we
Name: Lucifer 666 43
Date: 1:52 am  Sun May 17, 1987

wanted to go to 6 flags or do some engineering? with 100 or more people it
could be hard... maybe there should be public conferences and then small get
togethers of the people that we know...

I dont know.....100 people running around and everyone trying to meet

sounds confusing...

1988 "Well, I told mr. bush that I'd authorize it if he'd only bounce on it
for a few more minutes"


68/100: Six Flags
Name: Knight Lightning 2
Date: 11:57 am  Sun May 17, 1987

Its a good idea in general, but we just don't have the time.  We'd need a whole
extra day and thats more moeny for rooms and admition to the park is kinda
expensive to.  So maybe a few might want to go, but I advise against it.

:Knight Lightning

69/100: Wait.....!
Name: The Disk Jockey 13
Date: 12:37 am  Mon May 18, 1987

Why don't we save time by going to Six Flags AND gineering!  We could try to
engineer the people that work at SF and find out who there boss is, what day
they get paid, how much they make, who trained them, etc!

Really though, this is al(the conference) gonna happen on friday and saturday?
Well, why don't you throw in the optional "Sunday-Six-Flags-Day" for any of us
that really don't feel like leaving?  What is the price for that place anymore,
about $18?  I still think that there should be girls there, 30 or so guys,
being wasted, and Broadway, still doesn't cut it with me, I need someone(s) be
crude as hell to, and then abuse for a night.  Almost as good as as finding a
new Cosmos dialup!

                                       -The Disk Jockey

70/100: Bah!
Name: Evil Jay 26
Date: 2:55 am  Tue May 19, 1987

    Okay, since no one ever agrees with me, I thought I would explain my self
this time around and hopefully make you understand that if alot of people show
the show wont go. Im sure alot of you realize what kegs cost and Im sure with
all the folks showing up (most of them probably not pitching in much - do they
ever?), we are not going to be drinking as much as we like. 100 people in two
rooms (not counting Broadway) - how wonderful. What do the people do who cant
fit - (idea!) sit in the lobby and wait of course. Where do the people who can
no longer stand go when its time for all 100 (in two rooms) people to crash? I
couldnt tell you. What happens when the cops come? We run. What happens when
Mrs Blow's son ends up in jail - she sues (or at least causes alot of bs), what
happens when the cops, finding drunken people in the hallway, stumble across a
drunken Taran King. They bust him and get him for many things including
Intoxification (minor), Serving Minors (is that a law?), Causing a Publid
Disturbance...among other things. What happens when Jay hits the "tank"...he
gets 4 years in an Indiana Correctional Institure (Ive always wanted to pick
potatoes). I was just thinking of everyone else, mostly TK.

I have been to some pretty big partys, the majority of which were busted. Big
partys are big news, and tend to draw attention from the less desirables
(mainly cops). Contrary to what many on here have stated, the only place I
would invite a faggot is the next Challenger to the stars. Now, Ive said my
peice, and of course, as always, someone will disagree, someone will rag or
someone will generally be pissed off, hate me for life, "de-"friend me or
whatever. I know, Ive been a real negative, burnt-out, stupid-ass...BUT I DONT

-The Big J

71/100: Reply
Name: Taran King 1
Date: 6:15 am  Tue May 19, 1987

I think people are overestimating what will occur at SummerCon.  I hardly
expect 100 people to show up.  Shit, even if that many do, a lot of people
seem to be getting their own rooms...but for them to toss in like $5-$10, it
shouldn't be a big deal.  If the kegs don't work out, we'll just get cases of
something (not as good, but still does the trick).  As for being busted because
too many people show up, only phreak/hacks will be allowed into the room as
this is not an opened "party", per say.  We will not be too rowdy because we
are in these rooms for 2 nights and we cannot afford to be kicked out,
therefore, people WILL be quiet (Friday night anyway) and people WILL NOT be
wandering around the hotel drunk unless they're in another room which won't
affect ours.  The rooms will NOT be trashed because we're not positive h ow
getting them will go (it will be under a fake name, but if they need ID, we're
going to have to use someone's real one probably).  I don't know, we'll work it
out, but don't expect all of those obnoxious things that usually happen at
hotel parties to happen because if we get kicked out, people can't just drive
or stumble back home afterwards...

72/100: About BIG parties.
Name: Cheap Shades 3
Date: 7:18 pm  Tue May 19, 1987

As far as Big hotel parties go it's usually not a question of cops showing up.
It's more a question of Hotel Management.  As far as that goes, hotel
management is usually pretty cool about not kicking partiers out because they
still make money off those people (as long as shit ain't getting torn up) and
it's bad publicity to kick a bunch of drunk people out of a hotel because they
end up driving drunk.  Also public intoxacation of a minor is a crime but being
in a hotel gets you out of being publically intoxicated.  About the kegs,
because there's a $25 deposit on kegs and $50 deposit on tappers I seriously
doubt that we'd be getting kegs unless we can come up with a large quantity of
money ahead of time. (Very unlikely).

        \Cheap/ \Shades/
         \___/   \____/

(By the way I've never seen ANYONE carded for buying a keg? I wonder if that'd
be easier than finding someone over 21?   nah)

73/100: Tapper
Name: Mad Hatter 51
Date: 7:41 pm  Tue May 19, 1987

$50 deposit on taps?  We buy 'em up here for around $30.  Is beer to be the
only alcoholic beverage?  I not much of a beer drinker.  I prefer (naturally)
vodka.  There was something else but I seemed to have forgot..

Absolut rulezz d00d!!1!


74/100: Alky
Name: Phantom Phreaker 46
Date: 9:18 pm  Tue May 19, 1987

  If you ask me (you don't), mentioning the word 'party' or 'beer' or anything
like that in the same sentence/post as 'SummerCon' is only yelling to the
world that something is going to be goinng on. Now, it would be better if ther
would have been nothing mentioned of partying, until we got there. Anyway, I
don't think it should be such a party where everyone has to pass out, I'm not
for that. Getting nice and fucked up to where you can walk (with difficulty)
or getting a really dry mouth is good enough for me.


75/100: Partys/Summercon
Name: Evil Jay 26
Date: 10:45 pm  Tue May 19, 1987

    Yeah, but if we told everyone it was just going to be a gathering of people
(damn wordwrap) talking about DMS then no one (or hardly anyone) would show. I
think the chick idea is a good one, so it might be nice if some of you locals
invited a few long-legged females to the rooms. As for me, I'll b e looking out
for large naked fat men and hopefully trying to have a good time without
discussing things like DMS...etc. Look for Part III of Tales of Misadventure -
Summercon, sometime tommorrow on Phantasie Realm or here on drive H. This one
will feature a visit in a shower, a large naked fat man, a casualty list and


76/100: How About
Name: Cap'N Crax 10
Date: 11:51 pm  Tue May 19, 1987

What would be the opinion of a "scams" file for phrack... I've come up
with/invented/collected quite a few over the years.  Most are not hack/phreak
related, nor are they related to carding.  They are mostly ways to "beat the
system" or sort of "hack" non-technical things. Anyone interested?


77/100: Ditto...
Name: The Disk Jockey 13
Date: 7:22 am  Wed May 20, 1987

for me, there's lots out there besides carding anymore.....

Oh, and Stoley vodka in the freezer (it wont freeze) is so smooth you can
drink it straight, Hatter!

I was an Asst Mgr for a bar for some time, so I can bring mix equipment for
the hell of it if anyone wants to get exotic.

Shades is correct about the managers, at an Embassey Suites party I had, we
must have had 40 people in a 2 room suites, and we were all pretty wasted, and
there were bottle and cans everywhere, and the manager only came up once (we
thought we were screwed) to say to "Just keep it in the rooms guys!"  He said
something that is probably true at most hotels, trooms are somewhat sound

                                            -The Disk Jockey

78/100: "SCAMS"!
Name: Ax Murderer 7
Date: 5:36 pm  Wed May 20, 1987

Hmmm....Yeah, carding is getting to be a lost age (Don't get me wrong but...)
It's getting pretty sad. Unless the editors have some legal objections, I think
it would be a pretty cool idea. There is little to stop anyone from finding
limits in scams. But try to keep it creative, not your typical ordering a pizza
(What a joke.)

  Ax Murderer

79/100: well...
Name: Sir Francis Drake 56
Date: 6:31 pm  Wed May 20, 1987

d00d, what fun would a party be without getting drunk?

durrrr...I expect some lemonade for me....t-hee.

(rhyme scheme!  another poem..Lemonade And Me)

I think that we should have a seperate sub for the summercon so we dont have
this dichotomy (I felt like using that word and I really dont care if I didnt
use it quite correctly? ok? ok?) between phrack posts and summercon posts

Seriously folks, the whole drinking question is stupid.  If you want to drink,
buy it yourself.  And dont be dumb about it....("Flipper rules, OK? ...DONT BE
STUPID"..good band)

IM going to the con nyah nyah nyah...I got the tickets in my sweaty cum covered
hands...so tweet!

"Quack, said the duck"

80/100: getting kicked out
Name: Lex Luthor 36
Date: 5:41 pm  Thu May 21, 1987

A funny story about Phil-Con the last Big (not nearly as big as Summer-C on
will be) phreak conference.

Tuc and I only knew what hotel it was, no room number and the name it was
supposed to be under was not checked in. We saw a photocopied paper saying:
"You hold the Keys to Security" with the Pennsylvania Bell logo. Scrawled on
the bottom was Phreak-Con IV. No room number there, but it did prove that they
were there, somewhere...

Well we came to the conclusion that the only way to find them was check every
room assuming either a door would be open and we would recognize Videosmith
and the others, or they would be making enough noise for us to hear. After
about the 3rd floor of listening, I was not paying attention and had my ear
about 6 inches from a door, listening for phreaks (a smart move, hey we had no
other way of finding them ok? ok?) and there was a hotel security guy. Well
while I was busy looking like a theif, Tuc saw him, with the eagle eye he has,
as the guy was 2 or 3 yards away. Well of course he wondered what I/we were
doing. We told him the truth (not a misatake for once) and he checked our ID.

Then we asked if there were any complaints. Well he remarked about about some
guys stealing all these hotel phones... A giveaway. We told him thanks and got
the room . That was them allright. We spent the remainder of the night being
chased by security and hiding phones. (Not really us (me, Tuc, and Videosmith)
but the locals) of course it was unavoidable or just plain stupid to just sit
and wait to be ejected from the hotel so we departed also.

Anyhow, they were never thrown out just warned many times. And thats it. Just
thought I would relay that story for those few people interested.


81/100: Syndicate Reports
Name: The Sensei 18
Date: 6:57 pm  Thu May 21, 1987

    I just uploaded all the Syndicate Reports from 9 to 11.  All of these I
was absent from MSP, and thus unable to upload them.  Since Priv.Sector is
down, TK couldn't get them anyother way.
    For those of you that don't know what the TSR is, check them out on the
AE, or Files section...where ever they may be at this time.


82/100: speaking of private sector
Name: The Prophet 23
Date: 2:26 pm  Fri May 22, 1987

What happened to it?

83/100: Scams
Name: Phantom Phreaker 46
Date: 8:56 pm  Fri May 22, 1987

(Would you look at the time, Fridaight, girlfriend isn't home, brother has the
car so I decided to be a computer geek instead.)

 About the scams file, I would like to see some ofthe shit in the vein of
Consumertronics, such as ATM information, vending machine ripoffs, video game
ripoffs (what the hell?), free power, and the like. When they are intelligently
writte and informative then they are interesting to read.


84/100: wait...
Name: Lucifer 666 43
Date: 12:54 am  Sat May 23, 1987

do you think that it would be good for every kid/nazi with a modem to have the
info to pull a scam? the scams would get cancelled hella ok, so I'm not from
california, i'm from IL but fuck you I still say it quick.

also, you could just make it a semi-public file or whatever.

not as public as phrack, but then again dont just make it for you and you pal.


85/100: Video Game Tricks.
Name: Evil Jay 26
Date: 1:45 am  Sat May 23, 1987

   Because of alarms they now have the machine, use the following catiously.

1) The quarter with the hole drilled in the middle will work on most machines.
   Its just hard to get the quarter back above the credit pin.

2) There is ALWAYS an extra set of keys to the front or back of the machine,
   hanging on the inside of the door.

3) The back wood they use (for the back) is like cardboard. It makes a big
   noise when cracked, but cracked it is - and easily.

4) ROM chips can be sold.

5) The penny up the coin slot still works on older games, like Pac Man. On
   MIDWAY games justflip the penny in the quarter inch slot up in the coin
   return. Flip it til it goes up, and hopefully you'll get a credit. On Atari
   games and similiar (ones with vertical coin slots), hold your finger up
   inside the coin return slot so the penny wont fall all the way down. Drop a
   penny in and once it sits there, carefully move it into the next slot on the
   right (right next to it). Flip it up. Nickels are easier.

Have phun,

-The BIG J

86/100: well...
Name: Sir Francis Drake 56
Date: 1:57 am  Sat May 23, 1987

Ahem.  I hate to tell you this L666 but "hella" went out in CA a few years
ago...Speaking of which Elric Of Imput up a board and its sorta an IBM ware
board oh well but if you want to call it its at (415) 278-7421. Also, Shooting
Shark finaly got his modem back and who know he may even start calling outside
the bay area again some day..


87/100: Atlantis
Name: Taran King 1
Date: 11:28 am  Sat May 23, 1987

As many of you may know, Atlantis was down temporarily due to hardware problems
but The Lineman just put the board back up so if you're on it, you can now
continue calling.  If you're not, the number's in the B:BS List on the main
menu.  Later

88/100: Back in Phrack!
Name: Knight Lightning 2
Date: 11:48 pm  Sat May 23, 1987

Hi, I've been absent for a while because of a disassembly of computer and some
other mishaps going on.  Anyway, things are still rolling along for SummerCon
and the like so it should be a great event.  All pertinent details will be
released in PWN 14 (if it ever gets released) so watch for it.

:Knight Lightning

89/100: I heard.....
Name: The Disk Jockey 13
Date: 1:05 am  Sun May 24, 1987

...that Metallica's KILL 'EM ALL compact disc has a special encrypted coding,
that when played on one of the new laser storage devices by Xebec, will print
every payphone number in the metro Chicago area.

Can anyone verify this?

                                                 -The Disk Jockey

90/100: Phrack
Name: The Sensei 18
Date: 7:19 am  Sun May 24, 1987

   If Phrack just monthly?  Seems you see it one month (new version), then you
don't for another 2 months.  Or is it one of those deals that "When it comes
out, it comes out".


91/100: 2600 meeting
Name: Mad Hatter 51
Date: 10:59 am  Sun May 24, 1987

Does anyone know any mroe info about the "2600 Public Get Together"?  I heard
it is on Friday, June 5th.  Can anyone fill me in more?  I (unfortunately)
don't subscribe to 2600, and I just heard that from a friend... Thanks..


92/100: 2600
Name: Control C 8
Date: 2:26 pm  Sun May 24, 1987

The 2600 Public Get-Together8/l Friday, June 5, 1987 at 5pm

It's at the Citicorp Center (atrium), 153 East 53rd St.  New York City.

that's all I know about it..


93/100: intersting
Name: The Leftist 71
Date: 11:05 pm  Sun May 24, 1987

did you know.. that you can tie off all the bridges in your c.o. to a  that
filters off audio, and then, scream into the phone, and at the same time drop
them 1 by one.. creates a neat little fade in effect..also, well never mind

94/100: Get togethers
Name: The Executioner 19
Date: 9:46 pm  Tue May 26, 1987

Well....Citicorp eh? hahaehaoheoaeh...

"Excuse me, security, we have 100 screaming juveniles yelling something about
 ESS and K-rad PABX'S D000DS!"

"Ah, yeah,..."

Anyway, let's all get together and see who REALLY goes to the beach in the



95/100: hella
Name: Lucifer 666 43
Date: 11:46 pm  Tue May 26, 1987

just got to Illinois.... anyways, Yea Disk Jockey, I did that Metallica thing
and it did work, plus it gave a TRW root privs act at the end, but no


where 2?

96/100: well...
Name: Sir Francis Drake 56
Date: 11:17 pm  Wed May 27, 1987

Blah.  Vaguely interesting article in NetworkWorld about toll fraud.  About
a texas man who sold 15 codes to secret service agents for $3,000 (200 a
piece!?) from TNT.  But the big excitmnt about it is that he was found guilty
by a judge and will now go in front of a jury, making it the first time a
toll fraud case when in front of a jury.  or something like that.

Noble House crashed Stroke Of Midnight.  I knew you would care.

In other news...Bill From RNOC reports that french kissing his dog is a bad
idea.  And KL admits he is a mall rat.  More later.


97/100: Network world/Drake
Name: Jester Sluggo 31
Date: 1:24 pm  Fri May 29, 1987

Drake, I read that also, and I'm gunna U/L it to Knight for his Phrack World
News... (So others can read).

 / luggo !!

98/100: Well...
Name: Sir Francis Drake 56
Date: 1:42 pm  Fri May 29, 1987

Oh damn, and I had wanted to type it in so I could my name in *PHRACK*!. ..

                       AND INCISIVE COMENTS BY

                 K N I G H T  L I G H T I N I N G !



Yes one of these days im going to stop being mean to KL, just you wait.


99/100: lovely
Name: <<< The Executioner 19 >>>
Date: 1:41 am  Sat May 30, 1987


I love people whose names take up more line space than their message....

Boy, wish I was just a rad kinda neat-o peachy -keen type thrasher squid.

100/100: 15 Code Culprit
Name: The Sensei 18
Date: 6:07 pm  Mon Jun 01, 1987

  Yeah, upload the file...article.  I wouldn't mind reading all the details.
Maybe sticking it up on TSR.


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