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.:: Sara Gordon v. Kohntark Part I ::.

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Current issue : #44 | Release date : 1993-11-17 | Editor : Erik Bloodaxe
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Title : Sara Gordon v. Kohntark Part I
Author : Kohntark
                              ==Phrack Magazine==

                 Volume Four, Issue Forty-Four, File 11 of 27


[Editor's Note:

  The following two files are very interesting.  I never paid ANY
  attention to the realm of our community that focus on virii.  For
  some reason, the whole idea behind them is a novel concept, but
  I never saw any reason to take notice of them.  Even when I've
  given lectures, I always leave discussion about virii out, since
  they should be a moot point.  I mean, when "fdisk /mbr" will take
  care of so many problems, what's the big deal?

  I know I'm over-simplifying things, but jesus...

  Well, while I continued to overlook this small but earnest group
  of folks who dabble in virii, all kinds of things began to happen.
  Groups formed, rivalries flared, paranoia ran rampant and one of the
  most ridiculous cottage industries in the history of personal
  computing appeared (living on the spread of Fear, Uncertainty and

  Well, in all of this several names have popped up as potential threats
  to this little world.  One in particular, Sarah Gordon, even got the
  spotlight as a paranoid, BBS-busting, hacker-bashing psychopath in a
  rather ill-researched and hastily prepared Phrack piece a few years
  back.  It is rather odd that in all the hype we in the underground
  drum up, no one ever bothers to get the other side of the story, so we
  feed the fervor and continue the paranoia.

  Well, with this in mind, I received a file claiming to have info
  regarding the big "expose" of Sarah masquerading as the Dark Avenger.
  Now, even a moron like me has heard of the Dark Avenger, so I read it.
  After doing so, I wanted to pipe it to /dev/null, but then decided it
  would be much more fun to send it to Sarah too, and let her respond to it.

  It's amusing as hell, and just goes to show that the underground
  has as many similarities in its distinct groups as it does


         Sara(h?) Gordon AND THE DARK AVENGER SCAM.
         By Kohntark

         In one of my many online conversations with Sara Gordon
         I once asked her about the validity of the VNI interviews and
         her real relationship with the alleged dark avenger; after
         logging into her VFR BBS and seeing a #2 (hers being #1)
         account named after him.
         I proceeded to leave a message for the dark avenger there,
         claiming that the whole account was bogus as it is highly
         improbable that this person might call all the way from
         Bulgaria and log into a mediocre BBS just to chat with her,
         considering the expense of such long distance call , the
         economic situation in Eastern Europe and a fact that
         would learn later: Sara(h) Gordon has an account on the
         Bulgarian DIGSYS unix server, locally accessible by phone
         from there!

         As it was expected, Sara(h) quickly 'noticed' my personal
         message to the dark avenger and replied to my questioning in
         a public post in FIDONET, (I don't read FIDONET posts and she
         knows I have no access to them!!!! )
         She claimed that the dark avenger was fully aware of how much
         money she made out of the VNI interviews and that she was in
         touch with him, etc.etc.

         Afterward, I questioned her again about the whole affair
         and demanded a proof, or some sort of direct contact from the
         dark avenger to my anonymous internet account.

         Since this was the first time anyone had ever questioned the
         validity of her relationship with the DA, she took this to
         heart and shortly after, I received 3 short messages
         originating from <dav@danbo.digsys.bg> an Internet connected
         UNIX system in Bulgaria.

         Here they are:

         (Private, compromising parts are X'd out)
         1st Message:

From daemon@digsys.bg Wed Jul 14 19:07 EDT 1993
Received: from danbo.digsys.bg by XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX; Wed, 14 Jul 93 19:07:3
4 -0400
Return-Path: <dav@danbo.digsys.bg>
Received: by XXXXXXXXXXXXXX (5.67/1.35)
        id AA12850; Thu, 15 Jul 93 02:04:46 +0300
Message-Id: <9307142304.AA12850@XXXXXXXXXXXX>
From: dav@danbo.digsys.bg
Date: Wed, 14 Jul 93 23:41:36 +0300
Subject: No subject
Status: RO


i just talked to a friend of mine who said you dont like her user
log. why shouldnt i call her from bulgaria? i call whoever i want
to, and this is not your problem.

by the way, she sent me your mail. for your information, i do
know how much money she made of that interview. and i also think
that this is none of your business.

also, maybe it would be good for you to know, that by offending
her, you are offending me, too. keep this in mind.

Second Message:

>My mail with her is none of your business either.

i dont think so, dude.

maybe you need to read the next few lines again,
in case you missed them.

>> also, maybe it would be good for you to know, that by offending
>> her, you are offending me, too. keep this in mind.
>> <dav>
 >HA HA! and you expect me to believe that you are the DA!
 >send me a proof: an email address from bulgaria or tell me
 >how many addressing modes does the MTE have?
 >nice try.

 well, what do you think the domain .bg in my email address stands for?
 maybe you think its kameroon?
 as for the mte, im not giving you any info.

 i need not prove anything to anybody, and certainly dont plan to waste more
 of my time talking to you. you have been warned.


Third Message:

 oh, yeah. sure it did.
 only you will not know where something else came from, when it knocks on your
 door. i have nothing more to say.


         In my ignorance, I blindly trusted the three cryptic replies
         to be true, even thought whoever replied refused to give out
         trivial information such as the number of addressing modes
         for a 2 year old encryption engine (MTE) and spelled Cameroon
         with a 'k' (Check out Sara Gordon's spelling of URUGUAY in
         VIRUS-L Volume 6 Issue 120 -v06i120)
         Shortly after other unrelated discussions and a CUD post from
         Sara(h) in which I was mentioned (unnamed), someone warned me
         of several posts in NUKENET by an alleged dark avenger and
         Todor Todorov from an account belonging to the last,
         mentioning me and Aristotle.
         In those messages I was referred to as 'hotshot,' a word that
         Sara Gordon had used on me several times on our personal
         email exchange; It was then that I became highly suspicious
         of the whole matter.

         I called Virginia's Virus Research Institute's sysop and
         owner, Aristotle to find out more about the posts and he
         bought to my attention the particular writing style of
         Sara(h) Gordon: She NEVER uses capital letters and
         apostrophes on her personal email, and always signs her name
         on the lower left hand corner. (She seldom signs her posts
         nowadays and changes her user name in her vfr@netcom.com
         account every week!; for further proof of her writing style,
         please refer to public posts in VIRUS-L Volume 6 #120; I also
         have over 100K of personal email exchange to prove this

         It was then that we realized that she was passing herself as
         Todor Todorov and the dark avenger (who could possibly verify
         their online identity?) and had infiltrated NUKENET..

         The writing style described corresponds exactly to the one on
         the posts I received from the 'dark avenger.'
         Shortly afterward the <dav@danbo.digsys.bg> account was
         cancelled and I learned the whole truth:

         The danbo.digsys.bg Bulgarian site belongs to Daniel Kalchev,
         another self appointed AV researcher whose best claims to
         fame are submitting various Bulgarian viruses to Patricia
         Hoffman's VSUM!!
         (You can check this by doing a search on 'Kalchev' on the
         current VSUMs or you can contact him thru:
         <daniel@danbo.sigsys.bg> )
         He is a very close friend of Sara(h) Gordon and he has an
         account in her VFR BBS (you can check this by logging into
         her system and checking the user list) and SHE has an
         account in digsys.bg under <sarah@danbo.digsys.bg> (this
         account is still valid as far as I know; notice the H after
         her name!)

         What I concluded is that is the DA would never get an account
         in such system as he HATES Daniel Kalchev!!!!

         This is what really happened: Sara(h) Gordon in her
         desperation to prove that she was in touch with the dark
         avenger, told her pal Daniel Kalchev to make an account under
         the dark avenger's name (<dav> this is how she always refers
         to him, even though he never signs his name that way (check
         the source code for his 'Dark Avenger' virus or the
         'Commander Bomber' virus message name: [DAME])
         From there she could email me messages that would come from
         Bulgaria and would be untraceable since she would log into
         her account in digsys.bg and log into the <dav> account
         internally from the same site in Bulgaria. (You can check
         where and when most of the people log from in most internet
         unix and vax sites)

         As it is expected from her, she has denied any of this.
         Some of her ridiculous explanations include things like
         "hotshot is a very common English word in Bulgaria" !!!

         You might ask yourself what is the deal with the h? is it
         sara or sarah??
         Well, I asked her the same question when I noticed this in
         one of the VNI interviews, where her name is spelled as
         She replied that this was a mistake of the publisher.
         Mistake? well not really, it was another lie, meant to throw
         off any information and truth seekers, for example you can
         check her account in Daniel Kalchev's system:
         <saraH@danbo.digsys.bg> , spelled with an H,
         another 'mistake of the publisher?'

         Other countless Sara Gordon lies are told in NUKE Info-
         Journal # 6.

         This behavior puts in question the validity of the VNI
         interviews and the reputation of Sara(h) Gordon as a serious
         (self appointed) 'virus researcher'

         IMHO the VNI interviews are a complete fabrication, meant
         only to boost her validity as a 'journalist', and to make her
         lots of money, charging for further 'interviews' to other
         magazines. (She has offered her paid 'interviewing' services
         to various other publications.)

         To the best of my knowledge the information I present here
         is true and can be checked.
         I chose to publish this information, despite threats against
         my well being and countless lies about me propagated by
         Sara(h) Gordon.
         I am doing this to stop the lies and corruption fostered by
         the Anti-Virus industry.
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