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Current issue : #44 | Release date : 1993-11-17 | Editor : Erik Bloodaxe
IntroductionErik Bloodaxe
Phrack Loopback / EditorialPhrack Staff
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Computer Cop ProphileThe Grimmace
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Northern Telecom's FMT-150B/C/DFyberLyte
A Guide to Data General's AOS/VS Part IHerd Beast
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An Interview With Agent StealAgent 005
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Safe and Easy CardingVaxBuster
An Introduction to the Decserver 200Opticon
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Title : Phrack Loopback / Editorial
Author : Phrack Staff
                              ==Phrack Magazine==

                 Volume Four, Issue Forty-Four, File 2 of 27


                                Phrack Loopback


Well, Im trying to set up a BBS here in small little old northeast pa, and
I'm wondering if there is any way I could post the issues of phrack on it.

I've gotten some issues from MindVOX and loved em.  Thought others would
like em.  Please send mail back.

the soon to be SySop of LLD.

[I have no problems with people putting copies of Phrack online
 on bbses for others to download, as long as they stay complete, and
 as long as you are not charging your users for access to download
 the files.  If you are, you are a business, and if you're planning on
 making money off of Phrack, you better email me right away.  :) ]


INSOC Network Newsletter

Information Society is coming back with a harder, more alternative edge.

16 pg magazine format, quarterly, $5.  Strongly supported by Kurt Harland,
lead singer.  Back issues, merchandise available.

Issue #3 - October 1.  Join the Network!

5822 Green Terrace Lane
Houston, TX 77088-5414

[Here's a plug for a nifty little 'zine.  It's amazing how much stuff
 someone can put out about Information Society.  Definitely a must for
 the hardcore INSoc fan.]


I consider myself pretty much an "individual" and an "end user," but
I just recently contracted with Mesa State College (of Colorado) to write a
simple computer program to organize the tool bin for the vocational
technology department.  Does this make me a computer consultation contractee
of a government, business, or organization?  Now that I think of it, the
program is designed to keep track of tools so that students don't walk off
with them, so that further makes me a "SECURITY computer consultation
contractee."  Geez.  I didn't realize what an important job I had, nor how
I am part of the global conspiracy of "computer professionals" to rip
people off.


What to do, what to do...  Well I guess in the spirit of Phrack magazine,
and ignoring the entirely hypocritical and pointless posturing that you have
engaged in recently, I will go ahead and read it DESPITE the very sternly
worded Copyright Warning which you have so prominently placed in file number
one.  If you feel that the information presented in Phrack 43 should be kept
from certain types of people, and if you are frustrated by the fact that these
people seem to be getting access to the information even when you have a LAW
against it...  Well.. "Tough shit."



 The "entirely hypocritical and pointless posturing" that we have engaged
 in is to prove a point.  A point that is obviously "beneath" you
 as you have missed it entirely.

 Phrack has been, and always will be free.  The copyright notice
 is to ensure that Phrack is not sold by third parties.  The registration
 notice is only applicable to certain parties whose interests may be
 opposite those of Phrack Magazine.  As you probably realize, it
 is up to the INDIVIDUAL to decide whether or nor they register.  Most
 corporate/law enforcement/security officials chose not to, hence,
 they are guilty of the same thing they accuse hackers of.

 Now, this aside, I think your letter was real shitty, and you came off like
 a smarmy dickhead.  I personally could care less if you read the magazine
 or wipe your ass with it.  Its up to you.  The information is provided
 for EVERYONE to do with whatever the hell the like.

 If my attitude is contrary to what you feel is "the spirit" of Phrack,
 well... Tough Shit.]



After reading/hearing about PHRACK, 2600 and others I was pleased to
finally receive the latest issue of Phrack.  I have a few questions and
suggestions to make:

        + I have an idea for an article and would like very much to
        contribute it to Phrack.  How do I go about this?  Does the article
        have to be in any particular format?  Would it be a good idea to
        have submission details in every issue?

        + Is it possible to submit an article to both Phrack and 2600?
        Would it go against me if I did so?

        + I have heard of a zine similar to 2600, but specifically for the
        UK.  I think it might be called 2800?  Is it still going?  And how
        do I get a hold of or in touch with it?

        + With regards to your compilation of phone numbers of dialups
        to universities in the States, I have been trying for a year or
        so to compile a similar list specifically for the UK.  It has
        been a bit difficult since those lovely people at the JNT dont
        like this sort of information being compiled.  (Despite the fact
        you can probably walk into any Computer Centre at a site and pick
        up a free news letter containing such information ;-).  Anyway, if
        any UK readers would like to help me in this task, I would very
        much appreciate it.

And Keep up the good work!

[I'll handle all of this in the order you asked:

        1)  Submissions to phrack can be thru email at our well address
        phrack@well.sf.ca.us, or can be mailed via US mail to
        Phrack Magazine, 603 W. 13th #1A-278, Austin, TX, 78701.
        They don't have to be in any specific format (Style-wise) or
        on any particular type of media.  I can read almost anything
        for almost any type of computer.

        2)  You can certainly send your work to both Phrack and 2600.
        I would ask that if you do so, please indicate it to both
        myself and Emmanuel Goldstein of 2600 that you have sent it
        to both magazines.  I don't want anyone ragging on me for
        "ripping of 2600" by publishing something they did, as our
        schedules are about a month apart.

        3)  I have never heard of 2800.  Perhaps our readers have.

        4)  I will make sure to forward any UK dialups I get to
        you for any readers who send them in.  I do want to
        publish your list once you get it compiled though.]


I am currently in the final stages of writing my magna thesis in History
here at the University of Minnesota.  Over the past 6 months or so I have
been looking at the whole Neidorf/Riggs fiasco and have decided to do a
characterization piece about the Prophet.  Bruce Sterling
directed me towards you as someone who could give me some personal
information on Riggs (His appearance, attitude, and even obscure things
such as habits and behaviors).  From past experience, I have seen that
this information is absolutely necessary in writing these types of
"unconventional" histories.

Because I have never met the guy or even seen a picture of him, I must rely
on people like yourself who may have met him or may know people who have known
him.  If you can help me by directing me towards people who have known him
in the past or currently know him, it would be greatly appreciated.  I
really don't want to bother Riggs (and even if I did, I probably would not
get much out of any encounter).

Thanks in advance.

Jason W. Esser

[I'm sorry, but I really can't help you in that respect.

 I would suggest you talk to Rob if you want to write about him.
 Or at a minimum Frank or Adam.  They are all very easy to contact.
 Try directory assistance.]

**He writes back**

THANKS!  You have been EXTREMELY helpful in furthering research into the
CU!  You are a man of great genius and integrity.  Jerk.

Jason W. Esser


 You, a stranger, write me and want to know the details about a friend of
 mine, without even having the courtesy to let HIM know that
 you are doing such a thing?

 What would YOU think if someone out of the fucking blue phoned you
 up and asked for information about someone you knew, under the guise
 of some kind of psychological profile, and wanted to know
 what they looked like, personality quirks, etc...

 In fact, I find it intrusive and repulsive.  I am not some kind of
 fucking clearing house for information about people I know.  Try
 his prosecutors for that.  Of, if you had any balls at all, you
 could call Atlanta directory assistance and get phone numbers for
 Riggs, Darden and Grant.

 Since you've been such a dick, I suppose I'll call them myself and
 let them know that someone is trying to get personal information
 about at least one of them.  I'm sure they will be thrilled.

 So, as for my great genius, you should have asked me questions about
 UNIX...you would have gotten a much more thorough reply.


I would like to make my point in e-mail that I do not wish my
program, ISS (Inet Security Scanner), to be in Phrack.

Thank you.

Christopher William Klaus

[I would just like to make my point in e-mail that I do not give a shit
 about your program ISS (Inet Security Scanner), and it is not
 going to be in Phrack.]

Hello, This message desires an urgent reply-thank you

Recently a friend of mind came into some electronic trouble of sorts.  I
was wondering if it would be possible to obtain a list and an immediate
way to contact lawyer(s) who specialize in such cases.  Such as the lawyer
who represented the infamous E911 case.  As you could imagine, time is of
essence.  Thank you in advance for a quick reply.


[Depending upon where your friend is, and what he/she has done
 there are a number of people to talk to.

 If it is a case that may involve issues of constitutionality
 he should call Mike Godwin at the EFF.  (godwin@eff.org)
 Or may want to contact a local ACLU office.

 If he just wants to talk to a lawyer who MIGHT offer him some
 advice on criminal matters he could try Steve Ryan

 Craig Neidorf's lawyer probably would not be
 interested in taking such a case, unless it would pay him well
 and was in the Midwest.

 Remember, if your friend got busted hacking, lawyers aren't going
 to help much.]


I recently learned that when a prank caller calls you on a USDETEST
DIRECT telephone all you have to do is hang up the phone and then pick
it up again, then hit '*57' and hang up.

This logs the prank callers info into the phone company's computer
so that if he persists, they have proof of his deeds.  After 5-6 prank calls
and logging them every time, you may call the phone co. and demand that
they give you the prank caller's name, and phone number.  You may also have
the police notified of the prank caller's address, for severe cases.

After 5 logs of the activity, the phone co. is required by law to
give you the person's information.  We used it when my aunt was getting
a silent caller last month.

[I hope you know that each time you use the Call-Trace feature you
 get billed for it.  Most modern places have that feature and
 many of the other custom calling feature upgrades like caller id
 implemented now a days.]


Hey is phrack still alive?  Also, do you know the whereabouts of Full Disclosure
magazine and Hack-Tic the Dutch magazine?  If so do you have the phone number
and address to them?

Plus, do you know any other mags, that's supports hacker/computer virus (for
IBM, MAC, and AMIGA) cracker, anarchy and phreak information?  I have the 2600.
Are there others our there?

[Phrack is still alive.  Notice this response.  That should be proof.
 Hack-Tic is easily reached by mailing the editor

 Full Disclosure has no phone.
 Full Disclosure
 P.O. Box 903
 Libertyville, IL 60048

 There really aren't any other "hacker" mags.  Full Disclosure isn't one
 by the way.  Hack-tic is entirely in Dutch, so unless you speak Dutch
 it won't do you much good.  There are a few mags that kinda cover the whole
 net scene, like Boing Boing, Gray Areas, etc...there was a big list of cool
 magazines in the Line Noise section of Phrack 43.]


If possible, I'd like to include an ad for my system in Phrack:

                     Silicon Valley
Home of Freedom       2o4-669-7983       Phalcon/Skism Canada
cDc Global Domination  1 N0de, 24oo 0nLY!    Northern Phun Co.
Factury Direct Outlet      2 3l33t for U!          Dist. Site

S00per 3l33t UUCP Mail (silicon.bison.mb.ca), N0 k0dez, war3z, ansi

**** Thousands of the m0st eut1mat3-sp1ffy-krad3st Tf1l3s ar0und! ****

PPP,Telecom Archives,EFF,DFP,Legal Papers,CPI,Vindicator Productions,DoA,
Virii,ource C0de,Scanners,Hackers,Cell Fraud,AWA,UN*X Security/Crackers,
Anarkey,ArcV,Trident,Phalcon/Skism,Summercon GIFS,RL,RDT,Syndicate,UPI,
Encryption,PGP,Networking,Radio Modification,Virus S0urce,USEnet,Email.
        The latest news in the hp and telecom community!
         To apply, type 'apply' at the 'local >' prompt
         for questions, mail iceman@silicon.bison.mb.ca



Two boys were charged with attempted murder for allegedly stuffing a
3-year-old down a Chicago high-rise building's trash chute, police said.
The boys, ages 11 and 13 were charged with aggravated battery and
attempted murder.  The 3-year-old fell six floors but his fall was
broken by a pile of trash.  He was rescued by a custodian who saw his feet
and turned off a trash compactor just before it would have crushed him,
police said.

yeah, sign me up.

[I have got to say, this was the weirdest subscription request I've gotten
 to date.]


" To the free flow of information, the life-blood of a prosperous society "
              The Philosophical Phreaker (a.k.a King Blutto)

Introduction:  Don't confuse me with KING BLOTTO in any way...  The idea
behind my name is -- THe man is gone, but let the legend live on.

Univeristy of South Florida <-- One of the easiest target that I have
ever come across... The worst security ever.  Thanks goes to Hiawatha for
some of the information.
Just to prevent any loozer from using this information I am not including
the address of this particular sight.  If you are "mildly" qualified you
can find the address...  Anywaz, here are some account that I have found
using the UNIX password hacker programs.  I am also including the password
file so all you bad-boyz, can use your 250,000 word dictionaries and beat
the crap out of this system.

[1500 line /etc/passwd file deleted]


Southern Methodist Univeristy
First of all, I must congragulate the operators of this system. There security
was "almost" impregnable.  With an abundance of traps.. It made attempts to
identify its callers, and if it could not identify its callers it would
disconnect.  This system was a little bit of challenge, I am again
including the password file for you'll to hack as many account as you want.
Since I don't have an abudance of accounts on this system, I will only
give you a hint on how the passwords work.
Hint:  Most password are like <lastname>123
Go for it guyz.

[1200 line /etc/passwd file deleted]

Regards: Lex Luthor, The Ozone, Hiawatha, StolenProcess, Mark Zero and all
         you guyz who were on the The Atmosphere!

[Ok, first off, THIS IS NOT SOMETHING TO SUBMIT TO PHRACK.  This is something
 to submit to CERT.

 What the hell were you thinking?

 Anyone can get their own fucking password files man.  And beyond that,
 if you still need a password file to get into a system, then you need to
 go read a few books on tcp/ip.

 People, please don't send Phrack this kind of bullshit.  This piece of mail
 was about 250K.  It was a worthless piece of shit, and only wasted time
 and energy for everyone involved.

 And get a new handle.  Blotto would probably kick your ass for being so
 lame and having a handle so close to his.  :)  ]


A warm welcome from across the sea from myself, and I'm sure on behalf of
all the other hackers/phreakers who are in Great Britain.

        After reading about HoHoCon in #42, I would really appreciate it if
you could assist me in getting hold of the following:

a) When bootleg gave his presentation he handed out a diskette containing
   information on reprogramming cellular phones... I would dearly love to
   have a copy of this information.

b) Also on the subject of HoHoCon, I would like to get in touch with Jim
   Carter, or, have a look at any notes/information that he handed out
   regarding 'tempest' electronic eavesdropping.

Thanks, -> The Operator <-

[Bootleg's file is called BOOTLEG.ZIP and I'm almost 98% sure that its
 somewhere on zero.cypher.com's ftp site.  If it isn't I'll try to put
 it there.

 Jim Carter is in Houston, Texas and can be reached at 713-568-8408
 or 7035 Highway 6, S. #120, Houston, TX 77083.  Jim didn't really hand
 anything out at HoHoCon, but if you were to call him, he MIGHT be able
 to direct you somewhere.  He's a good guy, but this is his JOB so don't
 expect him to give anything away.]



    I was just wondering if there's any way I can subscribe to your 'zine,
I can't subscribe through the method in phrack 39 because I send Internet
mail through the Cserve - Internet gateway and compuserve can't accept
messages with no subject.

   Also, I'm a Canadian Hacker who's just starting out, and since pretty much
all the Hacking BBS's are in the U.S., I need to get into a Sprintnet PAD, and
an out dial, so, is there anyway to get a copy of the SprintNet directory
phrack 42 which still contains passwords? (fuck, what a leech)

{Oh yeah, I miss the explosive recipes from early issues, here's one from my
 personal collection, you can publish it if you want.}

                      AMMONIA TRIIODE CRYSTALS

     Chemicals                     Equipment
     ~~~~~~~~~                     ~~~~~~~~~

     1-Iodine Crystals             1-Funnel & filter paper
                                     (coffee filters work pretty well)
     2-Clear household Ammonia
       (or pure ammonia for the
       clinically insane)          2- 2 glass jars

   Ammonia Triiode is a blackish crystal which explodes under heat inpact
producing a toxic gas which stains everything around it purple (some serious
vandalism potential here). WARNING -- be sure to use an ammonia which is
impure; crystals made with pure ammonia will explode if touched or in

1) Place about two teaspoons of iodine into one of the glass jars and add
enough ammonia to completely cover the crystals.

2) Put the paper into the funnel and place the funnel over the other jar.

3) Let the iodine soak in the ammonia for a few minutes (5) and then filter
the solution into the other jar.

4) Take the purplish crystals from the filter paper and dry them on a piece of
paper towel, separating them into smallish pieces. (you'll probably want to
dry them in a cool, dark place which would look good painted a blackish purple,
in case the crystals detonate)

8) After the crystals dry gently place each piece onto a square of tape
(opaque duct tape or, electrician's tape work best) and put a piece of tape
over them. _GENTLY_ press the tape together _AROUND_ the crystal.

   Once made the crystals will last a week. When detonated they produce a
bang and a cloud of gas but no flame. In other words, their perfect for
putting on the ground in crowds, in the hinges of your University's doors,
in front of the wheels of your favorite professor's car etc.


[Ahhh, sweet destruction.  Listen, recipes like this one are very DANGEROUS.
 Do not attempt to do this.  Phrack will take no responsibility for any
 damages or injuries resulting from anyone constructing the above.

 About the SprintNet scan...Phrack doesn't publish passwords.  If you
 were any kind of hacker at all, you would enjoy trying to get them yourself.
 Does your mommie still tuck you in to bed too?

 About subscribing through CompuServe, I don't know what you may have read
 in the past, but Phrack has many CompuServe subscribers.  Try requesting
 a subscription.  Everything should work out fine.]


Hey.  I'm an editor of a magazine being put together in Toronto, and I'd
like to ask to use your disclaimer.  I'll not bore you with the blabberings
of how 'el33+e' this mag will be, as I'm sure you just *love* those type of
messages.  (Note:  The mag's called, 'Ban This', if you see it around, I'd
appreciate any feedback you can give.)

Anyhow, thanks for listening.

[Feel free to use the disclaimer.  It would be best if you mentioned Phrack
 somewhere in there as well.]



                           IT'S BACK!!!!W$#@$#@$

                               (           )
                                (  B00m   )
                                 (      )
                 CAU               \  /                 CAU
           "We WiLL BloW     /---/|_____|\----\    uP YoUr CaR!"
                                (0)       (0)

                               fARM R0Ad 666
      _   _                       PaRt II               _   _
     ((___))                   (713)855-0261           ((___))
     [ x x ]                                           [ x x ]
      \   /    cDc            SySoP: EighT BaLL         \   /    cDc
      (' ')                     COs: M.C. AllaH         (' ')
       (U)   K-C0W F0RCe             ChilliN             (U)   K-C0W F0RCe
                                     Nitzer EbB

     ' CAU HomesitE                     ' CAU Member SitE
     ' cDc Factory Direct OutleT(KCF)   ' 0b/GyN Member SitE
     ' Pure Hack/Phreak OrienteD        ' Serious Hack/Phreak DiscussionS
     ' Flashback SoftwarE               ' No RatioS
     ' 24oo-14.4 bpS                    ' Exophasia Submission SitE(ThP)


[Call now and watch 8-Ball shoot up!]


Digital Highways magazine is an Alternative & Metal Magazine.
We Have Reviews of many Local bands from all over USA and National bands.
We have Press Releases, Concert Information, National Tours, Local tours,
and small tours (small bands) to the large world-wide known bands.
Top 10 Music Lists, Information on how to get Free to Really Cheap info.
from the music industry. PLUS poetry (alternative) and other info from
what's coming out in the stores or who's recording and what not.

all of this for $2 for US and Canada (US Funds only) And for Foreign People
its 4 dollars Us funds.

As my best deal goes.. if you send in a demo tape for review (it must be
your band's),  or if you send in poetry and we publish it you get one free
issue.  Demo tape senders get a free issue no matter what, and you always
get a review. we have FREE classifieds.  All subscribers can get free listing.
(we may edit or drop any ad, and we may not publish all ads.)

This is the first issue, so send away! to this address rem US/CAN 2$ other 4$

Digital Highways
Po Box 38
Troutville,Va 24175


Hi Erik Bloodaxe,

I am a student of Computer Science at University of Salerno (South-Italy),
near Naples.

I have so many copies of Phrack Magazine and I think that You are the Best
in the Computer Underground Community.

So I leech Your Magazine from many BBS (the ones with the h0ttest H/P/CC
Area) like this:

+49-58618795            NightBox
+46-18262804            EaglesNest
+1-5152553212           Down of Immortality (ex Pirate's Ship TRSi/WHQ)
                        ( here there the my friend SysOp Mike Bockert
                          best known a.k.a THE SKELETON / TRSi-TDT )
+1-2018184894           TUGO The UnderGround OASIS --->  ZZC USHQ
+598-2-497108           Abn0rmal States
+598-2-421996           ( here there is another SysOp friend of mine
+598-2-421994             named Alex a.k.a L0neW0lf )
+1-2019394543           Fastrax
+1-2019397597             |||
+1-2019398448             |||
+1-2014607022             |||
+1-2014609523             |||
+1-7183975413           The Pit
+1-7183975532             |||
+1-7183975520             |||
+1-7183975442             |||
+1-7185074605             |||
+1-3133832116           Pirates Heaven ( The best SysOp I've seen: Nitro)
+1-7166554940           The Edge
+39-744302593           Temple Of Gurus ( Tecn[0]brains WHQ ) SysOp: POWS/TCB
+39-744305366                              |    |    |
+39-744305547                              |    |    |
+39-238003442           Asylum BBS
+39-24500837            Pier BBS Node 0
+39-24582105               |||   Node 1

Excuse me for the awful list (I am on many others BBS too !!!!) and
note the my handle is usually _/ane but my real Identity/Handle is
PLiNi0 iL VeCCHi0 and the Location I used to write is GReeNiSLaND (because
the second-name that usually identify the Island of Ischia where I live
with my parents: Ischia is a island located in middle Naples's Bay near
the Island of Capri)... so I like to be called as
PLiNi0 iL VeCCHi0 / uNiTeD PHReHaCKeRS oF GReeNiSLaND  or best -u-.-P-.-G-

My best works come in Unix Environment on BSD 4.x , Ultrix , SunOs and
Multimax of Encore Corporation: I hacked the Italtel Network, the National
Council of Research best known in Italy as C.N.R. or CNR, and many host
at University of Naples, Rome, Salerno and Venice... Starting by Italtel
Telematica in Milan I was at point of hack the HQ of AT&T in Bruxelles
because many users of Italtel Telematica in Milan worked in AT&T too...
but to get some examination at University (Like Fisics II and Cibernetica)
I must abandon this k()()l work (but I'm interested to restart at AT&T).

So in the -= Phrack 42 =- I read this as follow:


In the same number of Phrack Magazine I read about TheNewHacker in North Italy
(in Torino) that was interested to get in contact with hackers. Ok, maybe I
was a little hacker, but I stay in South Italy ( I am located in Island of
Ischia, near Napoli, U know !!!)... Anyway if U can give my E-mail address to
TheNewHacker and give me the E-mail of TheNewHacker I will be so glad too...
I was interested in contributing to write for a compilation file on the hacking
scenes in Italy and France too (I have a friend that works at MATRA-ESPACE
for ESA best known as European Spazial Agency located in Toulouse). So lemme
known if I can help Your Magazine with my contributions and/or my work.

A last thing ....
        can You, Dear Erik Bloodaxe, give me some Internet address of BBS or
        FTP Sites with Underground Stuff or any kind of other K()()l stuff ?!
        (P.S. Can I get Phrack Magazine via FTP at any sites ?!??!)

[Hey man, Thanks a lot for the BBS list.  I don't really call BBSes much, but
 I'm sure our readers will get a lot of use out of them!

 About writing files, GO FOR IT!  We always need files.  Feel free to send us
 anything you have written and want to publish!

 I will forward your info on to TheNewHacker in Italy.  Maybe you two can
 take Italy by storm.  Haha!

 Phrack's FTP site is ftp.netsys.com.  All issues can be found there.
 also zero.cypher.com has a lot of files for ftp.]


Hi.  I've been spending all my free time reading through phreaker files and
all of the old Phracks.  And, I was wondering if you are still there???

If so, I need your help!  Here's the story:

On August 3, 1993 I was indicted on charges that my company attempted to rip
AT&T off of nearly $2MM in 1991.  They say we started a 900# and went around
the country calling it from Pay Telephones.

They say that we went to a truck stop in Oregon and called the number 43,000+
times racking up an $800,000+ phone bill.

They claim that computers were probably used, although I have seen no
evidence of that.

These pay telephones are those AT&T Black Phones; you know, the ones in the
airports.   They are owned by AT&T, built by AT&T, designed by AT&T, and even
billed to AT&T.

The evidence consists of nothing more than ANI reports.  Some phone bills to
back them up, but for the majority of it, they are using only ANI.  Now, we
all know that any can be blocked by having the operator get you a call.  And
it can be changed by dialing 0, having her get you 1-800-321-0288, then
having the toll free call be made.  In some areas, 900 calls
slipped through that way, but it would be pretty hard to do 43,000 times.

My point is, there are probably flaws with ANI.  Someone who knows what they
are doing may possibly be able to block or change ANI.  Or maybe these calls
were never put through.  Maybe someone got into the CO, etc...

What I need is someone who has knowledge of possible flaws with AT&T's
theory.  Enough that could give reasonable doubt and appear as an expert
witness or point out where we could find someone.

If you know of someone who might be able to help, please respond.  My
INTERNET ID is NOFRIENDS@AOL.COM or I have set up a FAX @ 1-800-572-4403.


[43000?  Like a 43 and 3 zeros?  Jesus.  That's a lot of calls.  I really
 don't understand how they can be charging you with something hey say
 was done from a payphone.  Do they have pictures of you at the phone
 making the calls?  Sounds like a load of crap and any lawyer should be
 able to get the charges dropped based on such flimsy evidence.

 As far as there being a problem with ANI, I don't think that's an issue.
 I've never heard of anything like this happening in the past, but there
 always could be a first time.  Something is obviously amiss, but my gut
 reaction is that the Phone Company is lying about there being such records.

 Get a lawyer and demand the records be turned over during discovery.  Then
 maybe you can see what you are up against.  GET A LAWYER!@#]


Hi, I'd like to subscribe to Phrack and all upcoming issues (44+). Thanks.
BTW, when is 44 scheduled for?


PS: My board carries all PHRACK issues. I have around 4000 *quality* text
files on my system. It's called operation prometheus at 514-735-4340. do you
think you could post a small ad. for it in your magazine? We have FTP
access/150 Usenet news/Internet accounts for members, ect.. (2 nodes at 14,400
baud). Thanks!

[There you go!]


Hey, if you are having problems with people breaking the registration
agreement as outlined in your last couple issues of Phrack. i may be able
to help, and then I may not. My neighbor is a good friend, and fraud
investigator. She is aware of my hobbies one of which involves Phrack. She
thinks it is really neat what I am able to do with computers / modem. I am
speaking somewhat candidly here but I am sure that you are smart enough to
get my point. Well she handles some stuff like the David Koresh thing
and helping the ATF/FBI with other cases. She likes the stuff that is too
complicated for the FBI, all in all she does the investigating and puts it
into words that the FBI, ATF, USDJ, SS, Dept of Treasury/IRS can
understand, so they can make an arrest. All in all what i am trying to say
is I may be able to pass the word on down the line to her about these
people breaking the copyright law now effective on Phrack magazine. If you
would like my help on this subject, just for the simple fact she loves to
do this stuff, and phrack is a regularly read magazine by myself. If you
would like maybe something can be done to these hypocrites that value laws,
and get people arrested for the same stuff that they are currently doing
by not registering Phrack. Just let me know if you want to try to push it.
I will get together w/ her and see what can be done. Hopefully she will
just ask for names and get an investigation started. Never can tell tho.

L8r Sparky

[I hope to God that I never have to go through the legal nightmare of
 trying to prove financial damages incurred by companies "pirating" phrack.

 It would be somewhat interesting to use some big company as an example, and
 embarrass everyone into submission, but I keep hoping that people will just
 be HONEST.  Fuck, I may be a hacker, but I'm honest about it.

 "Chris, have you broken into other people's computers?"
 "Yes, yes I have."

 "Company, do your people read Phrack without registering your subscriptions?"
 "Uh, well, no, we used to read Phrack, uh, but we don't anymore."

 You all suck.  You know who you are.  How can you live with yourselves?]


If you don't already have the direct-dialup number for
the student annex of the University of Adelaide for Phrack 44, here it is:


there are eight 2400 baud modems, but at the moment one is dead.

[Cool.  International University Dialups!

 Our big US list is still being compiled, so everyone keep sending in
 your school's dialups.  Its taking me forever to do this alone.]


Hi Chris....

Was thinking...seeing as you guys are in texas, how about an article on

(There are dialups down here to it, via INFONET)

[If EDSNET is what I think it is, didn't it used to be called Pac*It Plus?

 I had a scan of it a LOOOONG time ago when everyone used it to call
 altger and tchh.  If anyone has a scan of it, or wants to do one, please
 send it to Phrack!]


So, what IS new in cyberspace? lyl libido


 Whew.  Someone get the mop.

 What's new?  Well, all kinds of people have jumped on the Express Lane
 of the Information Highway and have tried to make a new name for themselves
 by exploiting a concept they know nothing about purely as a marketing move.
 Gotta love it.

 Bob, I'll take Billy Idol in the Center Square to block...]


Thought you guys at Phrack might be interested in this small phile, if you
don't already have it.  It's simply a form letter to the FBI requesting
all information they on file about you under the Freedom of Information
Act and Privacy Act.  They MUST respond, by law, or they face legal
penalties.  Traditionally what they do is ignore your request unless they
think you have enough money to go to court (i.e, you work for the New York
Times or something).

Really enjoyed Phrack #43 (as usual) - keep up the good work!  (file follows


Street Address
City, State, Zip                                          Date

Federal Bureau of Investigation
Records Management Division - FOIA/PA Office
9th & Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20535


This is a request under the provisions of both the Privacy Act
(5 USC 552b) and the Freedom of Information Act (5 USC 522).
This request is being made under both Acts.

I hereby request one copy of any and all records about me or
referencing me maintained by the FBI.  This includes (but should
not be limited to) documents, reports, memoranda, letters,
electronic files, database references, "do not file" files,
photographs, audio tapes, videotapes, electronic or photographic
surveillance, "june mail", mail covers, and other miscellaneous
files, and index citations relating to me or referencing me in
other files.

My full name is:  __________________________
My date of birth was:_______________________
My place of birth was:______________________
My social security number is:________________
I have lived in these places:__________________________________

Other names, places, events, organizations, or other references
under which you may find applicable

As you know, FOIA/PA regulations provide that even if some
requested material is properly exempt from mandatory disclosure,
all segregable portions must be released.  If the requested
material is released with deletions, I ask that each deletion be
marked to indicate the exemption(s) being claimed to authorize
each particular withholding.  In addition, I ask that your
agency exercise its discretion to release any records which may
be technically exempt, but where withholding serves no important
public interest.

I hereby agree to pay reasonable costs associated with this
request up to a maximum of $25 without my additional approval.
However, I strongly request a fee waiver because this is, in
part, a Privacy Act request.

This letter and my signature have been certified by a notary
public as marked below.



requester's signature

______________________________            ___________________________

requester's printed name                  notary stamp and signature

[Anyone who thinks they might be suspected of something might want to
 fill this out.  Its not a bad idea.  If YOU DON'T think you are under
 some kind of investigation, you probably shouldn't.  No reason to give
 them any leads.]


         "We at Phrack welcome constructive criticism, but at least
          have the nerve to email directly, rather than hide behind
          an anonymous remailer.  That way, someone could have
          responded to you in a more direct and expeditious manner."

While I agree with your general analysis of the intelligence of that
reader, I have to take exception to your disparaging of the anonymous service.
The anonymous service takes flak from many people constantly, but usually it
is from reactionary establishment types, and it's not what I expect
from phrack.

Anonymous communications have many purposes other than the sender lacking
"nerve".  The "the only reason to use anon mail is because you are a coward
and can't stand up for what you say" argument sounds remarkably similar to
the "the only reason to use cryptography is because you are a criminal and
have something to hide" argument.

No doubt many criminals use cryptography and no doubt many spineless cowards
use anon mail, but to disparage someone for using anon mail is similar to
disparaging someone for using cryptography: even if it is in this case
accurate, it spreads the misconception that there are only "dishonest"
reasons to use these things. As someone with great respect for privacy
that allows me to see the legitimate (and necessary to a free and
democratic society) use of both secure and private communications, and
anonymous communications, I know that this is not the case.  I will not list
legitimate uses of anonymous mail for you, because they are much the arguments
for cryptography, and no doubt you know all of these.  But a possibility is
that the person involved would have his job/professional connections
threatened if some people knew that he read Phrack and sympathized with it.
Just a possibility, but if it is not true in this case it is surely easy
to believe it is true in others.

Sure, for those of us who can easily get a million email accounts from
various places in any pseudonym we want, anonymous mail is unnecessary.
But a legitimate and secure (and respected) way to send the occasional
anonymous message is much preferable to (possibly illegal) deception and fraud.

So, in short, even though the reader in question may indeed have been a
spineless coward (not to mention whining nitwit), to insult him for his
use of the anonymous server is harmful to the cause of anonymous mail,
a cause which has few supporters and many disparagers, and a cause which
the operators of the anonymous server in Finland should be commended for.
Secure anonymous mail (which really doesn't quite exist yet, actually),
like secure encryption, is something necessary and good for a free
society and, and should not be disparaged.

[Yes, you are 100% right.  I really didn't mean to dis the anonymous
 mail service as a whole, I just wanted to rag on the butthead who
 sent me an anonymous piece of hate-mail.

 I personally don't use, nor have a need to use, the anonymous mailers,
 but I know a lot of people do.  They DO provide a much needed service to
 a lot of people, and you are right they should be commended on a job well

 However, if someone wants to send me some kind of shitty piece of mail,
 get a pair of balls and show yourself.  If you are so unsure of your comments
 that you need to hide, then your point must not be very valid.]


"Jurassic Punk" T-shirts are now available from your phriends at CYBERPUNK
SYSTEM.  These 100% cotton shirts are black, with artwork on the front
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Underneath the letter are bitstreams "11010001011101".  On the back, in white
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Picard of Holodeck, had finally had enough of AT&T.  Together, they traveled
to the AT&T Maintenance Facility, just west of Goddard, Kansas, and claimed
the property in the name of Pirates and Hackers everywhere.  They hoisted the
Jolly Roger skull and crossbones high on the AT&T flagpole, where it stayed
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This event was photographed and videotaped by dGATOBAS Productions, to
preserve this landmark in history.  And now you can witness the event.
For a limited time we are offering a 11" x 17" full color poster of the
Jolly Roger Pirate flag flying high over AT&T, with the AT&T logo in plain
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Also available, by request is a 20" x 30" full color poster, and a cotton
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11" x 17" Full Color poster...........................$10 US
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Be sure to specify size on T-shirt.

A GIF of this is also available from CyberPunk System, 1:291/19 (FidoNet),
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PIRATE.  Also available uuencoded, send mail to Legacy@cpu.cyberpnk1.sai.com

[God bless the free enterprise system!
 God bless capitalism!
 God bless America!]


I am unhappy to say that UPi now has dropped writing the magazine from
this point on.  The reason is because Arch Bishop and myself do not have the
time to get everyone to write their articles, sort the magazine out, etc, etc.
This does not mean the group is dead, that is not true.  The group is still
alive, but all future releases will be sent to Phrack for publication but under
the UPI name.

If you want to get a list of all the current sites and members of UPI you
can finger my internet account to get the list.  If you want any of the phone
number(s) for the sites, or you have any questions or anything else to say
you can drop us a line.  Anyways I guess that's it for now.  ttyl

The Lost Avenger/UPI
Internet: mstone@nyx.cs.du.edu
Voice Mailbox: 416-505-8636

[Phrack appreciates this offer to donate your files to us!  We're sorry to
 hear that your mag won't be continuing, but I know what a pain in the
 ass it is to put out a magazine.  It SUCKS!  It's a time consuming
 thankless task.  But what the hell, I'm stupid, and I have NO LIFE!  Hehe.]


                              ==Phrack Magazine==

                 Volume Four, Issue Forty-Four, File 2a of 27



This is going to piss people off, but hell, that's the point of having
an editorial, eh?

This issue I'd like to address something running rampant in our
community:  HYPOCRACY.  I never really paid much attention to it, until
the "Hacking At The End Of The Universe" conference in Amsterdam.

The phrase "Information Wants to be Free," almost cliche by now, was
heard screaming from nearly every speaker's mouth.  It underlie in the
tone of the whole proceedings.  Everyone was either bitching about how
this should be free, or that should be available, or it shouldn't be
illegal to do some particular act, or they were fervently offering their
support of these ideals.

Granted, Holland has a notoriously permissive and open society; and
indeed, Europe in general is far more laid back than the States, but
even many in the US hold these ideals close to heart.

One of the first things that pissed me off was the hundred guilder
entrance fee.  That's fifty dollars!  Just to get in.  On top of
that one had to pay for a tent, sleeping bag, mattress and food.  I have
no problems with paying a fee, but this was Hack-Tic charging.  One of
the biggest proponents of "Information Wants to be Free!"

Obviously YOUR information wants to be free, but theirs costs a hundred

Even more shocking was the fact that nearly every session involving some
kind of "technology" was geared around a Hack-Tic product:  the
Demon Dialer (tm), their POCSAG demodulator, their forthcoming
spread spectrum lan adapter, or the magazine itself.  Were these free?
Were the information behind their design provided so would-be
technoweenies could run right home and break out the soldering iron?
Fuck no.  Again, Hack-Tic's information is valuable, and YOU must PAY
for the luxury of viewing it.  Unlike XYZ Corporation's information,
whose R & D or Financials (which might bring someone a hefty "finder's
fee") so desperately wants to be free of its magnetic bonds and spread
all the way to YOUR hard drive.

I don't want to rag on Hack-Tic too much.  I mean, throwing a conference
costs a shitload of money, and I have a GREAT deal of respect for them
for actually pulling off something so monumental.  I just want to put
things in perspective.  The major cons in America (HoHo, Scon) really don't
charge.  They "ask" for donations.  Sure, you might get a nasty look if
you don't cough up five or ten bucks, but hell, everyone does.  They
WANT to.  A good time is worth a handfull of change.  And there isn't
some awesome requirement just to get in the damn door.  Besides, losses
can always be made up by selling a plethora of crap such as t-shirts and
videos, which everyone always wants to buy.  (Hardware costs.  :) )

Shifting back to America:  2600.  Again, "Information Wants to be Free!"
E. Goldstein, huge proponent of the slogan.  Uh, do you pay five bucks
an issue?  I do.  So, 2600's information isn't quite so eager to be free
either, I guess.  But, again, it does cost money to print a magazine
like that, like it does to throw a conference, so certainly everyone can
understand people trying to recap one's losses in a worthwhile project,

Enter LOD Communications BBS Archive Project.  The community went
apeshit when thirty nine dollars was asked for the entire results
of the project.  LOD?  Asking for MONEY?  FOR INFORMATION???
INFORMATION WANTS TO BE FREE!!!#!@$  That's disgusting!

But wait, I thought charging a little bit to try to recap losses
(equipment, phone calls, disks, postage, TIME) was ok?  "Oh sure it is
dude, just not for you."  Oh how silly of me.  Of course!  Thanks for
setting me straight on that issue.

Then there was Phrack.  Always free to the community.  Always available
for everyone's enjoyment.  Asking only that Corporate types pay a
registration fee of a hundred dollars just to keep them honest.  (They
aren't.)  Knowing full well that they are stealing it, sometimes quite
brazenly.  Resting quietly, knowing that they are just as unethical as
they ever claimed us to be.

We make no bones about money here.  Our information is just as valuable
as anyone's (probably more so) and is vastly more voluminous.  Hell,
Issue 43 was probably bigger than every Hack-Tic and almost every
2600 combined.  And, wait a minute, could it be?  Free?  Oh my god!  So
it is.  Free in both cost and access.

Let me tell you something.  Information does not want to be free, my
friends.  Free neither from its restraints nor in terms of dollar value.
Information is a commodity like anything else.  More valuable than the
rarest element, it BEGS to be hoarded and priced.  Anyone who gives
something away for nothing is a moron.  (I am indeed stupid.)  I can't
fault anyone for charging as long as they don't try to rationalize their
reasoning behind a facade of excuses, all the while shouting "Information
Wants to be Free!"

Trade secrets don't want to be free, marketing projections don't want to
be free, formulas don't want to be free, troop placements don't want to
be free, CAD designs do not want to be free, corporate financial
information doesn't want to be free, my credit report sure as hell
doesn't want to be free!

Let's take a step back:  how to use a system IS information that should
be proliferated, how computers network IS information that should be
spread, new technologies WANT to be explained, holes ought to be pointed
out, bug patches NEED to be free...note the difference?

I'll end my rant with another piece of flawed logic.  At HEU a debate
raged on about why phone calls should be free.  Hey, I love a toll-fraud
device as much as the next guy (blue box tones still make me cry), and
I've used more codes in my life than a million warez couriers and I make
no bones about it...I fucking stole service!  Yippee!  Arrest me!

The argument stated "The lines are already there, so why should I have
to pay to use an unused line?"  Ok, fine, you don't...but you DO have
to pay for laying fiber, designing switch generic upgrades, ATM
research, compression and filtering algorithm design, video dial tone,
daily maintenance, directory assistance, operator service or any of the
hundreds of other things your old fee would go towards.  Don't like that
argument?  Fine, the tents at HEU were already there and the seats had
been layed out and were unused...get me my hundred guilders refunded.


Once upon a time a Pig, a Cat, a Dog, and a Little Red Hen lived together
in a little house.  The Pig, the Cat, and the Dog were all very lazy.
The Little Red Hen had to do everything around the house by herself.

All the Pig, the Cat, and the Dog wanted to do was play.

One day, as the Little Red Hen was raking in the yard, she found some
seeds.  "Who will help me plant these grains of wheat?"  she asked.

"Not I," said the Pig.

"Not I," said the Cat.

"Not I," said the Dog.

"Then I will do it myself," said the Little Red Hen.  And she did.

Soon the wheat grew tall and golden.  "Who will help me cut the wheat?"
asked the Little Red Hen.

"Not I," said the Pig.

"Not I," said the Cat.

"Not I," said the Dog.

"Then I will do it myself," said the Little Red Hen.  And she did.

When the grain was cut and ready to be ground into flour, the Little Red
Hen asked, "Who will help me take the grain to the mill?"

"Not I," said the Pig.

"Not I," said the Cat.

"Not I," said the Dog.

"Then I will do it myself," said the Little Red Hen.  And she did.

When the flour came back from the mill, the Little Red Hen asked, "Who
will help me bake the bread?"

"Not I," said the Pig.

"Not I," said the Cat.

"Not I," said the Dog.

"Then I will do it myself," said the Little Red Hen.  And she did.

She made the flour into dough, and rolled the dough, and put it in the
oven.  When the bread was baked, she took it out of the oven.
Mmmmmmmmmm!  Didn't it smell good!

"Who will help me eat this bread?" asked the Little Red Hen.

"I will," said the Pig.

"I will," said the Cat.

"I will," said the Dog.

"Oh, no, you won't!" said the Little Red Hen.  "I found the seeds.  I
planted them.  I harvested the grain and took it to the mill.  I made
the flour into bread.  I did the work by myself, and now I am going to
eat the bread--all by myself."

And she did.

Think back to your childhood...didn't we learn ANYTHING?
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