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Current issue : #20 | Release date : 1988-10-12 | Editor : Taran King
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Title : New Users
Author : various
                                ==Phrack Inc.==

                      Volume Two, Issue 20, File 9 of 12

                       Metal Shop Private's -- New Users

This was the New User subboard where people could apply for membership on Metal
Shop Private as you will see in a number of places throughout this message
base.  All messages were posted anonymously except by those applying (who
didn't actually post their application but it was arranged that way).

Note:  Not all of the signatures on the ends of messages are correct as will
       be obvious at times, but not at others.

1/46: A few jokes...
Name: <<< Knight Lightning 2 >>>
Date: 10:41 pm  Mon May 04, 1987

Ok, please note, the characters portrayed here are fictional.

Picture a bar full of phone phreaks.  Jester Sluggo walks in drunk.  He goes
to the front and gets a beer.  He chugs it and looks at the people on the left
side of the bar and says, "ALL OF YOU ON THIS SIDE OF THE BAR ARE
not wanting to incure damage.  Sluggo chugs another beer and then looks up and
A PROBLEM WITH THAT?"  "No not I,"they all cried.  Then suddenly a small
figured mexican national stood up and started walking towards Sluggo.  "YOU
GOT A PROBLEM WITH SOMETHING I SAID," he belched.  "No no senor, I was on the
wrong side of the bar."

                                 --> The Amazing Comic!

2/46: Galactus's Application:
Name: Galactus
Date: 2:33 pm  Tue May 05, 1987


1.AGE 21





3/46: Ok...
Name: <<< Taran King 1 >>>
Date: 2:37 pm  Tue May 05, 1987

I've talked to this fellow and he doesn't know a hell of a lot about phreaking
but seems to know a bit about hacking anyway.  You may have seen him on Phreak
Klass Room 2600 too, but I don't know since I'm not on there.  So what do ya

4/46: Nanuk..
Name: <<< Mad Hatter 51 >>>
Date: 2:59 pm  Tue May 05, 1987

I've seen some of his posts of Phreak Klass and they're okay.  Althoug like he
said, his files are a tad outdated.  I never really talked to him personally,
so I'm undecided...


5/46: Can't say
Name: <<< Knight Lightning 2 >>>
Date: 5:09 pm  Tue May 05, 1987

I don't know anything about his hack knowledge, but I do know that he is very
confused about voice filtered loops.

:Knight Lightning

6/46: Also....
Name: <<< The Mad Hacker 47 >>>
Date: 11:46 pm  Tue May 05, 1987

I can't say as I have never seen him on any BBS. Seems okay, although I
usually hate anyone that Types in all Caps(Proper Capitalization, Eh

Seems okay, I guess, but then I really don't know......


7/46: Nanuk
Name: <<< The Prophet 23 >>>
Date: 12:28 am  Wed May 06, 1987

"Specialties- locating PBX's and using diverters"? Nay!


8/46: He's ok
Name: <<< Control C 8 >>>
Date: 9:09 pm  Wed May 06, 1987

I think he's ok, I just let him on my system and he seem like he know's what
he's talking about when it comes to computer systems.. I say Ok..

9/46: Who
Name: <<< Knight Lightning 2 >>>
Date: 12:33 am  Thu May 07, 1987

Who did Nanuck say he knew (as references) from the old days that we could
check with and who now?

:Knight Lightning

10/46: Hmm...
Name: <<< Taran King 1 >>>
Date: 7:02 am  Thu May 07, 1987

He hangs out with his own little clique.  His good buddy is Blitziod.  He's
also friends with Lefty Carlson, Fatal Error 313, Mic Ripoff, Silent Rebel/
Phantom Fighter, and Striker (not the one from the IBM pirate boards I don't
think).  I don't know how to really get in touch with any of these people, not
that I could go by their words anyway...Later

11/46: Vote
Name: <<< Computer Wiz Kid 54 >>>
Date: 10:24 pm  Thu May 07, 1987

Sounds Good, but like someone said before, i hate CAPS......Looks LIKE someone
is YELLING AT YOU, but hey if he is as good as he said he was, why not...

12/46: Fatal Error 313
Name: <<< Knight Lightning 2 >>>
Date: 11:33 pm  Thu May 07, 1987

Not meaning to get crude or vulgar here, but isn't this the FE that is dead?
If so, I think you're going to have a bitch of a time getting a hold of him.

:Knight Lightning

13/46: FE
Name: <<< The Scanner 20 >>>
Date: 1:38 am  Fri May 08, 1987

 Fatal Error has been gone for some time now. He and a good friend of mine
kinda disappeared about 2 weeks before I was raided. I havent heard from either
one since then.   ???

                      _-The Scanner

Well, May as well plug my board while im here.....

       Scan Line  313-851-0912
       Designed for the serious
                  - yeah sure

Newuser pass = OPCODE

14/46: FE 617
Name: <<< Taran King 1 >>>
Date: 6:31 am  Fri May 08, 1987

The one in 617 who used to run Metropolis is dead...the one in 313 is just
dormant.  Stupid posts for stupid people by stupid people

15/46: Fatal Error....
Name: <<< The Disk Jockey 13 >>>
Date: 6:57 am  Fri May 08, 1987

Wasn't he killed in a motorcycle accident?  Or is he laying low and thats what
he wants people to think?

                                                 -The Disk Jockey

16/46: Fatal Error
Name: <<< Knight Lightning 2 >>>
Date: 8:02 am  Fri May 08, 1987

Its a good theory, but I believe the incident was real.

:Knight Lightning

17/46: Any one else??
Name: <<< Mad Hatter 51 >>>
Date: 2:32 pm  Fri May 08, 1987

Any in else in the "Phreakdom" die?  That seems weird.  I get the feeling of a
society without death/diseases/etc.. No, for the current Votee....


18/46: Death.....
Name: <<< The Disk Jockey 13 >>>
Date: 7:28 pm  Fri May 08, 1987

Ever hav that you know die?  It's always someonwho you know, but never really
think about.  It's wierd as hell, and it makes you wonder if you are next.
Ever wonder what death is like?  I guess it can't be imagined....  Ever get
really stoned and just sit and try to compare

FUCK IT.....I'll stick to new scanning, I don't even know what the hell I am

                                            -The Disk Jockey

19/46: In general
Name: <<< Knight Lightning 2 >>>
Date: 12:19 am  Sat May 09, 1987

And for the record this is on the wrong sub, the idea of death in the phreak
world has really been "getting busted" or "retiring."  That is the only way we
can really think about it in our society, I mean cause phreaks just don't die
everday, but they do get busted about that often, so that gives us a more
realistic view if we were to look at the phreak zone as a true realm.

:Knight Lightning

20/46: FE (again)
Name: <<< Phantom Phreaker 46 >>>
Date: 2:28 am  Sat May 09, 1987

 Fatal Error 617 died from a motorcycle accident while riding in his woods.
Micro Man (617, was sysop of Newsweek BBS) called me and told me this on July
3, 1986. I guess no one else heard about this for a while, I remember the date
because it was right before the fourth of July. FE 617 was into COSMOS and ran
Metropolis, as someone said. FE 313 is a vocal phreaker and (as far as I know)
doesn't have a modem.

21/46: really
Name: <<< Lucifer 666 43 >>>
Date: 2:35 am  Sun May 10, 1987

KL & Tk gasp! print false info ? gasp!

anyways, exactly how much fun can it be to be a diverter expert?

22/46: FE's
Name: <<< Control C 8 >>>
Date: 11:22 am  Sun May 10, 1987

FE 313 is alive and well, I don't think he has a modem but he's in some group
with that Nacka of the north (or what ever his name is)  randy you should have
his number around somewhere..


23/46: Galactus
Name: <<< Doom Prophet 21 >>>
Date: 10:57 pm  Sun May 10, 1987

I sorry butz I say no to Galactus...I don't think he's good enough to be on MSP
(not saying I am good either). Some of the stuff here is not fit for thte
irresponsible...I don't believe that he is 21 for some strange reason. Oh well
trying not to discriminate but I say definately no.


24/46: Galactus.....
Name: <<< The Disk Jockey 13 >>>
Date: 6:43 am  Mon May 11, 1987

Doom's right.....fuck 'em.  I don't buy for a second that he's 21.

                                            -The Disk Jockey

25/46: Add
Name: <<< Knight Lightning 2 >>>
Date: 6:48 pm  Mon May 11, 1987

I myself was unimpressed by his resume and the conversation we (Taran and I)
had with Galactus clearly has left a mark with me that he doesn't deserve a
place on MSP at this time.

:Knight Lightning

26/46: NO
Name: <<< Phantom Phreaker 46 >>>
Date: 7:24 pm  Tue May 12, 1987

 My vote on Galactus is NO. Yes, I am conceited as hell, an asshole, etc. I
always feel like a jerk when I vote 'NO' because I feel like a segragationist.

27/46: I feel the same.
Name: <<< Evil Jay 26 >>>
Date: 9:05 am  Wed May 13, 1987

   Galactacus (whatever the fuck his name is) is a knowledgeable person, but
I think he could still go awhile before getting let on.   Sigh, he is a Prime
person tho (hell, practically inspired me to write a Prime file when I read
that pathetic thing from way back).

Still, its no.

-The Big J

28/46: Guess its No, yes?
Name: <<< Knight Lightning
2 >>>
Date: 5:44 pm  Wed May 13, 1987

Looks like there has been an overwhelming vote of dissapproval of Galactus
becoming a member here.  Whats the woid Taran?

:Knight Lightning

29/46: theres no way
Name: <<< Lex Luthor 36 >>>
Date: 10:46 am  Fri May 15, 1987

There is no way Galactus "knows very well" all those OS's
I would say 3 operating systems is the maximum for most hackers as far as a
complete (its never really complete) knowledge of OS's is concerned. Hell I
know VMS, UNIX, and VM/CMS very well but thats it. The rest I know enough to
get around in. OS's are like languages, people know a few words in spanish or
french but don't know how to speak fluently in those languages, but they still
tell people they can. That is what hackers do. I find this mainly on their
applications. Most hackers specialize in one operating system. Sometimes they
move on and specialize in others, sometimes they stick to the one they like.

More ramblings from Lex

30/46: ummmmm.
Name: <<< Lucifer 666 43 >>>
Date: 2:11 am  Sun May 17, 1987

but what if he unleashes with full force!

hmmmm.    isnt this nice. our own little democracy...sort of..

ourvote =  3%
randy's = 97%

           notice.... the above

31/46: Galac.
Name: <<< The Sensei 18 >>>
Date: 6:37 pm  Thu May 21, 1987

   Galac., doesn't sound like a honest to goodness hacker.  He probably calls
us his local UNIX system and uses defaults to hack it out.

   Sounding sarcastic, but you know how it is.  1987 for users is really lousy.

   What are the specifications for electing a new person to the system.  I
have someone of interest.


32/46: Users...
Name: <<< Taran King 1 >>>
Date: 7:07 pm  Thu May 21, 1987

The user must be experienced in some manner or have a good general knowledge
of telecommunications.  If you wish for someone to get access here, have them
make out an application for themselves, get it from them, and then upload it
to the D: drive on the AE and I'll put it up as a message.

We shall wait until Galactus shows himself more worthy of being on the board.
Now we come to the problem with Solid State.  He was kicked off not too long
ago but he wants back on (I guess).  One way or another, he said he'd be
writing up "his side" of the story so at least we'll all get to hear what he
has to say for himself.  Life is a bitch...

33/46: well...
Name: <<< Sir Francis Drake 56 >>>
Date: 7:01 pm  Fri May 22, 1987

just to get my remarks in early...Iv talked to State & Stan about it and I
think State should be let back on.

He was kicked off because he SUPPOSEDLY read msgs to/gave his pswd to Stanly.
Now this info mainly came from Stan who would claim that he used states
password "all the time".  Now since, stan is such a notorious liar the
whole thing is obviously questionable.

Now another main complaint (from what ive gathered talking to KL) is that
State would not tell TK/KL how Stan gets on MSP even though State apparently
knows.  This may sound sorta lame, but if State starts telling on stan he
wont be trusted, and it would be lame of him.

So it would seem that as long as State does not further help stand (which is
EXTRENELY unlikely even if he ever did) Stan he should be let back on as he
was/will be a "valuable user".

so there.

34/46: Wrong...
Name: <<< Taran King 1 >>>
Date: 7:10 pm  Fri May 22, 1987

I don't want to start a debate because Craig's gonna be here real soon
preaching about everything but I'd just like to have it stated that I've got a
neutral 3rd party that was on a conversation between Stan and Nate where Nate
was reading posts from MSP, which I had previously told him was grounds for
deletion from MSP if he read them to Stan.  Thank you and here's my address

35/46: Preech!
Name: <<< Knight Lightning 2 >>>
Date: 11:58 pm  Sat May 23, 1987

This is true.  In OQ's own word's "Nate is my partner in crime."  Now perhaps
you may call OQ a liar or say he is bluffing, but their friendship exists for
better or for worse.  Now both OQ and SS claim to have at least 3 or more
accounts on here anyway and Stan would like his own account to post with as
well (yeah yeah, why'd you even mention it KL, it'll never happen).  As good a
hacker that State is, I am not convinced that he should be trusted in any
aspect towards the system especially since he has aided succesful attempts to
breech its security.  I mean, thats just the way it is, nothing seems to ever
change, etc.

One other thing to mention, its not like we "owe" anyone an account and
although I suppose I have a lot of pull, Taran King will have the final say.

:Knight Lightning

36/46: Solid S.
Name: <<< The Sensei 18 >>>
Date: 7:25 am  Sun May 24, 1987

    I don't know Solid too good....just that he's one a specific system 24hrs
a day, it seems.  I think he's just a modem kid out for a fun ride.

    Let'em cool for a year.  You can't blame a guy for hacking ANY system
though.  I'm split.


37/46: s. state
Name: <<< The Leftist 71 >>>
Date: 4:38 pm  Mon May 25, 1987

Solid State in my opinion is a dick, and shouldnt be let on any system, much
less this one..

38/46: Nate
Name: <<< The Executioner 19 >>>
Date: 9:50 pm  Tue May 26, 1987

Anyone ever look up the word "Nate" in the dictionary???

It means...

"VArious forms of semi-aquatic salamanders"

OOOOPS! That's Newt, I mean Lock Lifter.....eeeek!!

Nate - The skin that stretches from the opening of an anal cavity to
       the base of the penis.

Enough said....

39/46: Nates
Name: <<< Mad Hatter 51 >>>
Date: 10:45 pm  Sat May 30, 1987

Nates - (N) The buttocks

from Webster's 20,000 word dictionary.  Where did you get your definition?

Name: <<< Icarus 15 >>>
Date: 3:29 am  Sun May 31, 1987

This is the handle of someone who claims he is in LOD.

Well, Lex, is he?

41/46: HAhaahahahahaha
Name: <<< Control C 8 >>>
Date: 10:04 am  Sun May 31, 1987

Who told you that??  Fred From RCmac hahahahah!!!

While I'm here anybody know about the new switching system called ADDR ESS?  I
here it's mor advanced then DMS-300.


42/46: Fred from Rcmac
Name: <<< The Executioner 19 >>>
Date: 4:17 pm  Sun May 31, 1987

I saw him on Digital Logic's BBS.  He didnt show much of anything...

43/46: Fred from Rc-Mac
Name: <<< Control C 8 >>>
Date: 9:47 pm  Sun May 31, 1987

Fred is Phiber Optic who is Public Enemy 1 who is Ilduce (the biggest luzer
in the world).. He disn't know shit about shit!

44/46: Phiber Optic.....
Name: <<< The Disk Jockey 13 >>>
Date: 12:55 am  Mon Jun 01, 1987

.....claimed on Atlantis that he can get you the REMOB number for your local
CO by simpley leaving him your NPA+PRE....he also says that there is a "REMOB

                                       -The Disk Jockey

45/46: Well....
Name: <<< The Executioner 19 >>>
Date: 8:11 am  Mon Jun 01, 1987

Well, we can ALL see that Fred is just a mental powehouse chock full to the
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